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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Sir_mihael


    Nah, the worst timeline will be when Forces gets a sequel and Mania doesn't. The Forces sequel will of course feature Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone again.

    Then years later when we think the worst is over, Iizuka will finally come out on stage and announce the sequel everyone has been ACTUALLY waiting for - the curtains draw back as 'SONIC 4: EPISODE III' shines on screen, featuring all new stages that totally do not resemble Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone *WINK*
  2. Sonikko


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    This may be the good timeline, 'cause if Forces bombs maybe they'll understand that boost isn't exactly working and give us something actually decent?
    A man can dream.
  3. Iggy for Short

    Iggy for Short

    That's the sort of thing I'm worried about. I don't want SEGA's lesson from this game's potential failure to be "boost is bad" when that's the least of the game's problems.
  4. Chaos Rush

    Chaos Rush

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    This is like Sonic Team's own Sonic fangame lmao
  5. Retroman


    I thought this is the timeline where Sonic dies and Eggman wins.

    But that's just a theory.

    A Game Theo*Shot*


    They already mentione Chemical plant in a promo during E3 in character dialogue, so I knew it was coming. Makes me wonder if Iizuka mandated it and Green Hill appear in Mania as part of the tie-in for some insane reason.

    I'd totally be okay with more classic stages remade generations style if they weren't already in Mania (Generations style Mystic cave would be fun), but that's clearly not what they're doing here, so it's just sad again.

    Now we need a mania 2 more than ever, lest this game ruin poor Sonic again.
  7. MontiP


    PLOT TWIST: Sonic 4 Episode III does better than Forces :specialed:
  8. Crimson Neo

    Crimson Neo

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    At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if even Speed Highway are in this game, but... "ruined".
  9. So, Generations was straight remakes, and Forces is remakes getting mixed together. I suppose it's not Generations 2 if it's not just remaking more old levels. Eh, I guess it works as a time-killer at any rate.

    My big question is, will Forces be the new engine that we do level mods with, or do we stick with Generations? I'm going to laugh if they spent all this time talking about their new engine for the game, and we end up with a reverse Unleashed Project that fully back-ports all of the levels perfectly into Generations. Maybe we'll get REALLY lucky, and it'll be so close to Generations engine-wise that we can essentially just transfer all of the gimmicks in Generations into the engine in Forces, and enjoy the game as more of a resource pack for level mods instead of a new game. (I'm a little sad that Lost World modding didn't seem to take off like Generations did. I still think that the parkour system had potential if it wasn't for the crap level design.)
  10. SuperSnoopy


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    Chemical Plant being in the game is poopy, even I can't defend that (and I'm a Forces fanboy :v: ), but let's be clear for a second.
    Sonic Forces is NOT reusing assets from Generations. Both Flat Green Hill and Chemical Plant look different from generations. Not drastically (no, not drastically :rolleyes: ... ), but they're technically not reusing the same assets : Take a look at the models and textures; they look slightly different (I haven't check Casino Forest thought, so I don't know about this zone)

    You want to know a Sonic game that reuse assets ? Sonic Mania.
    It hurt me to say that because I fucking love this game, and I don't care about reusing things from games to games, but since apparently this is a capital sin, why isn't this game getting shat on for that ?
    Don't tell me it's because they had limited time and budget : they went trough every sprites and updated the shading, and all the background were redone.

    Again, I don't think this game shouldn't be criticized, but saying they're reusing assets from Generations is simply not true.
    It still fucking sucks that they're bringing CP zone again thought... are they're trying to make it a regular zone, just like green hill ?
  11. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

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  12. SuperSnoopy


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    Every time I try to defend this game I end up looking like an idiot. Goddammit Sonic Team, you're not helping my case

    For my defense I only assumed that Green Hill zone wasn't reusing asset, the only zone I checked was Chemical Plant. Maybe this one isn't reusing texture.... ?
  13. Laura


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    I think Forces is the most boring Sonic game ever. I was hyped for Gens and Mania. Curious about Sonic 4. Even interested in Heroes, Shadow and 06 before their release.

    This is just pure boredom. Sonic Team clearly give no fucks at this point.
  14. ^ No. It cant be more boring than Lost World. But then again that was playing it...

    Its nigh on impossible for me to say much beyond "I'm gonna get it!"

    The level design just looks so bland from what I've seen. Granted I don't want them to spoil too much but still there hasnt been anything on the scale of Sky Sanctuary Gens. I really hope there are multiple acts for a zone. I'm talking about more than one stage for Mod Sonic and Class Sonic. Avatar I can take or leave for content.

    Everyone talking about Chemical Plant got me confused. The colours are different and its at a different time of the day! So thats a thing. Right?
  15. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    I've considered high budget fan games every single release since Adventure 2, and I leave SA1 out just because I can forgive a first try and it at least tried to work a bit (just a bit) like classics. But Forces looks like a VERY BAD fan game.
  16. Atendega


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    This is such an insane, ridiculous statement that it made me laugh.

    Like, criticize the game, criticize any game, but use actual criticism, please. You can't really contribute valuably to a conversation about a game's issues by just pulling inane complaints out of your ass.
  17. Lilly


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    This statement kind of reads like a backhanded criticism to both Sonic Team and fan games in general? I can tell that wasn't your intent, but it does imply you're saying the official releases are somehow bad specifically for imitating fan games, when fan games have shown multiple times to measure up in passion and inspiration. (Regardless of their "budget")

    If you have to knock on Forces, you'll need to be more specific than say, comparing apples to CNC machines. Commercial and fan-made games, and how and why they're developed, couldn't be more different from each other. Tell us why you think it's bad, without stopping at an unfair comparison.
  18. Laura


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    If someone were to call it a fangame, I think that would be on the fact it looks like it's on a low budget. And Forces does look on a tight budget. But it also looks tacky, and to be honest, ugly. In a way that some fangames don't.
  19. Sparks


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    It's funny how Mania reshades/reuses assets from the original games by the truckload, but it looks way more tasteful and fun to figure out what came from where than the way assets are reused in Forces.
  20. S0LV0


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    Do you really think you have a leg to stand on when every post you've made in this thread amounts to "omg I'm so unironically hyped :specialed:"