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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Good fucking God that vocal theme is awful.
  2. /dev/sr0


    Of all the things I thought they might mess up, I never thought the fucking music would be one of them.
  3. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I mean they could have got a better singer (seems to be the common theme with these tracks so far), but this is fine. This is the same level of cheese as all the other vocal theme songs I don't see the issue here.

    Do not deny that those Crush 40 songs weren't cheesy. They were just as cheesy. Embrace the cheese guys. Amy's theme song was about creepy love affairs, Knuckles' theme was... well Knuckles' theme. Remember Shadow's theme from SA2? I love that song but it's lyrics are so edgy. "Oh dark the darkness that dozes in the dusk?" That's some emo 7th grade poetry right there. This is that but more cheerful :specialed:
  4. Jimmy Hedgehog

    Jimmy Hedgehog

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    Hoobatank interesting choice, to say the least. Takes me back to when Bowling for Soup were involved in Endless Possibility, difference being this resonates with me less due to not being overly big on Hoobstank where I was a fan of Bowling for Soup's stuff pre-Unleashed anyway. Like Atendega it's grown on me already in a strange kind of way, but did I expect it to? Not really.
  5. Sean Evans

    Sean Evans

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    The arrangement itself is actually really great! I love it, it's Ohtani back in his element. But the GOD, no. It just sounds...wrong. Like Crush 40's whole butt rock sound at least had synergy, and the words and rhythm of the song kind of fit the voice Johnny had. But this is all kinds of clusterfuck. The guy's vocal tone doesn't correlate well with some of the more energetic parts of the song. He goes falsetto at the weirdest points possible, and the backup vocals come in really nonchalantly and it just sounds random. Like, he's a decent enough singer, but this didn't sound like his kind of rodeo.

    Damn, the one song I really liked in this game so far, and now it's connected to some very meh vocals...great.

    also, Fist Bump? The hell kind of name is that?
  6. Lobotomy


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    And I want to play with it, you got a fucking problem with that? I'm more interested in how they got those nice soft character shadows, than literally any other part of this game.
  7. Darth Taco

    Darth Taco

    The older songs were cheesy but unique in a weird way. Forces music isn't even cheese, it's just lame run of the mill anime music.

    edit: also it doesn't even rhyme what the shit
  8. AstroSeedP


    Guys, guys, we were tricked. The real name isn't "Sonic Forces," it's:

    "Sonic 2017"!!!


    All joking aside, I finally made up my opinions so far of this game.

    I'll start out by saying that I actually do believe I'll like this game when it comes out based on all the info, but I can't say that I won't be disappointed somewhere.

    Nothing so far has really "wowed" me. It's just been a mix of "ok" to "yeah, I think I'll like that." The only thing that has given me some sort of surprise is the OC gameplay style, but even then it's not something completely out of the ball park. 

    I'll definitely agree that this game looks to be very safe so far; nothing really that will push the series forward much. 

    Even saying "the music is great" has become sorta meaningless, at least to me.

    Like I said, I'll probably end up enjoying the game, but coming from someone who had a lot of fun playing Black Knight, I'm not sure how others will feel.

    All in all, it's a case of hope for the best, but expect the ok. 
  9. Gestalt


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    Fist Bump sounds like Reach for the stars on steroids, but I quite like it.
  10. Overlord


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    Rather suspect that may well apply to the entire game, to be honest.
  11. I really wish they didn't throw vocals on that...

    Perhaps I am out of the loop, as that type of music has never been my scene, but is Hoobastank even relevant these days?
  12. Laura


    Brightened Eyes Member
    I get the impression the theme song is cheesy for the sake of it, fitting into Sonic's current, weird, 'ho ho I'm so funny' self-aware image.

    Whenever something tries to be cheesy I always find it awful. This is really bad, and the lyrics, while never good in Sonic games, are so uninspired here.
  13. Oh look, people complain about Sonic songs having cheesy lyrics, as if that wasn't the case since the Adventure games or that songs like Endless Possibility and Reach for the Stars don't exist. I'm not sure what is to be expected. Also, if you like the song after listening to it a few times compared to when you listened to it the first time, then it's possible that you unknowingly prepared to prematurely dislike it and got over that afterwards.
  14. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    This right here is something that no company seems to understand: "So bad it's good" is not something that can really be done on purpose. Every time I've seen something try, the product ends up being hot garbage.
  15. It's disappointing that people don't even remember aspects of the series that they claim to like. This section of the fanbase has so much cynicism toward this franchise that I doubt that any of you really like it. Even if Sonic Forces was good gameplay-wise and storywise, you'd no doubt find small things to complain loudly about, like the lyrics to a song being like the ones in other main Sonic songs. "The ones in older Sonic games were so inherently unique and didn't try to be cheesy", except this obviously isn't the case.
  16. Gestalt


    Sphinx in Chains Member
    I dunno, I liked Bayonetta 2.
  17. Stink Terios

    Stink Terios

    All Sonic songs with lyrics were bad from the very start and they only have value in memery.
  18. Tiller


    HDK & World Runner
    Well the main theme is now thoroughly soiled. It's like they're taking everything I actually liked about the game and torpedoing it preemptively. Every new bit of information has kept me comfortably nestled into the corner of the 'sitting out' area of the buyer's spectrum. :v:
  19. Deep Dive Devin

    Deep Dive Devin

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    I feel like we'd be singing a different tune had we not had a version without vocals readily available for several months. Not that I love it myself of course, but it's stuck around for a while, and any altered version is gonna sound weird by comparison.

    I think I'll just echo overlord on this one. Not great, not terrible.


    Eh, I like my campy and ever so slightly awkward english anime theme songs, so I'm fine with this. It's not nearly as embarrassingly try-hardcore as Open Your Heart was back in the day (even though I do like that song). Nor is it dull and unmemorable to me like nearly all of the Sonic 06 soundtrack was. Sonic Heroes was also the absolute cringiest when it comes to camp lyrics, but I like that song too (and especially like What I'm Made of).

    I mean, again, this is clearly a rock song aimed at kids, meaning sounding hardcore, yet containing nothing offensive. Which describes nearly all of modern Sonic's main themes. Deal with it.