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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Sigh, I've already mentioned I'm not buying the game but FUCK!

    The avatar level design reminds me of Sonic Heroes except really lazy and lacking of level gimmicks and branching paths. And the whisp-ons (which sounds eerily close to a sex toy) suck. What happened to the good old days of Shadow the Hedgehog where you had actual guns, swords, and enemies actually attacked you.

    Also, is it me or is Sonic's boost way nerfed now? It looks slower than Generations.
  2. Iggy for Short

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    To my knowledge, it takes an entire ten seconds for the manual shutdown to kick in, so maybe he just didn't hold down the power button long enough?

    ...and not to defend Forces, but I did once encounter a very similar (if not the same) bug when playing Breath of the Wild months ago (which is how I discovered the manual shutdown in the first place), so I'm not sure the demo had anything to do with this.
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    I don't think I've been so excited to see a game crash and burn as this. Really hoping sales also manage to tank, so that SEGA will be forced to do a 180 right away from everything that they've attempted with this game.
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    Oh lordy. Been playing the demo on and off all day. So uh, positives...

    I like the Arc Sonic has when boosting in the air now. It's surprisingly comfortable. Roger is finally nailing his delivery. Game is pretty.


    That's... All I got. :v:
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    So I went back to the Sonic Forces Himself To The Center YouTube video, and was just looking through comments out of curiosity..

    I came across this reply comment by GuyWithThePie. This comment pretty much sums up my thoughts on Sonic Forces' gameplay and level design wonderfully:

  6. Amnimator


    Downloaded the JP PSN Demo. I know this game has Xbox One X improvements such as HDR, but the PS4 doesn't ask to run in HDR mode in the demo. Not sure if that carries over to the full game, or it's just a thing in the demo. Haven't really played it yet, but if they wanted to hype it up before release, why not release Episode Shadow as the game's demo? It's an extra prequel that was set to be released free after all.

    EDIT: Played it. It's surprisingly not as bad as people here make it out to be. Think Sonic Colors with more automation. Likely the worst of the boost games, but still not into bad territory. Wouldn't want to play these levels much more than a few times though, compared to Unleashed where I replayed much of the levels many times over because of the Time Trial fun its level design gives. Physics feels off and "stop and go", but Lost World is still much weirder in comparison. The demo's worth a shot. Really wasn't expecting it to be "not bad". The thing is, I'm not sure "not bad" is good enough for most. The critique people gave in this thread is really the difference between "not bad" and "pretty good".

    In terms of player control, Sonic controls really well in slower speeds, controls horribly in higher speeds. This is because of the sharper turn radius, and the developers opted for more automation in an attempt to cover it up. You really notice when the game's not trying to push you towards the spline path, you'll start to crash into walls. Automated transitions are a large portion of the stage. The stage would normally be around 1:15 to beat, but the demo cuts you off 15 seconds short. Also, there's the quick step, but drifting is gone.
    Avatar felt very stop and go, his navigation is about his grappling hook (more or less homing attack) more than anything else. His whip felt very janky to use; boosts your speed immensely, then goes straight to 0. He really could have benefited from more items that aid navigation.

    Demo doesn't seem to benefit from PS4 Pro, but they confirmed PS4 Pro support... Guessing we'll see that in the full game.

    ...I still stand by releasing Episode Shadow instead being a better marketing move than the demo :V
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    Hits a sweet spot for me. But man, the title screen-music is the most awful thing I've ever heard. And the button configuration takes some time getting used to. I wish it was more open level-wise.
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    If there is one thing I like about Forces is that it looks glitchy so far (on top of the extremely linear paths, automated gameplay, the complete lack of a competent physics system and it being a boring experience overall).
    If reviewers find out about it, it's gonna bomb critically, and it's just what this game needs.
    It may mean there's gonna be a fresh start for Sonic, and that's just what we need.
    They need to rethink their design philosophy. Completely.
  9. Mastered Realm

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    He actually didn't hold down for long enough, yeah. Problem solved.
  10. rebelcheese


    I think that Forces was kind of meant to bring this era of Sonic to an end and transition to a new one, like Sonic Adventure transitioned Sonic from the Genesis era to the Adventure one, or Unleashed transitioned Sonic from Adventure to the current era.

    However, I don't think Sega intended this era of Sonic to go out with a whimper which this game sure as hell looks like it will.

    If Forces is a garbage fire and doesn't sell, I see some big changes coming down for future entries, and probably another voice cast change. Sega has gone to San Francisco, NY, and LA so far, time to give Dallas or Vancouver their shots I guess lol.
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    There is a new trailer...
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    If so, that's awkward since that's exactly what Lost World was meant to do. Put the prior style to rest and introduce a new era. Source link is down, but this thread has the quote.
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    So, still no new info... guess it's kinda useless to ask for that so close to release...
    I have to say I'm not satisfied with the way the game has been marketed so far. There's only so many trailers you can do with Park Avenue and Green Hill zone :colbert:

    Oh well, I'll have to wait for the demo to hit the Xbox store to finally be able to play the worst Sonic game ever made
  14. okay

    I really don't want to come off as defending Sonic Forces

    but you're getting way too wrapped up in the anti-hype if you legitimately think this is going to be the worst Sonic game ever made

    in a franchise where we have shit like '06 and the GBA port of Sonic 1
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    Guys I figured it out. The simplistic gameplay, the create your own character, the Hooters cross promotion. It can only mean one thing.

    This game is fur bait that allows you to play the game with one hand so you can use the other hand for naughty things :v:
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    To paraphrase Bartman on the Sonic Retro Discord: People will go nuts over a "terrible reviewer" who doesn't understand a particular concept in a game, but will take unverified tweets like this one as gospel.

    I encountered the exact same issue a while back with BotW. It's an OS problem; the OS doesn't recognize that the program has stopped responding for some reason. Hence, the solution:
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    I played the demo and, well... Whew.
    I expected mediocrity and was still massively let down.
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    Forces will never be able to defeat the memetic badness that was Sonic '06.
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    Guys it was a joke because everybody here is so negative toward it
    I'm probably the dude that's the most hyped about the game here, I pre-ordered it on amazon and paid for fast delivery and everything
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    This may not be the worst Sonic game ever made but the franchise deserves much better than this crap.

    ...or does it? Maybe it's about time the 3D series be laid to rest once and for all?