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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. So I just played the game from start to finish in a matter of a few hours.

    I didn't enjoy any of it. Not one moment. Setting the cringe worthy and edgy story aside (and believe me "WE ALL DID IT TOGETHER" and "LET'S SHOW HIM THE REAL POWER OF TEAM WORK" is nothing compared to this), I found myself staring at the screen in disbelief. Was it trying to be serious? Lighthearted? A rebellion? Really? This isn't Star Wars. Was it aimed at kids? Why use words that children wouldn't understand? I was very disappointed to say the least. The game felt like it lacked any cohesiveness with little to no variety. You had to do A or B to get past areas.

    I'm not one to be picky about controls--every game is different and I adjust...but I felt like controls lacked consistency. You went from being slow to full speed with no acceleration present. Navigating 3D spaces by turning was also tedious as your character would turn in an inconsistent circle. Horizontal navigation in 2D seconds was inconsistent. One moment you'd be moving, and the next you're at full speed and then down into a pit you go.

    Classic stages were okay, but nothing felt new. It was lots of rehashed gimmicks. OC stages were homing attack chains with some hold LT to burn every enemy with no real challenge. Sonic stages were boost and homing attack chains with some occasional stomping to get past obstacles. The bosses were, again, rehashes of previously used gimmicks--knock back a projectile ala Iblis in '06, or were boost and homing attack.

    Sound design was okay. Don't understand why they replayed the same variant of the 'Illusion' sound effect. After a while it felt overused. Wasn't a fan of the adjusted ring sound from previous recent titles, and I guess hearing the SaSR jump sound was cool. The music for classic Sonic was nice, but not breathtaking. Didn't really set a tone or mood. Was just "good enough". The rest of the tracks, honestly, felt like bad dub step DJ remixes. The only real track that sets mood and takes you on a wonderful musical journey is the Title and Main Menu.

    Graphically this game isn't cohesive, although more so than the game play. What's with all these artifacts in the reflection? Why are shadows popping in and out? Why are there floating shadows? Why isn't setting AA to the highest setting getting rid of shimmer? Clipping geometry isn't nice. For some strange reason, the game wouldn't run at 60fps. Cutscenes would play at 30, which I assume is on purpose, but the game itself ran at a strange 59fps, which caused some irritating stutter.

    Replay-ability is there, but nothing really makes me want to go back. Some extra stages, that's nice. But the main course was like a frozen meal. Passable for food, but not great.

    This game had such a long development cycle, I expected something more. But maybe Sonic Team has lost its passion for crafting forward thinking, 3D platforming. SEGA appears to be milking nostalgia, and honestly, it was nice for Generations, but not for this. Mania is, I feel a spin off of sorts, but for a game that is a company mascot, wow. Down in the dumps it went.
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    Nah, Knuckles hands them one literally moments after they arrive.


    Although considering how OP they feel during gameplay, it makes me wonder why the resistance is in such poor shape when they have such firepower available.
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    Come on Webber, you kept this hot meme material from us???
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    Wisp union strike probably, because having and using "willingly" caged sentient creatures as weapon ammo certainly doesn't bring up any awful/ironic story/ethical problems. When Eggman does it its bad, but apparently when Knuckles does it's totally fine :P

    Veering a little bit into IDW Sonic, but really the issue stems from the game itself. Wisps as ammo makes no sense.
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    Well at least Sonic Team can't be accused of being the first. :v:
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    Thank god he did. I wouldn't want to live in that timeline.
  7. Infinite tells OC that he's "seen him before". Soooo, that points to something.
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    There's a flashback scene where Infinite hurts (kills?????) a bunch of nondescript town fodder, and lets OC live. Infinite is referring to that event.
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    Considering the fact that they brought back the Death Egg and the working title for this game was "Sonic Wars", I think it's pretty clear that the whole game is an excuse to have a bunch of Star Wars references.
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    Sonic Forces is on sale on the Switch eShop. 40% off, bringing it down to $23.99.

    ...why do I feel so tempted to get it? I already have it on Steam! I've already played it! It's not great!
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    Sonic Forces is 50% off on Steam too via the Steam Summer sale. £34.99 discounted to £17.49.

    Also though everyone in the universe almost definitely has it by now Sonic Generations is a massive 75% off too. £14.99 discounted to the absolute steal of £3.74. Kicking myself because I bought it at full price a couple of months back. Sonic games across the board also have deep discounts (almost every Sonic game) outside of Sumo's racing games which sadly aren't discounted - so have a look!

    Only question now is, do I pull the trigger on Forces given it's a mainline Sonic game and is kind of "okay" or hold off because it's truly not any good. I'll think about it.
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    I think PC is certainly the best console to buy it on, if for modding content alone. I think the physics alterations mods really improve a lot gameplay-wise and I'm kicking myself for only having gone for the switch version (though my PC does suck dick so I mightn't've been able to run it anyway).

    I'd still really say it's not an awful game or anything. I think people's disappointment is justified, but it's a perfectly functional and sorta-fun game, it's just not comparable to any of the other good modern games.
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    There's a lot of fun to be had with Forces, especially once you beat story mode and do the missions. There's some pretty neat examples of level design hidden away in the classic stages (although sadly only a very small amount).

    Forces main problem is that it's such a step back from Generations and Colours. It reminds me of how 8-bit Sonic 1 was a striped down version of the original, but Forces is even more so.
    I am not sure if it's worth £17. Might be worth getting when it hits £9.99.
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    I can't say I'd even pay $5 for it.
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    Forces has some neat next-gen stuff going on, but Infinite and the Death Egg Robots (<- lame) are just not as cool as fighting the god of destruction himself, an ancient water creature from the past (<- awesome). Or playing through Generations again. Or Mania.
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    So I was looking on the Sonic Forces page on SteamDB and came across this
    Is this game going to be getting more DLC?
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    Okay, I'm definitely interested. Regardless of opinions on Forces itself, the DLC has made things a lot more enjoyable (Episode Shadow, Super Sonic, Sanic T-Shirts, mofo'ing PUYO HAT)
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    Sonic Forces on PC is good for mods, but the PC version is also a sub-par port on a lot of levels

    I get horrible frame pacing stuttering in the game and from what I've been able to gather it's because I chose Nvidia over AMD. Hardlight, the Sega Studio that ported the game to PC, partnered with AMD, and Sonic Forces on PC has Radeon-specific extensions to make it run better on those graphics cards versus Nvidia.

    What this ultimately means is that, at least to my eyes, Sonic Forces goes from a locked 60fps but will suddenly appear to drop well below that marker for a few seconds, only to eventually level back out again. I'm not one of those anal-retentive "60fps or nothing" weirdos, but having it be so inconsistent is really annoying. It's not as though any specific effect or section of level causes the framerate to drop in Sonic Forces, it just happens at random. It's even happened while sitting on the menu, sometimes.

    The PC version also doesn't let you use the d-pad at the same time as the analog stick. It's one or the other. The console versions let you use both at the same time, like in Sonic Generations.

    Plus, the modding scene in Sonic Forces seems to be kind of slow going, from what I've seen. By the time there's something truly worth it released, I'm sure the game will be even cheaper. I'd go for a console version, if you can find it.
  20. SuperSonicRider


    Earlier this week (IIRC) there was an issue with the Super Sonic DLC that was causing it to show as priced. It got fixed though. That's probably what the update is.