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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Sir_mihael


    Nice that we're getting something to mix the game up even more than just being 'Generations 2.0', even if it's just a side-mission.
    Also interesting that Sonic 4 Ep II's concept of 'EPISODE <CHARACTER>' mini-prequel story is rearing it's head up again. That being said, I can't complain as I did enjoy Ep Metal more than actual S4 ;)
  2. Atendega


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    Honestly, I think the level looked really fun and pretty well designed. Yes, it's more in the vein of a challenge level from Generations, but I honestly enjoyed those. + - Also, anyone who doesn't think this game's music is fucking eargasmic should probably get their ears cleaned. Or their brain replaced :>  
  3. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Not a huge fan of that level design (first time I saw it I thought the video looped or something, only to realize that Shadow was in a section that was a duplicate of one less than 25 seconds ago), but Shadow just looks fun to play as. I think it's a great way to give another character Sonic's playstyle while tweaking it to be unique, allowing for different ways to play through the same level.

    Gee I wonder where they got that idea from :v:
  4. Ashura96


    After reading the past few pages Re: Episode Shadow, it's time to rename the game Sonic POLARIZING Forces
  5. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    That's been this entire topic :v:
  6. Amnimator


    Me thinks Ohtani's a pretty good composer who's doing some good work in Forces. Thing is, he can do so many styles, not all of them will mesh well with everyone. For example, I think the first half of Green Hill Tag Team sounds great, the second half to me sounds not-so-great.
  7. synchronizer


    Those copy/pasted crates sure remind me of Colors's levels...
  8. Lapper


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    Oh boy that's a lot of great jump button homing & boosting gameplay.

    Level looks great.

    Shadow plays so uniquely.

    Wanna know what makes it better? It's 2D guys. Just like the classics. It's got to be good
  9. With all the people still bashing the game with a hammer you'd think there's a simple reason.
    The only bad thing was the gen3ds level design of "z-patterns wow!" and crates from oil dessert.
    There was no reaction based gameplay just use light speed enemy chain destroyer.

    I'm still 100% onboard with this game because avatar as joker, boost gameplay, and story. (Classic sonic is boring if it ain't S3K, sorry mania but ya bored me)
    These levels don't bug me because i know they're early (again doesn't excuse the z patterns WOW!) and part of the two world set Sonic team is showing off, i want to know the full experience before i pass the game or praise the game.

    If you guys aren't fans of the game's concepts and gimmicks, that's okay. Different strokes for different folks. But you don't need to use EVERYTHING to damage the game.

    If you like the game das great but don't be pushin papers in others faces yeah?

    sonic team should make silver playable again. So i can finally find a use
  10. Gestalt


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    Shadow's persona, so underrated. He's a little like Rodea.
  11. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    Content creation is clearly Sonic Team's crutch going by the awful level design shown in that DLC. Levels on top of existing levels (just like the Generations side missions) just because their workflow requires far too many steps to make brand new stages. No matter the skill of their designers, they can't make magic without significant time to iterate properly on it. Add more and more steps to that and you end up with the person in charge of the object placement making their own level with boxes and using the existing one as a background.

    They need to get this sorted out before the next game if they want to keep up with the next generations of hardware or be left behind. It's clear they need a significant investment on that at this point.
  12. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I mean they put so much shit in the backgrounds. I feel like they could simplify them a little if they needed to save time. Instead sometimes the backgrounds look more fun than the actual level.
  13. Gestalt


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    The game after the next should address that.
  14. And that sums up my experience with Sonic Colors, actually. Aquarium Park was one long ride of "Oh my god, that looks beautiful! Can I go there? No? Well, damn..."
  15. Tiller


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    The thing is though that the backgrounds have been heavily simplified in comparison to Generations. At the very least the art style and backgrounds have much less going on that in Generations and Colors. Given how short the stages are and the very few extra paths that exist in them I would hope there are a large amount of stages to compensate.

    If that is not the case, Dario is right in that they have massive problems building background content to fit the relatively simple designs of their stages. It's not like they're really doing a good job building unique elements for stages given the very low amount of unique level gimmicks. They need a better solution for filling out their stages if this is their limiting factor.
  16. Dark Sonic

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    They're simplified sure, but there's still a lot there. I mean they could take a page from the classic book and have repeating background sections. You don't have to model an entire world back there if it's just GHZ again. If the level you play through is fun I think people will be ok seeing that bush a 3rd or 4th time :v:
  17. TimmiT


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    I imagine part of the reason they went for the simplified graphical style in Sonic Lost World is because it's easier to make levels in that style. Was probably easier for them to re-use assets without awkwardly placing boxes everywhere in that game as well.
  18. XCubed


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    Canon 2D playable Shadow is like another part of Megamix coming alive again.

    Watch this game just be a 3D level creator and the player is actually infinite as we (the fan base) don't fuckin die.

    The fact that we are getting a PC release (I'm sure my laptop won't run it) is amazing. I'm sure they will find a way to delay that too.
  19. Cooljerk


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    This is literally how every modern game is made. It's called white boxing:


    Using white boxing is not some sign of poor work flow, the exact opposite in fact.
  20. I recall someone at Sega (Probably Aaron) explaining that in Sonic Lost World, one of the reasons for the tube stages and simple skybox backgrounds was so they could spend more time and effort on the actual stages.

    So I suppose intricate backgrounds or not, the level design can still be shit.