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    tbh I'm pretty annoyed that he hasn't attained big meme/fanart status. his design practically screams for it, it's so uselessly edgy. and yet he was evidently so nothing that I hardly see anyone make art of him like they do with, say, Shadow.
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    Technically, his look isn't pointlessly edgy. It goes with the fact that he's trying to be as intimidating as possible, and one up Shadow the edgelord after being bested and humiliated by him.
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    It bothers me immensely that's Infinite's entire introduction and backstory happens in a single cutscene with Shadow, with a smattering of exposition about the rest of his team. Shadow is barely a part of the main story, and Infinite only has a history with him and not with Sonic. It's not just badly written in terms of awkward dialogue, but poorly conveys the story and is full of little holes.
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    Infinite felt like a TON of wasted potential. They could've done so much with his angle on hating friendship, make him interesting, or something similar. Sure, Sonic does't really NEED that level of depth/edge, but with the angle the game was trying to go for, I was all for it. And then they just said "Shadow calls him weak, that's his backstory". I wasn't expecting some of the stuff people were speculating like that he's a Sonic from the future or whatever, but man, I wanted more out of him. Feel like he could've been really cool. He's grown on me a lot though.

    As played out as it is, I would've loved if they made him the final boss. Make him realize how strong the Phantom Ruby/whatever really is, he overpowers Eggman, and he goes absolutely bonkers. Is this trope played out? Hell yes it is, but it certainly would've been a better sendoff than he just evaporates after you beat him. He doesn't really do much in the main story, and that's a shame. I almost feel like they wanted to do more with him but just weren't dealt a fair hand, or something similar. He could've been really, REALLY sick if they gave him more time to settle.

    On that note though, I am still beyond upset we got robbed out of a Chaos boss fight. I remember thinking "Wouldn't it be sick, if you fight Chaos but it's a fight with all of his forms and he's constantly changing, and it plays a Open Your Heart and/or Chaos boss theme remix the entire time????" And all I got was a cutscene where Classic Sonic beats him and THAT'S IT. It felt like they just had Chaos in the game to be like "Look, guys! Sonic Adventure!" and the worst part is I fell for it, hook line and sinker.

    But Zavok gets a boss fight and it's just him riding on a stupid bee.