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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. ICEknight


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    I love Classic Sonic as much as any and then some more, but I just hope the whole game isn't "dark and edgy" as the trailer suggests.

    There was one level like that in Generations and even then it was treated as a bit of a joke during Classic's walkthrough, so that he wouldn't feel out of place.

    Isn't there something kinda off about his 3D model, by the way?
  2. TimmiT


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    Because A: we're already getting Classic Sonic in Sonic Mania, so he kinda feels unnecessary here and B: this looks like a return to Sonic being dark and serious.
  3. Candescence


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    Generations was decent, but only just, and Generations took the boost gameplay as far as it could possibly go. Generations 2 would just be more of the same.

    Plus the generic dark epic nonsense is back.
  4. Blugenesi(Jarty)


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    At first I honestly did think it was generations 2. And I loved seeing Classic Sonic again. This is more then likely be a game VERY similar to Generations, and I'm cool with it. Generations is the best modern Sonic game, and with Lost world and Boom being..... less then what fans wanted, it only makes sense for them to go to what worked and expanded on it. I did think the full reveal was going to be SA1 remade, but this is probably the better move.
  5. Ashura96


    Seems like they've taken a page out of SatAM with the darkness tone.

    Wonder how it came to get so dark in the game story...
  6. Turbohog


    For me (and I'm guessing many others) I just strongly prefer the Genesis physics and the Genesis level design. Sure, classic Sonic in generations was fun and the levels were okay, but I never got anywhere near the amount of enjoyment from the classic Sonic levels in generations as I did in the classics.

    Anyway, overall I am happy. It's a safe step, but I think they can make a solid game out of it.
  7. JcFerggy


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    I fully understand why the game direction looks like how it is currently, and I want to call it right now this is how the story will play out.

    Right now when people are asked about their best sonic memories, a bunch of people must be saying the old SatAM cartoon. Like look at those giant ass robots destroying a city, gives me the same vibes. But Sonic looks pissed. Having an attitude doesn't always mean you are cool with whatever. And this is rooftop run! A place he has fond memories of. And the trailer text, talking about joining the Resistance, and the world needing a Hero. Total Freedom Fighter, but I doubt they would go Sally far, that wouldnt make sense :/

    I think Sega is getting burned on the Nostalgia of Sonic. The newer fans that would be really nostalgic currently would have played the Adventure games. It's more of an American audience's look, and not the fun simple Jap Sonic we have been getting since Lost World. The Boom cartoon showed them the audience wants an attitude. I hope they don't go full Shadow or 06, it seems the game might take a darker direction.

    Maybe the Time Eater is loose in time, and he starts DBZ Xenoverse'ing old Sonic levels and bosses causing mass destruction. If will be up to Classic, Modern, and sadly but likely Boom to fix familiar but modified classic favorite levels. Who knows, maybe we will get an even distribution of tropes this time, I'd really like an Ice Cap S3xSA remix.

    I could be totally off here, but this is how I see it going, and if it is done well, it will be amazing. Playing a game with the same tone as the SatAM feel, with the Generations styled gameplay, and new Gen graphics and lighting.

    Icing on the cake would be Steam Workshop integration on PC.
  8. Turbohog


    I swear if they put boom Sonic in this game, I will be so mad.

    I don't see them taking the story to be as "dark" as Shadow or 06, but I wouldn't mind a story that is about as "serious" as Sonic Adventure.
  9. darylbaxter


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    'Join the resistance' just reminds me of SATAM.

    SATAM Robotnik with the voice if possible?
  10. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    Adventure 1 was the closest we got to a good balance between comedic and serious scenes. It'd be great if we could get that here.
  11. S0LV0


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    I'd argue Unleashed fits that bill, personally. You had the "dark" setup with the world being split apart, but then the environments were lighthearted flanderizations of real life locations and the cutscenes were reasonably goofy without being in-your-face.

    It is called Sonic World Adventure for a reason I suppose...
  12. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    I have a feeling this involves some sort of time travel shenanigans. I really don't see how they'd build an interesting level roster out of some post-apocalyptic Sonic world, and I don't see how Eggman could've ran rampant for so long without something like that being involved.

    Hopefully we don't have to wait too long to get some more actual details of what this is gonna be.

    Being realistic from a development standpoint I find the concept way too thin to get varied level tropes out of it and I don't believe it's the only theme in the game.
  13. Willie


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    I'm personally excited about this game. Some people are annoyed that the storyline looks darker than some of the recent games, but if it's pulled off well, I don't have a problem with that. Some of the recent games had pretty underwhelming storylines. It'd prefer a plot that had a lot of effort put into it.
  14. Blaxer


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    For some reason, This is giving me the feels of sonic underground all over. trailer looks interesting for the most part.
  15. Lol. The only thing missing from the trailer was a princess to match another serious CG trailer.

    Shame about the classic sections, I'm against the grain and enjoyed the modern / boost to win more so than the classic sections on generations.

    Oh well. Better than another Boom title. Maybe they'll sweep that franchise under the bed like the storybook series.

    It'll be pretty good though. Not as good as Mania, but until we get the gimmick, we're in full "original" Sonic Cycle times once again. Rather than skipping to the part where the fans go "oh gosh stop".
  16. JcFerggy


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    One more thing I hope this game has is the Classic styled level after level mode like the Egg Bus from Colors. I just want a way to play level after level like the classics.
  17. Lilly


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    Seconding all of this. There isn't enough information to go on right now, and judging by past games, this wouldn't be the only theme in the game. And like S0LV0 said, even if it has its darkness, that wouldn't stop 90% of the game from being lighthearted.

    While I'd agree that at first glance, this implies a dark tone, I'm holding back those thoughts until we see screenshots and videos of the thing. I liked what they had going in Unleashed, and this could be the same deal; they had a planet-tearing monster with none of the apocalyptic baggage '06 had.
  18. Harmony Friends

    Harmony Friends

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    I can understand a little bit of the cynicism about the tone, I guess? But I don't think it can possibly be TOO over the top dark with that Classic Sonic design in it. Look at that smile.


    It's adorable.

    Gameplay-wise, though? I think it's fantastic news. Sega's been stuck in a "reinventing Sonic" loop for a long time now and Unleashed->Generations looked like it was finally the promising start of a new foundation for the series. It's not perfect by any means but, like, you know, they can build on it! They can refine it and make it better. Lost World and Boom have had a lot of people uneasy about the future direction of the franchise. I think Boom was never an indicator due to its farmed-out licensed-cartoon-cash-in nature, but Lost World maybe? I've been holding out hope that based on the internal team structure of Sonic Team that that was an offshoot too and that there was still a chance that they would continue to refine the Unleashederations gameplay style and LO AND BEHOLD! I can't overstate how excited this makes me, so yeah, cynicism seems odd, I dunno.

    I mean

    not Sonic Mania level excited or anything

    but you know

  19. plushifoxed


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    honestly? as long as it doesn't play anything like Lost World, it should be pretty much fine
    I recently went back and replayed Colors, and man, that game somehow manages to hold up 6 years down the line

    I just hope they tune up the modern-style 2D gameplay somewhat, it's always been kinda too floaty and imprecise (half of aquarium park comes to mind)
    or maybe modern and classic will tag out for 2D segments? that'd be a good way of handling that I think, and it'd probably deal with the persistent 3D-in-2D glitches

    I wouldn't say I'm *hyped* exactly, but I'm interested at least! which is more than I can say for Sonic stuff since, uh...Runners came out? and before that since Generations
    congration Sonic Team, you done it
  20. Zephyr


    There's literally no reason to be upset about this. We've had half a decade of ultra light hearted mainline games. The "dark" tone is somewhat of a breath of fresh air (and not even an overwhelmingly powerful one either: someone already pointed out classic Sonic being there).

    Sonic Mania's a thing, so we already have our perfect classic Sonic. This one being slightly sub par is more than acceptable. Much more acceptable than it was back in Generations, and even then it was mostly fine.

    Plus, this is the one 3D gameplay style that's been consistently solid. They've made all the right choices this year, with both Mania and this game. I'm fucking excited for Sonic for the first time in almost a decade!