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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. RikohZX


    What's messing with me for Classic Sonic is the way his momentum works. You have minimal air control besides being able to grind all speed to a halt, but every time you jump and keep moving, you will maintain the exact same momentum from start to finish. Not even slow jumps can gain more speed. Combine that with a crappy speed cap that feels more limiting than Sonic 1, automation that picks how fast you can go half the time, and the Spin Dash being incredibly awkward to the point that if you go off of a ramp, you lose ALL air control.

    I also don't get why the hell they basically made the Speed Shoes last like 4 seconds and cut the oxygen limit (pre-countdown) underwater in half or even less. The Invincibility works perfectly fine, so it's like.. what?
  2. Tiller


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    It looks like they improved rolling so you actually gain speed and stay curled down ramps to an extent but then put in the Sonic 1 speed cap on when running for some reason. But none of the levels really do anything with it. Jumping looks to be about the same as Generations. Really baffling.
  3. RikohZX


    Also I found out the hard way to Give Up on an SOS mission ASAP if I'm trying to do a mission for a stage. It's not only a real pain in the ass to find whoever you're supposed to rescue (I've only managed to clear one SOS mission so far), but dying to any of the numerous instant death pits in the game instantly fails the SOS mission and boots you out to the world map screen instead of giving any options for retries or continuing the stage without the SOS. If you clear the stage and did mission conditions but didn't rescue the SOS? Also counts as a failure, your results don't count and you're also kicked out to the world map.

    Now I absolutely hate SOS missions but I still need to clear more if I want more parts.
  4. Chimera


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    Correct. The PC Port was handled by Hardlight. That particular instance could very well be referring to the development of the PC port rather than the base engine itself, however I would find it interesting that they would opt to work with Visual Studio 2015 for a late 2017 release--but again if it would just be easier to use an older version I guess there's no issue with that. The only reason I brought it up is because it's just interesting that they're using the 2015 Edition anyway when, if the game was developed back in ca. 2014, they'd be starting with an older compiler anyway. I digress though. It probably doesnt mean much other than VS2015 was used and I suspected they probably just upgraded mid-development or something, but... you never know :specialed: to be fair 2 years of dev time makes more sense to me than 4 but i digress.

    worth noting this is the only instance of the VS version number in the executable so its likely this WAS an artifact of Hardlight's port rather than the base game code.

    The more interesting part of this info is of course the "Wars" part. Internally the game IS called Sonic Wars, as theres roughly 280 instances of the string "Wars" in the .exe (in contrast to the ~150 references of "Forces").

    Also, funny enough...


    turns out some kind of scripting is embedded in the .exe

  5. Sable


    i like the song enough but honestly imperial tower seems a little overdone? like imagine if final rush was set to a sad pop song that was like "there's a cannon and it's going to murder everyone, the final battle has begun"
  6. RikohZX


    It feels like Sonic and the Avatar share a series of interchangeable "traits". When playing a Tag Team stage, your Avatar can double jump even if they're not a Bird because Sonic can double jump, and Sonic also gains mobility upgrades from the Avatar's Wispons like stopping on a dime or landing into max running speed.
  7. STHX


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    I really dislike the obvious padding they filled the game with if you're trying to go for 100%:

    - You can't find the numbered rings until you collect all 5 Red Rings in a stage
    - You can't find the silver moon rings until you succesfully collect the numbered rings in the correct order at least once. This means you have to complete a stage at least 3 times even if you do it perfectly each time
    - You have to clear at least 25 SOS missions (had to stop there because the bore was killing me but it may be even more) to unlock all avatar parts
    - You have to complete the character specific missions one at a time for each category even if you could easily clear them in a single run if (do a homing attack in a modern stage and clear the level, now kill 3 enemies in a homing attack chain and clear the level, and now do it again but kill 5 enemies instead. Repeat for every single move a character has, including every Wispon category)
    - Have to get a certain combined score for every single avatar species to unlock all body parts, 7 of them, and of course you can't borrow other people avatars from the SOS to help with that, you have to wait until you finish the game and then create 6 other avatars.
    - What even is the deal with SOS missions anyway? They're completely pointless and 2 out of 3 types have 0 changes in the stage

    At least if you only want the story you can ignore these parts, but seriously, could they have made the padding less obvious?
  8. RandomTBush


    It caps off at 30, but yeah, absolutely agree with you there.
  9. RikohZX


    Out of like, at least ten SOS missions I've only ever succeeded one or two, and that was by complete accident since I can't remember which one was which. I tend to slip up and fall in pits a lot, and that instantly drowns the mission attempt combined with the fact that I always seem to take the wrong path and thus never find animal capsules. It's really damn annoying.
  10. Aesculapius Piranha

    Aesculapius Piranha

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    I honestly don't mind challenges unlocking sequentially. Makes getting through the challenges a goal in and of itself. For me it has contributed to my enjoyment of the game, I think.
  11. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood


    I'm reminded of the hot dog missions in Unleashed.

    "Defeat 10 enemies and clear the stage!"
    "Defeat 15 enemies and clear the stage!"
    "Defeat 20 enemies and clear the stage!"

    You had to do each of the missions, and others including ring collection and time limits, one after the other, even though you might have reached the criteria for all nine missions at once. I don't get how you can defend that, personally. It's arbitrary and potentially making you complete the same stage and challenge several times. You should just be given a checklist of missions to clear.

    This kind of mission design isn't very good though regardless. It's just padding, rather than offering you any kind of new content. You aren't challenged to do anything different to a normal playthrough.
  12. minichapman


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    To be fair, when I first heard Ghost Town all I could hear in the first few notes was the Flintstones. Then I get to Casino Forest and all I could hear in the opening was the Inspector Gadget theme. If Silvagunner gets a hold of these tracks, I swear he'll have a field day with them.
  13. Chimpo


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  14. Yuzu


    I love how the music literally sounds like it's from Virtua Racing 32x.

    hands down only good thing about this game.

    scrap the rest :v:
  15. Sir_mihael


    Regarding the Bonus Edition DLC, am I being stupid or has SEGA cocked something up?

    I claimed my download code for the Avatar parts (Persona/Puyo etc) and got those no probs, but it didn't come with the Shadow Avatar parts that the same piece of paper claims you can get - it contradict itself on the same page by only showing pictures of the 5 SEGA bonus costumes... Is the code meant to give you all of it or was there meant to be a separate code for the Shadow costume?

    Keeping in mind Episode Shadow isn't yet available here on the Europe PSN store, so is that connected to the Avatar Costume pieces, like you have to beat Episode Shadow to unlock the rest of the bonus edition stuff?
    Edit: Sega Europe just tweeted this is fixed now. Sweet.

    Either the information is vague as fuck or something ain't so well oiled behind the scenes, or something's fucked up on my/Europe's PSN more than just Episode Shadow's delay.

    You know, I think the worst part of those missions is that the real challenge was simply just "Beat the level without Dying". which far overshadowed any other clear requirement for me. Beating Eggmanland for the first time without losing a life felt like I'd just won an Olympic gold. You deserved more than just a chilli-dog for that I swear.
  16. RikohZX


    Steam considers the Shadow Costume and SEGA Pack to be separate, so it may of been a flub-up on your retailer's part.
  17. Sir_mihael


    Yup, this was it. Just checked my e-mails today and sitting at the bottom of my inbox was a DLC code that Amazon UK had sent me for the costume. Man, that could've been easily overlooked amongst the usual Amazon spam!

    It would've been nice if the leaflet that came with the game emphasised that the distributors are responsible for that particular code, and not SEGA themselves. I was almost thinking I'd let a second slip of paper blow away or something.

    Ah well, panic over. One step closer to making Coldsteel a reality.
  18. TheKazeblade


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    I reviewed the game on youtube, should anyone be interested.
  19. Personally I think this was a missed opportunity to have a really edgy remix of 'Can you Feel the Sunshine' considering the circumstances...

    I hadn't looked into the challenges in much detail but that sounds like a ball ache... Guess all the achievements are still a ways off for me then! Although I will admit I am enjoying Forces more now I am going back for the Red Star Rings (and those other Mario-esque rings) and have turned off all the annoying chatter over the radio, but it's still a very middle of the road game.
  20. Murasaki Fox

    Murasaki Fox

    I liked the idea of the Avatar going into Forces, but I didn't expect the sappy "teamwork!" bits to be as fun as they are. I've had a lot more fun with my Avatar and certain stages than I expected I would.

    That said, the good bits are supported by extremely clunky gameplay and dull level design. I hope they don't abandon the idea entirely, but the Sonic formula really needs to be refined before it can be enjoyable.