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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. 1. how many of you guys got to play a demo? At E3 i got in a quick avatar park avenue with cheis redwolf and his whip of 1,000 volts. So i got to experience how the avatar controls if only for a quick 2 minutes.

    2. I think a lot of you guys are too quick to be unconvinced. Hell mania was met with "garbage fan game. Pass" then it came out and everyone went "holy shit! This is the best thing since clothes became popular!" before i get hit with "mania is perfect! Everyone loves it! Have a search through metacritic

    3. If you have such low expectations, the lot of you are aware that can negatively impact your experience y'know? If i have low expectations before i play Sonic 2 on ds, ill have this disgusting mindset of "i don't expect to be amazed or find any enjoyment"
    don't be toxicly positive (though that IS CLEARLY NOT an issue here!) either because the 1ST time you're caught off guard "oops there goes my excitement, now I'm aggravated" rahrahrah. Open mindedness: that is why i got mania (i grew up with heroes sue me)

    :v: oh boy can't wait to be crucified... again
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    I'm iffy on the game. But I honestly need to see something more involved with the level design for Modern Sonic. I don't think it'll be bad at all, surely be a step up from Lost World. Hoping the Modern Green Hill we saw that snippet of is more focused on reaction and multiple paths.

    My issue with the game right now. Sonic has no moves honestly to do other things besides boost and homing attack and slide now. If they took away drift and light dash he's more gimped now in terms of what they can do for paths. I guess that's due to them going more Colors level design direction then Unleashed/Gens. Though I never really enjoyed Colors for replayability compared to Unleashed and Gens due to the movesets.
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    One thing that seems apparent is most of the gameplay we've seen is extremely basic. Like the episode Shadow footage is obviously just a WIP / test level, and the demo stuff that's been available isn't very in-depth. I know people are getting discouraged but I think there's much more to the stages and gameplay than what we've seen.

    the avatar gameplay is pertty wonky though not gonna lie
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    Maybe on the True Sonic Spirit channel or Sonic Adventure 3 page. The Mania thread isn't far, I promise. Go look at how that was initially received around here. Spoiler: + - FUKKEN HYPE  

    You could also look through the Sonic 4 threads if you want to see how good the pedants around here are at smelling shit when it's placed squarely in front of them.

    I won't sue you, but I'll say that it explains your rock bottom standards and dogmatic optimism.
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    No it wasn't. Even the harsh criticism on it revolves around it not pushing the boundaries established on the classic games/rerashing zones or even people complaining about the questionable bossess. But, with Forces we have multiple sources confirming:

    Worse physics than Generations

    Bad Visuals (especially visible on Sunset Heights buildings)

    Abysmal experience on Nintendo Switch

    Extremely raw/broken/overpowered Avatar gameplay with the 'classes' being almost entirely cosmetic

    Automation present everywhere.

    We're two months away from release and they didn't provide any evidence suggesting they're not accurate points.
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    I suppose the main fault here is that, from a purely technical standpoint, there is nothing here that couldn't be done on the Xbox360 or PS3. Unless someone would like to point out something here that requires the added horsepower of the PS4 or Xbone, I remain unimpressed which is sad because at least the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy has 4K textures with a complementing artstyle.

    I mean, if they aren't going to anything spectacular or new, you could at least look decent.
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    Honestly I might just get it on the switch to see how big of a train wreck it is. For $40 is not that big of an investment and knowing how short the game will be I could always ask for a refund.
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    I get what you're saying here, but you can only take so much disappointment after looking forward to a new Sonic game until you begin looking at each subsequent game with skepticism.

    Like I said before, I think this game has promise if they tighten up some of the issues that've been uncovered. But as it stands now I feel it's only worth checking out just to see what's up with Infinite.
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    I got to play the demo at SDCC, and I agree with most of what the Stadium wrote. Especially the Avatar character. That's honestly what left the biggest bad taste on me from the demo.

    Yes, it's not as bad as fishing or treasure hunting but I'm not sure why Sonic Team doesn't realize that adding weapon/combat based gameplay hinders Sonic's gameplay, classic or modern.

    I've been saying this since Unleashed, but it's almost as if they get these ideas for other new games and are forced to use them for Sonic games (kind of like Fifth Phantom saga being watered down for Silver's gameplay in 06.)

    They should've just stuck on being a real Sonic Generations 2 and just focused on Classic and Modern Sonic tbh. All the time and effort spent on the avatar could've been used on making more levels or just making stuff like Episode Shadow.
  10. Always had thoughts about skipping this game but that Stadium post has scared me away because holy moly does it sound like garbage. A game this automated? The fact that barely anything happens when you fail the Double Boost prompt is just astonishing too, and the speed graphs in that areas demonstrate a lot about how bad this game apparently handles momentum.

    The idea of jump physics randomly being heavier or lighter too is just.....what? All of this sounds less than mediocre, it goes into outright awful sounding from the looks of things. At least SEGA had the decency to have people release an actual quality Sonic game this year. Like I just can't fathom how they made it control worse (seemingly) than every other boost game made? Just mindblowing.
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    I'd say they should have not bothered with Classic at all, since the Mania team's shown that they can do that kind of gameplay much better than Sonic Team. Even if Mania wasn't pitched until after Forces was in development, they were still able to build a classic-accurate physics engine from scratch, and the game it was in was officially released well before Forces' alleged development beginnings.

    The Boost gameplay really needs to be refined so that it can stand on its own. Sonic Team can't be so creatively bankrupt that they've just hit a wall and can't think of any way to make the gameplay worthwhile by itself, that they need some crutch to pad the game and justify a full retail price tag. Hopefully Mania will remind them that more playable characters isn't inherently dangerous, that they have to just not snort 50 lines of cocaine during the game's planning stage, and that it can make for a clean, simple, and safe way to literally multiply a game's content.
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    I agree that they shouldn't have bothered with Classic Sonic. But my point was that I would take more of Classic than whatever they're trying to do with the avatar character.
  13. Someone in the team needs to get fired. Whoever is consistently making all these bad decisions. The modern teams desperately need a leader who knows what the fuck he is doing.

    I feel for modern fans, the bar has been low for many years now.
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    I can see people being fired if this game fails, especially considering how well Mania did.

    A team of indie developers kicking the crap out of the efforts of Sonic Team proper at a smaller budget is not a good look for them.
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    I've still really liked enough of what I've seen from this game. I'm going to reserve judgement until I can actually play the damned thing.

    That Stadium article is pretty damning, but I'm surprised so many people are taking it as gospel.
  16. Acceptance of any article bashing forces, refusal to acknowledge that mania had detractors,comparisons to mario,judging a product too early,saying slope physica make sonic game,most of you are over 20...
    It all makes stupid sense now.

    I may have grown up with heroes but at least i can enjoy the classic stuff.

    Atendega you have no idea how refreshing that is to hear.
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    Nobody refused to acknowledge that Mania had detractors. We said there wasn't much of that on this site.

    As for everything else... this is Sonic Retro. You do understand what "retro" means, right? It's a site dedicated primarily to the original Mega Drive games, and you're surprised it's full of people who like the original Mega Drive games.
  18. Honestly the article just highlights the fact that the Avatar is probably going to be the worst character to actually play as, if the gameplay videos and the description given about it here are to be taken seriously. It appears to control just like Boost Sonic without the boost mechanic, except the level design wants you to not go too too fast and also it wants you to platform, two things that Boost Sonic does not excel at to any substantial level. The fact that the grappling hook is as boring as it is is also disappointing because something like that could've really fleshed out the Avatar's moveset and probably added a ton of fun gameplay elements that would've at least made up for the fact that it very likely does not handle very well.

    Of all the things I've read in that article, I think the most I can draw is that the Avatar appears to be something that is definitely holding this game back, and I think it's going to be very obviously the weakest link come release day. I could be wrong but it just really seems like it at the moment. Nobody's really gushed about how fun the Avatar is.
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    @Xenomon: Calm down you. No, Mania's not perfect. Yes, maybe the article was a bit over inflated in its criticism. Sorry we're not blown away from the same 2 tutorial zones being showed off for months now, but when all we see are basic line zones and Green Hill not even 3 months after we just played it for the 10th time, it's kind of hard to get excited. It's not like we haven't seen the levels mentioned in the article, various playthroughs of them have been put up online. And I loved Generations, I liked Unleashed and Colors, and hell I even found some enjoyment out of Lost World WiiU/PC (Not the 3DS version. Sold that and haven't looked back), so my concern isn't just "modern bashing"

    At least speaking for myself, I said I wouldn't preorder it and I would evaluate it once I've seen some playthroughs. Also at this point this isn't really early to judge a product. It comes out in less than 2 months and it's very likely 90% complete at this point. Now is the time for bug fixes and little tweaks here and there, but the meat of the game has already been settled.

    Also you're glowing compliment/defense of the game is "ehhh it looks playable" isn't exactly a good thing. Compare the articles and complaints addressed with Mania about 2 months before that game came out vs the articles and complaints addressed with this game now. Mania had glowing praise from those who played it and the biggest complaints were plumbing in Flying Battery Zone and Tails' ridiculous face when carrying Sonic (both of which were fixed). This game is much more of a mixed bag, mostly ranging from it's ok to what the hell is this. And that Stadium article was not the first one to say the game was bad, it also wasn't the first one to say that the Switch version is technical garbage.
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    Never in my 27 year life have I seen this used as a reason to discount peoples opinion on a video game.