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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Ugly kitten or cute kitten?
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    The most adorable kitten known to man. As an update, I've just discovered the final boss has a THIRD stage that is equally time consuming and horrible. This game reminds me of all the worst parts of sonic heroes.
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    Well, tons of Sonic games have similar staff. Nakamura was a big influence on 06. That doesn't make this game a direct sequel to that, does it?

    Ooookay, so why are you so surprised and angry that the people who want a certain experience from the game are unhappy that they didn't get that experience? If you're so annoyed by all this, why are you here? Just go to a forum more focused on the modern stuff. There's no hierarchy with this stuff, and anyone who thinks there is is just a pretentious knob.

    If you really think that the base controls of a platformer being terrible, which in Heroes, Shadow, and Secret Rings they totally are, is not a major issue, I honestly can't understand what you think makes a game bad. I mean, that was the biggest and most obvious issue with Sonic 06. If every set of mechanics in that game actually controlled well, people would totally like it more than Shadow the hedgehog, and without the kiss, might've even liked it more than Sonic Heroes.

    Also, Labyrinth is just a complete antithesis to what Sonic is about. It has no speed, and no platforming. It wouldn't have benefited from being longer, because it's not any fun to play.
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    Actually I gotta say, the more I play this the more I'm actually enjoying it. Maybe because I'm more used to the controls or the bite sized levels prevent me from ever getting to pissed off or whatever but I'm actually having fun. For what it's worth, getting the story out of the way and shutting off the in game chatter helped a fair amount. That was nice for my first play through but now that it's done I don't need to hear what they're talking about any time soon.

    Not saying one should have to get used to somewhat wonky controls, or that this is an objectively good game, but I'm enjoying myself. Again though I have to wonder why do they continue to resist online multiplayer? I would love to race against someone in this kind of game but nope, never an option.

    On another side note though, on the PS4 this is a very pretty game.

    Ok last thought. How the hell do you get Super Sonic? I'd figure by now some video or some evidence would be up but I haven't seen a thing. Seems kind of odd.
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    I had a couple days off so I've been all over this game. S Ranked everything, got all the red rings, and filled up all the Avatar slots.
    I played through the story with the blue bird (and pretty much used the Burst Wispon the whole time).
    I enjoyed myself, but there are definitely issues in how the characters control. Jumping rarely feels right, especially with Classic Sonic and the Avatars. Modern Sonic actually feels pretty good, but it's weird how his drift is gone (holding left/right in sections where it looks like Sonic ought to drift gets the job done though).
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    The first half of the game was alright to me, but the second half has fallen into the tedium of flying off the platforms and path into pits time and time again. With the story done I'm trying to S-Rank and complete EX stages, but every time the Avatar decides they want to have Lost World physics apply and zoom all over the place or barely jump at all, I die a little inside.
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    Well this is the first 3D Sonic game I've actually finished. :v: I honestly enjoyed it, and had fun customizing my avatar. All I have to do now is get all S ranks and collect all the red rings. I picked a cat, and also created a hedgehog that resembles Scourge, or at least the best I could have done. The second phase of the death egg robot can go fuck itself though.
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    I understand that SEGA have been pandering a lot recently.
    Mania was aimed at fans of the classic formula (Sonic 1 through Mania, not the jerry-rigged shit-pile of an attempt that generations and forces dumped on us) while Forces is obviously being aimed at people looking for a generic 3D platformer to scratch an itch, or fans that'll eat up any plate of garbage with the Sonic label on it.
    I assumed this going in and even that low expectation didn't prepare me for the sheer volume of garbage that ensued.

    Game is poorly optimised for PC; frequent crashes even after patch, FPS dips aplenty in a lot of levels. The fake sense of momentum that is so hard-coded it hurts. Massively hit and miss soundtrack, ranging from some 'okay' tracks (supporting me remix that is still not a touch on the original) to tracks that made me mute the game. (double boost, most avatar levels)

    Most level segments feel like they were made with the Smash Bros Brawl map maker in that they are literally just generic platform objects or solid blocks lined up next to each other with rings or hazards placed on top of them.
    The 'classic' Sonic levels were just horrific and clearly demonstrate that the PR interviews in which the development team were said to have taken 'notes' from Sonic Mania were full of shit. That, or they honestly don't know what separates Sonic Games from generic platformers such as Bubsy. The most notable mentions are the casino jungle area and the Chemical Plant Zone missions. In the CPZ mission for example there is a long downward ramp which helps you build up what you assume to be speed that'll carry you up the ramp at the bottom. What actually happens? You come to an immediate halt at the peak of the ramp, slide back down it, forcing you to spindash up it instead.

    Sudden bursts of acceleration that are implemented exclusively to mask the laughably inaccurate physics when running up and down ramps make precision platforming a lot god damn harder than it should be. (most noticeable in classic stages / avatar 2D sections)

    I'm not even sure what they've done to the Modern Sonic gameplay, it just feels like a more broken / finicky experience but I can't quite explain what they've changed that makes it so.

    Plot wise? I'm not against darker tones in Sonic titles. SA1 and SA2 aren't flawless examples of storytelling but they had a nice balance I feel; if in need of some of the fun that Mike Pollock brings to Eggman. (not that Deem Bristow did a bad job by any means) Forces on the other hand lacks any kind of substance. It's trying so hard to be gritty but not a single event carries any weight what-so-ever. "Sonic's been tortured for 6 months" - No signs of it. "Sonic's been captured" - Sonic is freed by the enemy. Just took the handcuffs right off. Supposedly minutes before they were allegedly going to shoot him into space.
    Infinite's power as a concept is just plain ridiculous and hilariously ambiguous. Why write up something that even from a fantasy story perspective would be near impossible to defeat if used correctly? Opening cutscene reveals not even Sonic can land a single hit. Not explained. Nor is it explained why then in later stages in the plot Mr.Avatar can land multiple hits and Sonic can also do the same despite supposedly being tortured on the Death Egg for six months. You can't have a serious gritty story-line and not have atleast some vague answers to these pretty crucial points.
    "It's okay guys, this fight is scripted so Infinite is vulnerable and has already promised not to play dirty."

    The disdain I have for this game knows no bounds; not even Mike Pollock's delivery saves this one.

    Honestly I didn't mean for this post to be as long as it is, and I do not wish to offend anyone despite perhaps how some of the strong wording might come across but this is the lowest opinion I've had of a Sonic game since 06. It's severely pissed me off.
    I don't think it's even half as good as Generations and honestly I think Generations was slightly over-rated.
    If you enjoy the game, more power to you; I just can't.
    This game's left me feeling like Mania didn't happen. And that's horrible. That 3 month time window where it felt like the franchise was finally going in the right direction and had passionate people that understand what makes true Sonic Games great working on it, just seems to have vanished.


    Thankfully I barely touched the avatar editor, stuck to main missions and managed to finish the game around the two hour - two and a half hour mark so my request for a refund through steam has been accepted.
  10. Come on Sega, just do me a solid and release the tracklists for the albums plzzzz
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    Ok seriously, does anyone know what the deal with Super Sonic is? The patch said he was added in, right? I've gotten all S Ranks, All Red, Number and Moon Rings, even for Episode Shadow, and nothing.

    And while someone's at it, explain to me why I did this because I honestly really didn't like this game very much. :v:
  12. If I remember correctly, the patch only said that they implemented support for Shadow and Super Sonic DLC, not the actual content itself.
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    Sonic Forces Me To Get An Amazon Refund.

    I'm serious. Amazon allowed me to refund the game opened as a "special exception". :v:
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    Well I just beat the game in the same day I bought it. Not often I get to say that about a modern anything game. but I just couldn't stop. Now if only the credits would. (can we please stop giving credit to those who had nothing to do with working on the game? We don't need the Complete Company staff listing! Mania is a big offender of the unnecessary credits problem)
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    Mania's credits could be skipped at least.
    Forces' credits cannot, and have an after-credits scene anyway.
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    Can I say Mania is just as bad since I didn't know you could skip the credits?
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    It could be they're still making it. I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.
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    This survey comes with the PS4 copy of the game. Please take it and let your voice be heard.
    In the second half they ask you to write your thoughts on Sonic Forces. In the last part they ask you to write whatever you want to let them know.
    It's our chance to give them some feedback, other than voting with our wallets.

    Wew, I can't believe I actually skipped this game, but I'm glad I did. It's the first time since I can remember, but I am not gonna support this mess.
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    Leftover compiler strings in the executable shoe that the game was compiled with Visual Studio 2015. (ignore highlighted word)


    This means either the IDE was updated halfway through development or the 4 years claim is bullshit lol

    bringing up cuz this applies to all reviewers: read between the lines guys lol.

    His reasonings for liking/not liking the gsmes he talks about are usually clearly explained and he often admits hes not in the majority when it comes to sonic. He liked 4 because hes not super into the physics being on point, and to him it was just a nice return to form with some mindless BS. Meanwhile Colors was overtly gimmicky and I don't think anyone can agrue with that; he just happened to not like the gimmicks. Well shit. Guess that means he's not a fan of, well, the entirety of the game, huh?

    I don't see where the "contrarian" shit comes from outside of "its contrary to what i think so fuck you." yeah its hard to think someone would legitimately look at both games and say the broken mess is better than the better-3d-game-in-some-years, but it depends on what said reviewer is looking for out of a game. I'll be hoenst, replaying Colors I found the bad parts to be pretty fucking bad, even if I loved the game when it came out. I can ABSOLUTELY see how someone who wasnt in love with the mechanics would get pissed off with the game as a whole. I don't see the same way but I at least *get* it. Likewise I can see how Sonic 4 would feel like a fun romp to less involved fans, but as Jim pointed out in his Mania review, the game really doesnt deserve the name "sonic 4" by comparison, a statement I'm sure many people here would agree with even if it came from someone who said a game they liked was only average at best :p

    Basically, take their perspective with your own. If their perspective is a counter to yours and you don't like that, fine, listen to people that validate your opinion. They exist all over this site I'm sure. But I don't see how a consistent viewpoint--the most important aspect of a critic imo--can affect one's "credibility" just because their reasoning seems like something you don't agree with. You don't agree! THATS FINE. Its not someone trying to be cool for clicks, and in Sterlings case thats especially not true since the only way he's getting any income is from his fans who donate to him of Patreon; he literally makes his show ad free because he doesnt like traditional games media and prefers to not indulge in the same adsense bullshit and say what he actuslly feels.. Ya know, like a critic. lol.

    I know it was mainly Overlord saying that but this applies to everyone calling fowl also i feel like if i @'d him id get my ass banned lmao

    With that, tbh, if people get dumbfounded at Forces getting any rating over a 5 or something, I don't personally see any reason to get all uppity about it. I mean, they LIKED the thing. Wow. I wish I could like this pile of garbage. I can't, because it oozes laziness, but it'd be nice if I could like this videogame. Even so, people whove been discussing the game past "its awesome" for some reason have all said their oiece about something that bugged them. General consensus is that this is **not** a great game... But also that it's not the worst thing ever, and affer playing I find it hard to argue with that. Hell even the guy being discussed earlier, who said he liked the game, couldnt even joke about "scoring" it an "S" rank, as much as a "C+." Thats probably far too; Forces is disappointing as *hell* but the series' low points have been so low its hard to match that.

    Personally, since it HAS been matched as early as 2014, I felt this was SEGA's chance to clean up their act after the "Second Impact," but the fact it feels so phoned in and reaks of 1-2 years of actual dev time for what was a hotly anticipated title just feels like a cheap move in every regsrd. Telling sonic team / sega "yes this is good" would only ensure the the series stays in mediocraty. I wouldnt want that out of the series, so Im just gonna distsnce myself. This iss whats basically an overproduced $10 game thats supremely overselling itself, so familysharing to try it out was probably the right idea. That's all MY desicion, and I hope anyone else who feels about the game like I do would take the same action... If you don't like it don't buy that shit.

    But also don't knock down people who legitimately like the thing lol thats just being a dick.

    I implore my friends to think critically but theres a definite market for cringe comedy and some people don't care too much about gameplay being "engaging." I'm sure people like that would get a kick out of this game, or anyone for any reason.

    So like idk hopefully we can stop ragging on people for thinking differently and just ask why instead of going "lmao idiot."

    ...ah fuck it. game sucks and defenders should be ashamed :^)))))))) </kappa>
  20. Mastered Realm

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    This also confirms the working title was Sonic Wars.