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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Jimmy Hedgehog

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    Honestly, I'm happy with what we're seeing. Will be interesting to see what comes out of it, plus I also like that we have a Sonic game confirmed for NX before a Mario title :v:
  2. CaveQuest


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    What I clearly don't get is why Classic Sonic is doing here when he's about to get his own game. I am not generally pissed but I think what Generations did was a step in the right direction. And these 2 games are definitly a step forward aswell.
  3. Mecha Sally

    Mecha Sally

    It made me think of that too. I even made a FREEDOM FIGHTERS CONFIRMED joke in the other topic. Doubt that will happen but if it does, hey, I'd be cool with it.

    I did have another idea though in relation to that tagline: It invites players to join something, features two different Sonics, implying a choice of characters to play as, and Iizuka said this game would be a "new experience". I don't know why but my brain is conjuring up the idea of an online multiplayer type of game. Like you have lots of people playing as Sonic or any other character in the franchise or even (ah shit) a custom-made character, and the players could all work together/against each other fighting badniks and bosses and such. It's kinda out there, sure, but it would definitely be a new experience as far as Sonic games go.
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    A-hah. Wow. For the first time, I really have no idea what to say about a game. Oh well, here goes!

    I might as well point out that someone else did indeed point out that the area Sonic was in appeared to be City Escape zone, also, look at the giant robots, they're literally just grimmer looking versions of Death Egg robots, just with one glowing red eye. So either Eggman has completely lost it, or this was just a proof of concept video.

    Then there's Classic Sonic, I really don't get why they have Classic Blue here, they're clashing a character known for his cute and light-hearted game style with something dark and serious on the same tier as Shadow the Hedgehog(Save for that extra Edge that made the game laughable instead of just boring.)

    Either way, the only thing I have in mind is that "Join the Resistence" thing might imply other potential characters, maybe Sonic Boom's iteration will join in, or we might see other playable characters in this "Resistance".

    Like I said, I'm way more lost than anything, I don't know what the heck to take from this trailer other than "Ayy guys look Classic Sonic's back, and we're giving the series a darker twist!"
    Maybe this is my preference for simpler, lighthearted stories in the series, particularly Sonic Heroes basic but entertaining plot involve Metal Sonic, and Sonic Colors for its basic story, but enjoyable and rewarding writing. I guess we'll have to wait until we can see more footage.
  5. BlackHole


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    Y'know, we don't know the context behind the darker tone. For all we know, it's a Sonic CD-type deal, where Sonic's moving around the Past, Present and Future, with this as the Bad Future.

    As for the complaints, last I checked everyone was saying how they wanted a Generations 2. Now you've got it, suddenly that's a bad thing and the franchise is ruined again. God forbid you guys ever had control of the series, you'd run it into the ground fast than Sonic can boost.

    And do remember that this is a sequel. Sonic 4 Episode II was a sequel, and get this: they tweaked the physics a bit to get it closer to the Mega Drive games. Not perfect, but they tried. So do you not think they'll do the same and tweak Classic Sonic's gameplay a tad to try and get a similar result?
  6. LuigiXHero


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    The devs made it clear to say that it's not a sequel. Whatever that means.
  7. Jimmy Hedgehog

    Jimmy Hedgehog

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    Getting the motivation to continue old projects
    I took that to mean an adventure entirely unrelated to the events in Generations, aside from the fact that the Modern + Classic team up is happening again.
  8. Cooljerk


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    We had a silent Classic Sonic last time, I want Jaleel this time. I think it would be appropriate for classic sonic to talk given the tone of this teaser. But he better be Jaleel.
  9. I think that the game will be interesting. The trailer looked amazing, but I was hoping for more information about its gameplay.

    I don't get why it would be bad for a Sonic game to have a dark or more serious story. As stated before, the past few Sonic games were relatively lighthearted, and I think that a more serious story could work.
  10. Ben Laserlove

    Ben Laserlove

    Classic Sonic showing up in this trailer is so decisive! I was so weirded out when he appeared, scrambling to understand what it would mean.
    Since we're getting a new 2D game, I thought it made sense to not do another Generations-esque game..

    But since this is supposedly not a sequel, there must be something else going on. I mean, obviously, right?
    If the game is one year of, I'd rather they start the hype / gameplay machine closer to launch.

    Now, I'm just interested to see what's up.
    Right now, I'm expecting this to have sort-of the setup of Generations, but only that it won't reuse locations.
  11. Cooljerk


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    Whether or not I'm ultimately wrong, the trailer communicated to me that they're making a game with the modern/classic gameplay of Generations in an original setting. I'm so fine with that because I loved Generations, and we're getting Sonic Mania on top of it.
  12. I am hoping that in the next Sonic game, more characters besides Sonic can be controlled. Since Sonic Unleashed, Sonic has been the only playable character in the 3D games. If only Sonic is playable in the new game, then it would be a bit disappointing.
  13. BlackHole


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    I'd prefer Ryan Drummond reprising his role as Sonic, personally, if Classic were to have a voice.
  14. Harmony Friends

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    I'm pretty sure I've got this thing figured out

    it's 5 in the morning here so maybe I'm just sleep deprived but

    this seems kind of obvious at least to this brain right now:

    the story of this game is Sonic does Samurai Jack.

    the Sonics get sent to a future where the Eggmen's evil has in the mean time taken over the world and now rules supreme. so they gotta be all freedom fighter underground resistancey people. hence "join the resistance". you know.

    both Sonics are around so it's gotta involve time travel somehow, and sonic time travel dealing with a bad future where eggman's fucked everything up isn't actually tonally out of line for the classics considering a little game called CD

    I'm not fucking crazy for being pretty sure this is what's going on right?


    still think the game's tone isn't going to be overly grimdark because classic sonic is too fucking cute

    but I am pretty sure those are roller coasters in the background


    now I think they might just be bridges

    I'm tired
  15. woun


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    The truth Sonic Project 2017 - Debut Trailer.
  16. Felik


    Wow Hinchy this theory sounds extremely plausible!
  17. Well I'm waking up to this as I didn't see this last night (saw the Mania stuff which I'm quite excited about and the quit the stream).
    This is interesting. I'm going to optimistic here after seeing Sonic Mania. Looking forward to seeing what this is all about :v:
  18. Beltway


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    After a string of lighthearted comical games, I'm up for a game that edges back to a more serious tone, though balance is the key here--we don't need to go back to the far end of the scale for a narrative and tone like Sonic 2006, Shadow the Hedgehog, or (IMO) Sonic Adventure 2. A tone along the lines of Adventure 1, Unleashed, and the Storybook games would be the ideal sweet spot. The implied bad future setting is also interesting.

    Another game featuring classic and modern Sonic showing up is a mixed bag though. Sonic Generations' first-time use of both Sonics was a surprise, and it made sense with Generations being the 20th anniversary game. Revisiting the concept again with a non-anniversary game makes it considerably less novel, and with Sonic Mania being a thing, it also makes classic Sonic come off as hogging the spotlight for some (though for me, I'm already happy with Sonic Mania as it is, so his inclusion in this game is just icing on the cake for me). That said, we might get an interesting time-travel story out of it judging the setting, and if Sonic Team's 2D / classic gameplay is a giant step up from Generations in terms of faithfulness to the Genesis games, then that's more than good enough for me.

    Wish we had some gameplay footage though, though given both classic and contemporary Sonic showing up and the moves contemporary Sonic was doing in the trailer, I wouldn't be surprised if it followed up on Generations' gameplay. Normally my interest would had checked out immediately but with Mania's existence and classic Sonic's presence, I really can't bring myself to complain if this game did go that route, though a return to Adventure 1 gameplay would be the ideal outcome to me.

    And if we have Sonic Mania being a 2D project, hopefully Sonic 2017 won't have 2D gameplay taking up the majority of the game like the past few games. Concerning contemporary Sonic (since classic Sonic will most likely be 2D gameplay as it is), he could really stand to have mostly (if not fully) 3D levels.
  19. Sweet.

    Generations was such a hit that I don't blame them for doing a 2 (and they should).

    I'd 100% +20000 much rather see this than fucking SA3.

    Some legit concerns on here but some absolutely mindbogglingly stupid comments on YouTube, I don't even know where to start on those so I won't.

    Sonic Mania (and seeing Classic back in 3D) has made me happy to be a Sonic fan again. And for the first time in years SEGA will get my hard earned moolah.
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    Practically nothing to see here. When are we expecting more news?