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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

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    I mean....I guess so? Maybe?

    On one hand, M. Sonic‘s controls in Forces are absolute rubbish and the game is smothering the stages in tons of scripts/automation, so those stages put in an environment with decent controls and some amount of player freedom is a definite improvement. On the other hand, the stages themselves are trite in design and short in length to the point of arguably being fundamentally flawed. Bad controls or no, most of the stages don’t look like they are any fun to play to begin with.

    Which for me, is the opposite reaction I get from looking at SRB2’s stages. Even with the aforementioned problems abound, I’m honestly left impressed with the substance that has poured into those levels. It’s a game I really do want to try out for myself someday.
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  2. The Joebro64

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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a ton of fun. It’s not what I’d want from an official Sonic game though. It just feels too... different.

    Back on topic to Forces, it’s a game I enjoy my time with. It’s not a great game, but it’s fine enough. IMO it’s nowhere near as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
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    In order to enjoy Forces, it requires you to completely rethink your understanding of fun. It's a simplified boost simulator. If you are willing to give it a chance, you may find yourself enjoying its straightforwardness. But beware, the possibilities are extremely limited.

    There are all sorts of things wrong with this game, beginning with the dragonballesque fight scenes.
  4. Blue Spikeball

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    Same. In my first playthrough, I only truly enjoyed the first zone. After that the levels got too frustrating, with bottomless pit galore, excessive platforming (especially for a Sonic game) and annoying enemies. People rip Dimps a new one when they do that. I still beat the game, but it was more of a chore than fun.
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    I absolutely admire the efforts put into the game, but I don't like how Sonic Robo Blast controls either. But that is a problem I have even with the Adventure games when Sonic is too fast, it feels clunky to me. This is why I like Sonic Utopia and Green Hill Paradise Act 2 so much.
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    Y'all need to stop getting filtered by SRB2's controls lmao, they give you so much flexibility in setting them up as you need. Just mess around with the options and you'll probably find a way of playing that works better for you.

    I'm kinda curious about getting Forces for cheap at this point, are there any "essential" mods that throw some polish over it?
  7. raphael_fc


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    Forces is like a proof of concept, as if someone asks "can you make a Sonic game that really is a boost-to-win?" It's not broken, it's just so bland. Except for the story, that is actually broken.
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    There are a few mods out there that make the levels more complex and potentially better, there's a physics improvement for at least Classic Sonic, I think there are some level ports, there are also mods that swap out the avatar with actual Sonic characters.

    And I like how SRB2 controls, I just hate the level design. And oof, those emblems are damn hard to find sometimes, and those hints don't help much either.

    Here's a list of mods that look pretty good:
    Level Ports:
    Level mods:
    Characters in other levels:
    Character mods:
    I'm sure there are more from other sources but I can't be assed enough to find them. Basically I picked all the mods I plan on downloading, but there are more.
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  9. The Joebro64

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  10. Dark Sonic

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    Ya it's more of a novelty if anything, but still, fun to dick around with.
  11. Aesculapius Piranha

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    SRB is like the grandaddy of Sonic fangames. Its great for what it is but I am surprised they never tried moving it to a modern engine. Its not like there aren't current engines that work great that have the same kind of wide availability that the old Doom engine does, especially with a free product.

    But then I guess that would require updating their team's skillset.
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    Jack shit.
    It's miles better than the first game ever was.
  13. Rudie Radio Waves

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    I tried SRB2 a couple of days ago, I played through the first zone as Tails and I had a good time. Weirdly enough I thought it controlled better with mouse and keyboard than with a controller.
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    I find SRB2 very cumbersome to control. Precise platforming is difficult because the characters move weird. IIRC the acceleration is oddly fast. Controlling the camera is weird too. Level design also has problems. SRB2 is still fun, but IMO Sonic Adventure is a lot more satisfying to control. At least it isn't boost. :p
  15. Dark Sonic

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    SRB2 is definitely designed for mouse and keyboard which is odd, but because it's based off the Doom engine it makes sense. The controller setting is mostly for us stubborn types who want to try playing a Sonic game like a... Sonic game :V

    Anyway, back to Forces. I did a fair amount of digging for you all now you can help me :specialed: Is anyone aware of a mod that replaces Classic Sonic's awful music with something more tolerable? Minor really but it'd be a nice touch. But I finally got around to installing all the mods and got everything set up, so once I start playing it I'll let you know if this game is worth it with mods.
  16. Overlord


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    Guys, this topic is about Forces - if you want to talk about SRB2 take it to Fangaming please.
  17. Dark Sonic

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    Ok, so Sonic Forces PC. Is it worth it for $10? Well I just finished it and here's my opinion:

    • Performance wise, this game is just fine. If you can run Generations or Lost World on your PC you can run this well as well without skimping out on the details. I had high settings with 1080p, basically what I'd run Generations at. So that's good, I was worried about that
    • Mods are fun. The level mods that simply edit the levels even are pretty nice, and even include some features that are in the game but never used, like falling platforms in Metropolis or the swinging bars for the avatar that actually require input
    • Mods are also fun for the characters. I loved that the avatar looked like Metal Sonic via mods. The physics mods are pretty good too, although they only go so far. Forces weirdness still exists. But it was fun seeing Metal Sonic, a better version of Modern Sonic, and a better version of Classic Sonic at the results screen after the final boss.
    • Mods can cause the game to crash so watch out. One of the mods I had on caused the game to crash after the final boss twice, not sure which one but likely one of the physics improvements or the re-imagined mod. Also the game weirdly liked to crash after Guardian Rock once or twice. Again, probably mods.
    So is this worth it? I'll say this. If you've ever had a curiosity about Forces and like the Boost gameplay at all, I say why not. For $10, it's a decent run through. This is def the way I'll be playing the game going forward, sorry PS4 version lol. The mods available for the game give it a number of quality life improvements, even if some of them are prone to crashing.

    So yea, have fun. Although out of curiosity I played through all the story cutscenes again while replaying the game... ugh yea Modern Sonic's world needs a bit of a touch up, the current style has gotten quite stale IMO.
  18. Last year is when I first okayed this game. It was on switch, and it’s not interesting. Never has been. It raised a decent bit of expectations but MY GOD it didn’t pay off.

    I also own the PC port, but that one just doesn’t run properly. Takes forever to start up and crashes after beating a level. My PC can run most games at 30-60 FPS, but this one can’t?

    Not my favorite sonic game, but not my least favorite. 4/10.
  19. Shaddy the guy

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    Is this worth talking about here?

    It would seem that a lot of the "two worlds" and "another dimension" language kicking about in the wake of this game was at least some amount horribly mistranslated, if the sources on this thread are to be believed. It sounds like the more accurate way of referring to classic Sonic in Forces would be to say "from another time", which could have meant an alternate timeline, but apparently still means the past, so we're good? The Sonic games only have one, very stupid timeline? And the "two worlds" would be two parts of the same planet in the way that, like, the wizard world is different from the muggle world in Harry Potter (fuck JK by the way) or something? Or maybe the way people refer to 'the third world' even though it's really just another part of the world where things are different? That's actually a lot less annoying if so.
  20. Josh


    Eh. That thread looks to me like: "Hey, so, I don't speak Japanese, but even though Iizuka always gets translated the same way and Aaron Webber personally said 'two worlds' was legit, this one word could possibly mean different things depending on context according to the internet, and therefore these aspects of the series that I don't personally like aren't REALLY canon even though he says they are!"