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  1. How DARE you call Sonic Colors a 2D game?!
  2. That's fine. What isn't is acting like anyone that doesn't share your beliefs is somehow wrong.

    And let me tell you, if there's one thing fans are good at, its buying into their own bullshit :V
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    CD getting hit with similar gameplay in reviews surprises me personally. The whole time-traveling property of the game makes it extremely hard to dismiss as just another game pushing on the same formula in the same way 3&K (and Mania later on) were.

    No disrespect to Colors, but I'm sure somebody could make a "3D gameplay" supercut for Colors in the same way someone did for Forces, and the result would be Colors only having about 15-30 more minutes of 3D gameplay in comparison.

    Much like Forces, the amount of 3D gameplay compared to 2D is disproportionate, and Colors has plenty of "3D" sections which mostly consist of empty hallways/rows of enemies for Sonic to boost through. They are on the whole more engaging though, since they actually have some platforming obstacles and better/actual use of mechanics like the quick step and the drift.
  4. I've been playing Colors a lot recently, and the amount of 2D sections in the game is massively exaggerated. Even the gimmicky 2D levels only take about a minute to complete. The actual mostly 3D levels are still by far the meat and bones of the game.
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    Also don't forget it has the Coaster option which gives nothing but the actual levels built-in to the game. No hacks needed.
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    Why did no other game offer that option? Like Generations or Forces this mode would have been awesome.

    Also unrelated, but something I found interesting. I was playing Nier automata recently, and maybe it's due to the relatively simple designs but some of the "machines" in that game look an awful lot like the Forces badniks.

    Also unlike this game Nier automata really nails the atmosphere. Like depending on the circumstances one environment can seem peaceful at one moment and very desolate and creepy at another, whether due to the music, the lighting, the weather. Such tactics could and should have been used in Forces to really get the desolate wartorn vibe home, but instead you're left with a final product that's just tonally awkward. Green Hill's supposed to be taken over but it's sunny and there's an over abundance of sand. And the music is cheery throughout. How am I supposed to feel based off what I'm given?
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    After 3 years of deliberating I have decided this song is an absolute banger and deserves better than this game

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    That's the thing with Sonic: even the shitty games usually have great music. Mephiles' theme tune is fantastic, just to name one.
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    I booted this game up because I wanted to give my main avatar a friend, and I got reminded with the fact that there's no Fox option.

    No option for the same species as the probably third most important character in this series, if only be appearances. The one who has appeared in like every single Sonic game except, like, TWO games.

    There isn't even a lore reason like there is no echidna option. But there is an option for a bear, a species that has exactly one character in the games, a character who appeared in exactly one spin-off fighting game in the Classic line. And the bear option doesn't even look like him.

    Dammit, Forces. Why must the one good part of you still be massively flawed

    EDIT: There is a mod for a fox tail and bats like rogue, okay I'm actually pretty hype about this

    Wish there was a mod for female hedgehog quills that swoop down like Amy's do, though. Blegh. Why on earth would you not have that when it's the main trait of the ONE female hedgehog in the games.
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    If we're talking about mods we wish existed, lemme suggest head accessories not floating 2 inches off the face, making the avatar proportioned more like Sonic, and maybe replace the weirder eye options with ones more similar to the Sonic cast.
  11. Frostav


    Oh yeah. The avatars using slightly different proportions than the actual Sonic characters makes no goddamn sense to me.

    The only justification I have seen is "they don't want them confused for Sonic characters" BUT THEY ALREADY LOOK 95% LIKE THEM they just look weird as hell and lanky.

    I'm still satisfied with what I can create with enough fiddling, but it's still annoying


    (given that this is using a mod, perhaps I'm giving the creator more credit than it deserves)
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    That 'lankiness' is simply because the torso is almost just a flattened cylinder. There's no shape to it like with the rest of the cast.
    And the worst part, all they'd had to have done at the start was define maybe three 3 size sliders for the torso: top middle and bottom. Have the model's rigging be such that the sliders move shape joints a certain distance away from the main spine, and boom. You could make pretty much any body shape you wanted. Since I'm pretty sure they designed the clothing starting with the base, they could just keep that weighting when making a clothing model.

    My only other gripe with the Avatar creation is that there's no good body patterns you can use for fur. The cat should have had a ton of different spot/stripe patterns available, and the ones we did get are just... eh, and made worse by the fact they're universal, for all species. It seems almost as if they realized they had a great idea and then sabotaged it to hell.
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    It feels exactly like the rumors post-release said: they originally intended for the game to solely star the Avatar as a playable character, but after presenting it to SEGA they were mandated to put Sonic and Classic Sonic in, so they had to drop everything and crowbar those two in and with their tight deadline and minimal budget were unable to go back and finish the avatar fully.
  14. I just came across this, and it makes me really want to buy the game on Steam now:

    I think this kind of proves the point I made earlier that all that Sonic Team needed to do was flesh out the level design they already had, because this actually looks pretty fun. I don't think it radically changes the level design, but just expands on it.
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    I think the mod looks like a good effort and it does look better than the base design but I also don't think it looks amazing either.

    I think Generations still has better level design. Both in the open levels and in the more streamlined 'rhythm' esque stages. And let's be honest, Boost is really more like a rhythm racing game than a platformer.
  16. Josh


    Yep! I literally tripled my Forces playtime on Steam a few months ago, and that mod's the reason why. I wouldn't mind at all Forces having a super-simple easy mode like it does, if only the "normal" mode could've been more like THAT instead of, "the exact same levels, except you lose more rings when hit".
  17. BadBehavior


    Only mod is need is one that replaces Classic Sonic with a story explaining what Blaze was doing while this whole thing was happening.

    And one that guts all the 2D sections wouldn't hurt
    And one to limit the amount of boost you get so literally everything you can stub with your toe doesn't instantly fill the meter
    And replace the music so it all doesn't sound like the rejected tracks from Sonic 4
    And a texture pack so it actually looks like it came out in 2017 and wasn't just an upscaled PS3 game
    and one that rewrites the story to be better. Get rid of cringe like "torturing him for months" and "generations since I've seen you", among other things.
    and one that... (continue as needed for everything wrong)

    Know what? Theres no salvaging it. Might as well just import all the levels into Generations.
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    That level mod gameplay video still exhibits the boring gameplay and bad control that I hate about Forces (and boost Sonic) to my eye.
  19. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I've played it and can concur with this. The only way to describe it is by saying that it makes Forces a bit less bad.
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  20. Josh


    Well, yeah. If you don't enjoy the core gameplay, then making the levels more substantial is only going to make things even worse.

    But I can't get enough of boost, and while this mod doesn't reach the heights of the other official boost games, it does let me appreciate Forces way more than I did before.
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