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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. + - Next time just PM me, no pirating talk in public. :v  

    One problem, the album is currently (And who knows, possibly indefinitely) digital and Japan only. So unless we can coerce a native Japanese Retro-goer, we're SoL.
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    Oh I meant more Youtube links, should've been more clear. while I would like the album atm I can't even download albums due to my computer taking a shit I'm on a borrowed laptop with limited space. man I miss all my music...

    Bah never stopped people before esp. if its going to be digital.

    EDIT: Oh this brings up a good discussion point btw, the OST. How complete is it compared to the Gamerips that were first released in the usual haunts? to me the OST seemed pretty complete.
  3. Truthfully, I haven't sat down to listen to it yet. I didn't get the game, so I figured I'd go into the OST completely blind and listen to it that way, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Depending on my financial situation, if I don't see booklet scans and such up on VGMdb by Christmas-ish, I might pick up the OST and the vocal tracks album.
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    The cutscene tracks are all new vs. the OSV, but other than that, the OSV was mostly complete. There's an FM synth of Fist Bump as well as the first SXSW version. The tracks generally are mixed a little differently, e.g., the classic tracks are a tad bass-heavy. Death Egg Robot phase 3 has a new, sick guitar riff.

    Also, the Hi-Res Collection is notable for having the highest quality recordings of London Symphony Orchestra's performance. It only matters if you're a lossless-hound, but it's cool that they put it out in 96khz rather than the usual 44.1.

    Twitter source? My rips didn't have those tracks (OST released Dec 13, Hi-Res released Dec 6.) I wonder if they're releasing them later or the rips just didn't have them.
  5. One sec... Here and here. I'm thinking it's a later release. Supposedly the digital release on E-onkyo (The only place it's available right now) is a special Japan-only pre-release deal.

    Sonic Forces, the gift that keeps on giving:

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    Welp, it's over. The siren song of microtransactions has claimed the Sonic franchise. It'll most likely get worse from here.
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    Implying it's the first time a Sonic game has a paid DLC.
    It also is free on release.
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    Oh so it's finally out? Can I get it on the PS4?
  10. Nah fuck this opinion.

    Tell me when you've ever had to pay for Super Sonic? Yet alone for PC users they can simply just patch it in.

    This is silly. If I ever planned to actually purchase this game down the line when I own a current-gen console, I don't expect to bloody have to buy this shit. Timed freebies be damned.
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    Wow, that's such a Capcom move to do, that's kinda hilarious

    Anybody now if it's available on Xbox One ?
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    Super Sonic is paid DLC...Just so we're clear, they're asking you to play for super forms that you normally would unlock in past games.

    Furthermore, this paid DLC doesn't include extra levels and/or story. It is just a gameplay feature that is being cut from the game and sold afterwards.

    I'm counting this as a microtransaction, and considering Sonic Forces to have the worst special stage to exist in any Sonic game. It's just a $1.99 toll booth. So unoriginal.

    Edit: To re-iterate what someone else said, the paid "true ending" DLC is next isn't it?
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    Super Sonic being paid DLC is a bullshit move. Doesn't matter if he's free for a limited time, we never had to pay to play as a transformation we normally had to unlock through in-game. Not to mention, Super Sonic is on the disc or digital download. So this would make it "paid in-game DLC." Really scummy. Not to mention, the stages are really short to even enjoy Super Sonic in Sonic Forces at all.

    Speaking of DLC, SEGA still has yet to do anything about supplying the Shadow Costume DLC to Xbox physical disc owners. Microsoft has already confirmed with me and other owners that they're unable to force install the DLC onto people's consoles and SEGA has to be the one to distribute it.
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    It's free on release just so that this bullshit can be excused by saying "HEY IT'S FREE ON RELEASE".

    Meanwhile, Sonic Mania keeps selling well, winning awards and giving hope to Sonic fans.
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    Ok I just checked and I can't find a download listing on the switch outside of Japan. I have yet to set up an EU account so I have no idea if there is one there.

    I should also mention the US eshop is also missing dlc listings that are present on the Japanese one.

    also Inticreates pulled the same free on release move with Blaster master Zero and Mighty Gunvolt Burst, though their DLC was worth it.
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    freaking lol

    Sega/Sonic Team literally pulled a Cacpcom and made Super Sonic on-disc paid DLC. SUPER SONIC! And not even six months after Mania carried the torch of having it traditionally be an in-game unlockable! (I also love how someone over at SSMB pointed out that they made this paid DLC, but the Sanic T-Shirt [and the Episode Shadow DLC for that matter] was made free. Priorities, what's that?!)

    It would be solely an absolutely pathetic move, if it wasn't also absolutely hilarious. Time to file Forces alongside Sonic the "True Blue Initiative" Hedgehog 4 and Rise of Lyric in the file cabinet of "SonicTM Games Sega Couldn't Honestly Sell On Their Own Merits".
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    Sega, this is not how you entice people. You're charging money for something that was a reward for 25 years. Why do you keep digging this trench?
  18. Super Sonic is paid DLC? Why? Are they not aware that a lot of people are just gonna stop purchasing their games after this?

    (also does this mean we can officially give sonic team the "worst developer of the year" award now?)
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    Not in a year where Star Wars Battlefront 2 came out.
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    Pretty much and this is coming from someone who would like to see them disbanded (but even then, who their full time staff consists of is already in question).

    Hey, at least they're selling the game at $40. They've got that going for them.