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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Sir_mihael


    I got a few ideas for the custom hero, depending on how good the customisable system is.

    • Coldsteel - obvious choice for edgelords such as myself
    • Sonichu - This one might be hard to do. At worst it would be a yellow Sonic
    • SOME KIND OF BIRD - The more out of place and less 'Sonic' it is, the better. I want some Aardman animation looking thing going on, like some awkward person who shouldn't be there.
    • Whatever <my name> the Hedgehog looks like - Seriously, I'll just google that and make it my Custom Hero.

    If I can't make something that looks a bit plain and dumb, then I'll at least have something edgy to fall back on. WHEN IN ROME AN' ALL THAT.
  2. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    I've mentioned it before but my current plan is to try and resurrect and update my long dead fan character. I don't know how elaborate the system will be, but it'll probably be a black hedgehog wearing lots of purples and whites, likely with some kinda scarf. Might still be slightly edgy, but not nearly as edgy as his former spiked wrist bands/tattered jeans self.

    And bird is an option for a species so you'd be able to do that.
  3. Okamikurainya


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    Hedgehog this... Hedgehog that... Can the OC even be a Hedgehog?
  4. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    Yup. These are the available species and their powers:

    Bear: Blows away enemies with a Homing Attack
    Bird: Flies high with Double Jump abilities
    Cat: Keeps one Ring after being hit
    Dog: Restarts with five Rings after the player dies
    Hedgehog: Collects Rings when getting damaged
    Rabbit: Has longer invincible time after receiving damage
    Wolf: Automatically draws in Rings when near them

    Hedgehog just hasn't been shown yet (I don't think Bear has been shown either).

    Hey maybe we can recreate Bark in this game.
  5. I'll likely be trying to see how closely I can make the Wolf look like Fang, then how closely I can morph the Cat into Blaze, and if those fail I'll fall back on the Bear and do Bark. I had totally forgotten about the hedgehog option though. I imagine it wouldn't be hard to create an Amy or Shadow (or Uncle Chuck!)
  6. RikohZX


    Honestly I get the feeling that the creation's going to be incredibly underwhelming. These kinds of first shots at OC creation usually are. The race and gender basically determine the face, eyes, ears and tail but everyone's got the same bodytype of being leaner than Sonic, you choose the fur color, then you pick a headpiece, torso piece, leg piece, foot piece and probably gloves. It'll be less like actually creating an original character and more akin to something on Newgrounds or Deviantart where you just sorta have a core basic body like a doll and then put stuff ontop.

    And even if they have canon character accessories and clothes, it'll look weird if you put the OC in, say, Amy's dress because I get the feeling in a character-to-character comparison, the OC is gonna be a lean bean noodle next to Amy. I never really understood why player characters in these sorts of things have to look distinctly different from NPCs and others around them, they just sorta do.
  7. Retroman


    I like the new whisp called burst, and I kinda like the idea of OC the character having a weapon and working with Sonic - as cheesy as it can be.

    Plus 2d classic Sonic with Sega Genesis chiptones.

    Now the question is: Is the gameplay going to suck when the game actually gets played? I'm kind of looking forward to this game, but also expecting it to not be great.
    Don't believe the hype.
  8. Crasher


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    Wasn't Burst in Sonic Colours on the DS? I do like the idea of the weapon though, makes you think about what kind of wisp you'll grab.

    However, I'm almost certain that there's going to be one that everyone uses because it's the best.
  9. RikohZX


    I'm sure as hell never using that lightning whip thing if it's going to fling me to my demise harder than Knuckles' shitrockyeugh.
  10. Plorpus


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    SMH at the people who aren't gonna make the secret Sonic 2 character, Sonic's brother Ashura
  11. ITmaster


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    Let's just keep our expectations moderate, that it may not disappoint or disinterest people. I really hope that they'll do something spectacular, but otherwise, its going to be probably subpar, unless Sega does something unexpected...

    Topic of the overall game aside, I would not want my fictional character's name hedgehog look like this...


    I'm just gonna create my own character design now.
  12. /dev/sr0


    No, you have to use that one, it's the rules.
  13. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    Here it is guys, my OC Paul the Hedgehog


    He'll do great things. Then he'll get Modern Sonic super pregnant on a pile of Chaos Emeralds while Classic Sonic watches
  14. Jay T.

    Jay T.

    It takes an idiot to do cool things... Member
    I'm a little disappointed there's no reptile species to choose from, since I found an old drawing of a Sonic styled Dragon character I created like, 10+ years ago. Oh well.
  15. I know it's IGN and they are pretty pants in general, but Sonic Forces came second for the People's Choice Award at Gamescom. (Link) Personally my vote would have gone to Dragonball Fighterz.

    I feel like I am missing something with Forces... Everywhere but here seems to have really positive things to say about it when I scroll through comments, but I honestly think it looks so mediocre.
  16. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    As much as they're trying to make this game for everyone, it's just not for us, which makes Classic's inclusion all the stranger.

    Who knows? This may be what some people want.
  17. Frostav


    Wait what? The second and third characters in the whole damn series are a fox and echidna and you can't make any in this game?

    Alas, my terrible black-furred fox fancharacter from when I was 11-years-old.
  18. Atendega


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    K n u c k l e s i s t h e l a s t E c h i d n a :psyduck:
  19. Sean Evans

    Sean Evans

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    Even so, there has to be some sort of gauge for quality. People have to see that everything shown off so far doesn't quite cut the mustard in comparison to what we had previously. The premise is fine. I've gotten over the idea of an OC creator and I actually kind of appreciate it now. The series throws new characters into the blitz everyday and no one likes them because they force themselves into the games in shallow ways, and then never do anything of substance past that point. They stick all of the characters in the background to stroke Sonic's ego, and keep him the center of attention because they don't know what to do with any of them anymore. If Sonic Team can only justify the existence of these characters through overshadowing them, then it's possible they aren't worth having. That's why the OC's a cool idea. Drop the characters you aren't doing anything with and just let the players make them instead.

    But even that feels ham-fisted, because the main course is still "Sonic". It's not like Blinx or DBZX where you have an option to play as Sonic or your own character, you have to play as Sonic, twice over in fact. Meanwhile your OC basically rips that gameplay and latches other unappealing traits onto it. Why not just make it easy and mimic the core gameplay, but let the character abilities be based on the species you choose? Like Hedgehogs can spin and boost, bears can swim and climb, birds can fly, ect. Then there's an added incentive to try them all. You can even work in existing characters in that way. The ability to grab rings once they've fallen out of you is not a worthwhile trait that justifies picking one animal over another. It just feels like the OC is tacked on, especially with how recycled their content looks. And the worst part is, the "main course" isn't all that good either. It feels like a step backwards in a lot of ways. I get the feeling some people are paying more attention to all the flash and the cool that the concept of the game brings about and are just kind of willing to accept the rest because of that.

    It's a game where you can make your own Original Character not attached to any established canon in the series, and it's the Sonic series. Hell, when's the last time anything regarding Angel Island or the echidna tribe was even relevant in the main series games? Letting people pretend that they're actually an ancient echidna would be part of the fun.
  20. inb4 #pendersstrikesagain