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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. The last few days leading up to the release was just the nail in the coffin for me: no review copies, that 1 minuet demo, first impressions from broken street dates being just "okay", and just overall not being impressed from the posts on the official Sonic YouTube. It was a just a mountain of stuff happening that was like "wow, that totally didn't just happen".

    I am glad that the game's length alone warranted a $40 budget price anyways, but I just wasn't interested at all.

    Side note: It is cool that they're packing it with Puyo Pop Tetris to give that game a boost (bah-dum-tish) in sales.

    Edit: Europe only. Damn it.
  2. Frostav


    Is it really? Sonic fandom OC's are an obnoxious gamer culture punching bag that's been beaten so fucking much the bag is now a pile of atomized dust. Most non-Sonic-fan reactions to it are either amusement or over-the-top mockery and disgust (just look at the youtube comments for Super Best Friends' two videos on it). I don't think the OC creator really appeals to anyone but the, for lack of a better term, Deviantart and FurAffinity subset of the Sonic fandom.
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    There's a lot of people who like character creators in general. Just seeing what ridiculous combinations you can make is enough to interest a lot of normal people.
  4. Blue Blood

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    The avatar character has only really drawn any scorn from ardent Sonic fans. To almost everyone else, it's a fun new addition and arguably the game's saving grace. I hate the OC personally, but other people feel the same way about anyone in the series except Sonic himself, with the avatar being a welcome and fun change. And amongst the younger audience or other crowds who do enjoy custom characters, it's a smart business decision to include the avatar.

    I'm worried that the OC is going to keep appearing in the series with a story role, completely getting in the way of the extended cast and real characters by trying to force "me" into the story as Sonic's new BFF. Yuck. If it has to return, I'd much rather they relegate it to a secondary mission mode, with or without its own story, and without imposing on the rest of the game that I actually give a shit about.
  5. I feel like the idea behind the avatar becoming Sonic's partner is geared almost exclusively towards younger audiences, but I will say that I enjoyed what little there was of character development (probably since no one else ever gets any). There is a certain charm to seeing the avatar become more confident as the story progresses, but it's only really present in a couple of cutscenes, unfortunately.

    I also enjoyed the customization tool despite not being a part of the OC crowd, so it's definitely entertaining if you like messing with this sort of thing, even if you're kind of limited in what you can do. I'd say it's harmless at worst, unlike, say, classic Sonic, who doesn't fit the game at all.
  6. I know this will probably upset a few, but I haven't bought a 3D game since SA1 because I don't think Sonic Team have even come close to what I want out of a 3D Sonic game.

    20 years later and still waiting...
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    I wonder how many of the modern Sonic games you've still beaten. I'm gonna guess quite a few.
  8. Ha I've only played Generations on release at a friends and enjoyed it. That's honestly it! I've have most of the newer 2D games though (including Sonic 4 urgh).
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    I'm actually enjoying this game more than I thought I would. The shorter levels make for some fun speed running, and unlike Mania since the leaderboards haven't been hacked to shit (for the most part, there are a few times that have been affected by QTE time freeze glitches), I can actually see how I stack up against everyone else. It's somewhat satisfying. On the PS4 at least I often float around the top 100 for times. I mean I'll never beat DarkSpinesSonic but still.

    Gotta go fast with the drill wispon btw :v: That's some good broken mechanic there. But yea, the more I play this, the more I can't help but wonder wtf Classic Sonic is doing there. He has 5 levels, none of the extra content, barely has anything to do with the plot, and he isn't even implemented well. They'd of been better of polishing up the avatar and Modern a bit more and just making more tag team levels.
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    Here's a fun little experiment.

    Someone, after a second playthrough of Forces, constructed a supercut of what can broadly be described as all of the meaningful 3D gameplay sections (excluding bosses)...which only added up to 15 minutes' worth of gameplay. The uploadedĀ gave a more specific account of the supercut, which you can read below:

    Given how the estimated time given for beating the game is 2-4 hours without 100% completion (not going for the Red Rings/Numbered Rings/Moon Medals/Daily Missions/etc.)...the 3D gameplay only accounts for what, 1/8th or 1/16th of gameplay for the entire average playthrough. :v:
  11. I figured it was somewhere around that mark. Even when you're actually in control of Sonic or the avatar, a lot of the time it feels as though you're just holding a button to watch things happen. Every level is a straight line from start to finish, and while there are a few occasional branching paths, they are both scarce and short in length. It's very upsetting when you find yourself in a wide open space and the game doesn't let you go anywhere besides straight ahead. It's all decoration behind invisible walls and scripted events. Linearity is in no way a bad thing by definition, but nothing about these levels is particularly exciting or memorable. Metropolis has a couple of interesting moments, but again, you're never actually doing much. Speaking of which...

    You can really tell they wanted to do more with Null Space. The contrast between its concept and how pointless it ends up being is the first indicator, but there's more than that. Even though you're only there for fifteen seconds, the music track is a minute and a half long. Then there's the dialogue, which suggests Sonic and the avatar were meant to have been trapped there for a while. This includes that unused Sonic line that was posted earlier (which, to me, suggests both characters were going to be separated at first, perhaps with a level or two preceeding the double boost segment). It would certainly give the victory lap around Metropolis more of an impact. As it is, Sonic's comment about nothing have happened is hilariously meta.
  12. RikohZX


    Well as the third Infinite fight and the final battle showed, they could swap the character setup mid-stage, so I wouldn't be surprised if in a more complete and technically competent situation, they could've swapped you off for different segments between the characters mid-level in escaping Null Space or something.
  13. Got everything S Ranked and Red Starred.

    I love Death Egg Classic (stage 22) I feel its actually Sonic Generations quality. Let down only by how naff Classic Sonic is.

    Column on Avatars

    Wherever I saw this link people were assuming that DLC maybe coming but I just threw this in Google Translate and doesnt even mention it. Not gonna lie though. Kinda want to play as a Dragon.
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    Heads up my dudes. A new patch on Steam has been pushed that fixes absolutely nothing and has a chance of causing your save file to be wiped. It happened to me and now I'm without my 100% clear save. Make sure to back up your saves or just don't bother downloading this patch.
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    Was the Sanic shirts the main reason for the patch?
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    Nothing, really.
    ...Oh my freaking god.
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    double heads up, the shadow costume gear is now gone from the Switch e-shop with the Sanic shirts takeing their palce.
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    good trade
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    At least I still have the shadow costume stuff
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    We all knew it was coming when its files were found, but it doesn't make it any less cringe worthy.