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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Preface: Sonic Forces is not worth the money Sega is currently asking for it, not by a long shot.


    * He posted on Twitter before hand that he was intending on streaming it and irritating people by doing so
    * He played it for 3 hours, the Steam limit is 2 for a refund, which is a reasonable amount of time to figure out a game is shit (by all accounts he knew before that point)
    * He lied on the refund form
    * This is not the first time he's done this.

    I personally hope Steam bans his account and he loses access to all his games - not only would it be fitting punishment to an utter dickweed, a story of how DRM can take all your games away if the supplier decides to do so would be a really useful case story for the ongoing fight against DRM. :)
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    I've got my money's worth

    Game is shit and a sad conclusion to the formula Unleashed introduced, but the scenario was more than entertaining (The power of friendship, and YOU are the friend!), the game was visually pleasing, and music was phenomenal. I also unironically love Infinite, cool guy. All the other elements was enough to keep me going until the end and come back for more. Mortar Canyon is +++. It's a shame that with every entry after Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Team felt like they needed to strip more control and options away from the player. I don't think the formula will ever see its true potential, not even through fan projects.

    RIP Boost Sonic. You died leashed.
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    Tell Steam you bought the wrong game. You may get your money back....
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    looks like mr. webber caught him
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    ...I have no idea who the guy in that video is, so it may be "his thing", but isn't he just saying the same thing over and over for 12 minutes?
  6. Linkabel


    Sonic Channel had an interview with the art director of the game, Yoshitaka Miura.

    At one point there was a POW camp in Green Hill.

    Also, a little bit of a better explanation of that Famitsu interview from Andrea Ritsu (a member from Sonic Stadium)
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    That's... actually worse than just working on it for one year given what we ended up with.
  8. Dark Sonic

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    3 years? Well they said final production covered a year of development time, and there are some VR files in the game. Maybe they played around with the game a lot during those 2 years and they had to rush this idea out in the last year?
  9. Linkabel


    I think the results we got correlate with what happened.

    A smaller development team (06 again and even a Nintendo console getting in the way) and what seems to be budget cuts (reusing a lot of assets and even the 25th anniversary celebrations were lackluster compared to the 20th anniversary) and you get Forces.

    I just feel bad for Nakamura, it seems history repeated itself for him on many fronts.
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    The game engine is clearly a reworked Lost World (Sonic's wonky controls/physics, the automation/scripting elements, reused level setpieces like the water slides and the Modern Sonic Vs. Infinite boss, the entire final boss setup).
    The game itself recycles a ton of material from past games (recycled zones/level identities, level mechanics, level/game assets, a significant lack of variety concerning the enemies/boss fights/level themes). And it goes without saying that neither classic Sonic or modern Sonic don't really have any refinement or expansion to their existing playstyles.
    Even the one new concept they bring to the table --the Custom Hero/Avatar playstyle-- uses the modern Sonic/Boost Sonic gameplay as a template (including using the grappling hook as a Homing Attack substitute) and the Wispons weapons are adapted from existing Wisp powerups, so it's not like they had to start entirely from scratch with that portion.

    There's only a handful of elements of the game that can be said to be original content or taking the series' gameplay/game design into uncharted territory. What exactly was the dev team doing those three years? Especially since the limited development period somehow warranted more time devoted to it compared to full-scale production?
  11. Dark Sonic

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    They gotta throw out this engine after this game. I'm not talking about the hedgehog engine, that's fine, but they've been cutting and gutting the unleashed engine for 10 years now. It's time to rebuild and abandon this zombie engine.
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    It's actually Yoshitaka Miura. And yeah, the page also talks about how the Resistance's hideout was to be an abandoned casino. He also mentions a lava area in an empire fortress being planned as the last stage at one point.

    Next part is going to focus on the characters, starring character artist Shinkichi Tanahashi (who I think also designed the Werehog if my memory serves me correct??). I hope to see some concept art of Infinite. He has a genuinely badass design.
  13. Linkabel


    I think this is what happened that led to the results we got.

    -Lost World gets released, started work on engine.

    -At this point Sonic Team is also overseeing the Sonic Boom games and working on Sonic Runners.

    -Speculation on my part: the failure of RoL and Runners leads to budgets cuts for the franchise, and some members get shifted to other projects or parts of the company that leads to a smaller team.

    -Engine works ends, Sonic Wars starts.

    -Somewhere in those 3 years they show SoA and SoE what they've been working on. Their ideas get shot down and they have to go back to the drawing board. Probably the biggest setback.

    -They decide to fall back on the Generations formula with the avatar.

    -The Switch gets released, it's not what they were expecting. Instead of splitting the team again to make a separate project they decide to stick with it and figure out how to make it work. Another big setback.

    -They enter the last year and try to salvage the project.

    I don't think it's hard to see how 4 years went into this game when we start putting together the few things we know that happened. Perhaps the game would've been great if it had the resources Generations got.

    At the same time, if we believe the original pitch rumor, then valuable time was wasted on an idea that from the sounds of it was even worse.

    Also, rumors already started floating about a new PlayStation and Xbox that puts them 2-3 years away. So it's a little bit weird Forces might be the only 3D game of this generation of consoles.
  14. Dr. Mecha

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    You forgot the deal with The Taxman to green light "Discovery" in extange of shoehorning the connection to "Wars" (which is also speculation).
  15. Laughingcow


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    Question: Given the lack of real 3d in Forces, is it safe to say that Mania was the better 3d game?

    The special stages were in 3d so it counts.
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    How did you get past the trial period?
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    If you're asking me to be serious just look at my sig.

    The failure of Sonic Forces is on Sonic Team. Clearly the same development troubles they've had since before Unleashed are still present. No amount of amateur journalism will change that.

    If they don't disband Sonic Team then expect the next game to have a smaller budget with no improvement.

    Remember, they're idea of improving things this time around was to remove the drift button.
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    Your literal hatred of Sonic Team is starting to get kinda creepy, dude.
    I understand if you're disappointed with what they've been putting out recently but it look like you have a death wish for the people working on the team or something.
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    Finally someone said this. Laughingcow's cascade of shitpost-tier messages really started to get on my nerve. Glad I'm not the only one to feel likethat.
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    I prefer the song from Frozen over Light of Hope.