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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. serpx


    Does anyone else think Infinite looks like some fan-made character? Like, his design is so off what I'm use to with the Sonic franchise. Basically a Mephiles 2. Since the game is all about OC characters coming to life, I suppose it's fitting.

    I miss the days of villain characters being fun simple designs like Knuckles, Metal Sonic, etc. This villain is a one-off who will show up anyways in the future for no reason. Thank god for Sonic Mania.

    Edit: I won't be complete negative -- personally I like the song. I'm also a major fan of nu-metal and the Linkin Park (ripchester) days.
  2. Chimera


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    Lol someone else cracked the code.

    My money's on this thing being "THE ULTIMATE CUSTOM CHARACTER," basically being everyone's deviantart wet dream final boss, incarnate. Reminds me of something...

    Evidence: Bat ears, hedgy body, echidna dreads, fox tail, that... really fucked up face. He's basically an amalgamation of all the things you could put on your custom hero slapped on together haphazardly. Ya know, like your run of the mill sonic fan abomination.
    He's literally the "bestest most powerful character in da wurl."

    The dev team HAS to be doing this for laughs at this point.


    or it's Senketsu.
  3. TheKazeblade


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    Consider my money on this one too. Guessing the game will end with Infinite reverting to a happy go-lucky form saying something to the effect of "I just wanted to be like you, Sonic."

    Then a book closes and reveals the entire game was an elaborate fan fiction in a live action cutscene with two kids getting called to dinner.

    And then... I dunno, a snowglobe or something.
  4. Ravenfreak


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    Infinite's theme is horrible imo. If it didn't have vocals, it'd be a tad bit better,though not by much. It reminds me of His World, and I'm not a fan of that song either. I think we can say that this game is closer to being a sequel to sonic 06 rather than generations. :v: Infinite reminds me of Melphiles, the game is edgy like 06, and the music reminds me of 06's soundtrack.
  5. Lobotomy


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    See, if this wasn't SEGA then I would assume that this Ultimate Enemy character was some kind of lampshade hanging or 1488D chess subversion of a trope, but I'm literally going to take this at face value until I can tell that it's something else. "Faster than Sonic", eh? You have to be kidding me. This is pretty low-effort stuff. The only reason I'm not on board with Metal Knuckles' idea that this IS a parody, is simply because I don't think that heavy sarcasm is something Sonic Team are capable of.

    Is it a shame, though? I mean I've only had, like, 21 years worth of personal consumer experience with this franchise. I think it's safe for me to call a spade, a spade, when I see one. Happy to be wrong, though.
    You can't fault me for knowing what I'm getting myself into. So far, I'm seeing way more red flags with this game, than I was even with Unleashed, and I was hype as fuck for Unleashed. I just hope this isn't the first bad Sonic game that I DON'T enjoy.
  6. Sean Evans

    Sean Evans

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    But I liked 06's soundtrack lol. Specially His World.
  7. What about the actual Zebrahead cover of His World, or the Crush 40 version? :v
  8. Turbohog


    I saw the trailer and I've got to say, this might be the cringiest Sonic game yet. Congrats Sonicteam.

    Well, maybe not as bad as 06.

    Edit: Holy hell, the lyrics are worse than any of Shadow's songs ever were.
  9. null1024


    this so fucking awful that it's amazing
    Like holy shit, Infinite's theme song is almost a parody of itself. Almost. The track could have been in Shadow the Hedgehog 12 years ago and no one would have batted an eye, it's straight out of some AMV.
    The dumb "faster than Sonic" thing is hilarious and his pose at in the middle is amazing.
    I'm willing to bet that Infinite's edge level is actually a deliberate parody. It's honestly hilarious.

    ...but the thing that actually bothers me is that the animation in the trailer looks awful, there's very little sense of weight to any of the motion at all, and the whole "faster than Sonic" thing was conveyed really, really poorly, it looked super jank.
    Also, the dialogue in general just sounds kind of weird and bad. Sonic's lines were terrible here.
  10. Lobotomy


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    Who knew a sidestep is all you needed in order to be faster than Sonic?
  11. Beltway


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    This. All of the talk about Infinite (and Sonic Forces as a whole) actually being some sort of satire or parody seriously escapes me. This game is being produced by the same studio who gave Shadow the Hedgehog a game where he was guns akimbo and spouting mild swears, made a game where a human princess kissed a dead Sonic back to life, turned Sonic into a werewolf, gave Sonic a sword....and all of those events were played entirely straight.

    I think people are getting the Sonic social media's constant self-mockery of the franchise (and to a lesser extent, Pontac and Warren's somewhat self-conscious jokes) conflated with Sonic Team's attitudes to how they design their games. I think Covarr is right on the money with his Poe's Law assumption (absurd reality mistaken for parody).

    Something something words "we can't please everyone with one game" something words whatever.
  12. MykonosFan


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    Agreed. If the game seemed to be designed smartly in other regards I could maybe begin to see a ray of light with this thinking, but there's just no way. Not with what we've seen. I'd love it to be the case, but...
  13. I am trying so, so, so hard not to be negative about Forces and come at it with an open mind, but every single time they release something new I can't help but put my head in my hands and wonder what on Earth they are playing at.

    The Infinite character reveal trailer was just terrible. The trailer itself was awfully put together: black and white music video, cringey cutscene, weird music playing over a speech - it's like they were trying three different things and just threw them together regardless of if they really work. Perhaps that is the underlying theme here? The only positive I took from the trailer was that we got to see a couple of different levels/environments in the background, but it wasn't really much to shout about.

    Infinite's theme has kind of grown on me after multiple listenings, similar to how Fist Bump did, but it is still completely unmemorable and I can't see myself choosing to listen to it. The one thing that is truly surprising about Forces is how bog standard the music is considering most Sonic games have an outstanding soundtrack regardless of the quality of the actual game.

    I agree, either the dodgy combination of all the possible custom characters, your own character turned evil or an evil/corrupt Sonic from another dimension/the future. At this point I honestly wouldn't rule out Sonic Team pulling something like that.
  14. Amnimator


    Yeah, same here. I still can't wrap my head around why Metal, Zavok, Chaos, and Shadow would team up.

    But I'll give them this, I'm interested in the new location they showed in the Enter Infinite trailer. It looks like a mechanical ruin of Silent Forest mixed with Planet Wisp and actually looks pretty consistent.
  15. Dude


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    Infinite's theme song has to be the only song I've ever heard that sounded like it was 10 years old the day it released. I'm not complaining though.
  16. Sir_mihael


    It's an immediate slice of early/mid 2000 and it's great. I mean, provided that's the intention that is!

    I wonder if Forces is giving the same kind of childhood nostalgia vibes to kids who grew up through the 2000's that Mania is giving those of us that grew up in the 90's. It's interesting to think maybe Forces and Mania are both tackling their own era of past Sonic games.

    (cue another 10/15 years where Sega makes a nostalgia games based around the Pontac/Boost era! :v: )
  17. Plorpus


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    Forces feels like they tried to take what they think each group of fans liked and cram them together. I'm not as down on it as lots of you guys seem to be but there's a sort of dissonance to it all.
  18. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    OH, I GOT IT! Inifinite is a Chao that was raised by every single character in the franchise at some point (or, at least, each character raised one of his incarnations). Being raised by so many different characters influenced it in such a way it became an aberration that went insane and tries to overcome all of his step parents, and holds a personal grudge against custom characters because they didn't raise him. That also explains why is it a furry frankenstein.

    Now, in all seriousness, I don't know if I want this game. It's obviously bad but it has so many intriguing factors it can make me bite, be it to see how bad they can do it, how fun can be despite its flaws, or anything else. I'm so like in a rollercoaster, I've even thought about searching for a second hand Sonic '06 (which I never played) to have the ultimate reference on how bad a Sonic Team game can be. I got Sonic Lost World on this summer's Steam sales but haven't played it yet, so I still have to learn a lot about that.

    Speaking of which, I also got SADX on those sales, played it for a while, and learned that it was just an introduction to the modern shit, so we would lower our expectations for future games from the very beginning of this nonsense. I mean, we love that game because it felt like some kind of gameplay spin-off, because we thought it was just a first try on 3D gameplay, etc., and we still believed it because SA2 fixed some things in the gameplay aspect, but, by that time, we had already get used to that shit and would hope for the next game to be better, we hoped Sonic Heroes would be the only experiment, and so on. At least, this time we know we're going to buy shit since the very beginning, with no hope of it taking the right way to make better games in the future.
  19. /dev/sr0


    You know what would make the custom character amazing? If you could raise your wisps like chao. It could work exactly like the chao garden except it would actually be useful in the main game.
  20. I'm seeing a ton more negative reaction here on this forum than everywhere else on the internet. I understand we're all die hard fans and just want what's best for the franchise, but geez, does every new bit of info they squeeze out have to always be greeted with "this is awful" or "it's so terrible it's good?" Cause trust me, even when the discussion is centered around Sonic the Hedgehog, the cringe factor could be so much worse.

    I'm not dismissing the right to criticize, God knows if Sonic Team couldn't accept criticism this franchise would be dead in the alley, but come on, I'd recommend dialing it down a bit.

    In regards to the story, will the plot of Sonic Forces be revered as extraordinary? No, probably not. But remember, it's a series aimed mostly at kids and nostalgia-lensed adults (or in other words, kids). It's a safe bet most people are gonna be turning off the logic portion of their brains when digesting this.

    To quote SomeCallMeJohhny, "This isn't a fucking epic people, it's a Sonic the Hedgehog game." If you want my honest, and respectful opinion, you're all reading way too far into this. As long as the story isn't contrived like 06, ridiculous like Shadow the Hedgehog, or as tacked-on as Generations, shouldn't we all just be breathing a sigh of relief?

    The whole "self-aware parody" theory is giving them too much credit if you ask me. The whole debacle over how fast Sonic truly is and whether he's been holding back or not? No one can convince me that's anything else but a gaping contradiction of how what is convenient in one game isn't for another: an inherent result of the franchise being 26 years old and too many games to count. Sega's inconsistencies are showing- and there's nothing they can do to fix these holes short of retconning.