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Sonic Forces Thread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blue Blood, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. lopinjop


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    Hey everyone, really enjoying the discussion so far.

    With the new Forces trailer at E3, Sonic Team revealed a fun logo that looks like an 8 which twists into the infinity symbol.
    They want you to believe the transition from 8 to ? is seamless, but it seems to be totally fake:

    I wanted to be sure nobody else is duped by these sneaky marketing ploys.
  2. I feel like I really need footage of another modern sonic stage in order to get a true idea of how his gameplay is gonna be. His section in Park Avenue more or less feels like a proof of concept in my opinion- almost as if was specifically designed to be linear and cinematic for the sake of debuting the gameplay. The jury isn't out yet on whether this level design is representative of all the modern stages or whether it serves as more of a tutorial level.

    On that note, I do find it rather surprising that they haven't shown any additional modern sonic footage yet. If you look back to Generations, which released Holiday 2011, similar to Forces' release date of Holiday 2017, we had already seen plenty of variety in the levels shown. In fact, I specifically remember City Escape making its big debut during E3. This time around, we just get more gameplay of locales we already knew existed. Granted, it's something. So yes, I will remain skeptical and withhold an opinion until further gameplay is shown.
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    Chao garden or GTFO
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    I've been waiting for someone to point this out. It makes no sense at all.
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    Well the Mania team has said that they've been trying to be light on showing new content; it's possible that's what the Forces team is doing as well. I mean, this has been said a lot already, but when I think back to Generations' marketing there were actually zero surprises. We knew about all of the levels and boss fights! Granted, in a game where all of the levels are reimagined, they probably figured that they needed to show how levels were different. And it certainly was exciting watching those trailers! I think they could've at least kept most of the boss fights under wraps though.

    With that all being said, we've seen 6 levels from Sonic Mania and 2 from Sonic Forces, but also we haven't seen Modern in Green Hill or Classic in Park Avenue. Also, we've seen 2 new levels from Sonic Mania, but only 1 from Forces. So I am interested in seeing maybe one or two more later levels, to get a better idea of what's in store. Totally understand wanting to remain skeptical about it. But at most they should probably show less than half of the levels, however big the game is.
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    THANK YOU. This was bothering me since the day I saw it. So glad someone pointed this out!
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    You know my friend was suggesting that maybe the Modern Park Avenue level we're seeing is like Windmill Isle Act 1 in Unleashed. A debutant/'tutorial' level. Maybe we'll get a more expansive Act 2 after the Shadow encounter? That'll be nice I guess.
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    I noticed this as well but I thought it was for dramatic effect. Obviously this symbol will play some sort of significance, but probably along the lines of Black Arms.

    Since alternate realities is the next step when it comes to time travel, I honestly don't know how they can top this moving forward.
  9. True, but that was only because of the major leak. We still got a healthy amount of trailers showcasing different stages between May and November. I'm fairly certain the only thing not spoiled by Sega was the true identity of the Time Eater. And that marketing was surely planned that way since the beginning. I doubt they had originally planned to not show much, and then when the leak went public they said oh shit I guess we'll make a few trailers now and take a look at more levels.
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    So I was watching this vid showing off the moves that modern Sonic can do and it seems that they've drastically changed how Sonic's slide move works:
    Sonic Forces - E3 FULL DEMO! [Nintendo Switch Gameplay]

    Sonic seems to just take off from 0 to 100 with no gradient in speed. Exactly the same as Colours, where you could pretty much slide through an entire level without stopping.

    Now compare this to how sliding worked in Generations:
    Sonic Generations - Sonic and the Secret Butt Sliding Physics Fun

    It was pretty much just rolling physics in 3D. Not 100% accurate, but there was potential.

    So why the big change?
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    It likely has to do with situations where Sonic comes to a complete stop (you crash into a wall for example) but you needed to slide. Going from a standstill to a slide resulted in a very weak slide that lasted for a fraction of a second, so you'd crouch, slide forward an inch, then crouched again, then sliding again, etc, until you successfully got under the gap. They likely increased this speed to prevent situations like that from happening. You had to do this a lot as Super Sonic in Generations for example thanks to that flying boost of his.

    That clip doesn't really imply anything about his slide while running though. It still likely operates the same as Generations' did for the most part. They just made it less annoying from a standstill.
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    The double jump is a really bad sign for excessive block platforming.
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    Or you could just, you know, have a roll and spindash. Like Sonic is supposed to do.
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    I'm not debating that, I'm just saying why I think they did something.

    I've always felt that the somersault/slide was the dumbest move they ever added. Sonic can roll that serves the same purpose. Like, ok, he can boost you don't necessarily need the spindash as a result, fine, but why does he slide and not roll? He could in SA1 and it worked pretty much the same as sliding does now.
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    Probably, but it's still pretty weird to see Sonic just go from 0 to 100 at a complete standstill. It'd be like rolling in 2D Sonic except you go flying off at the slightest movement.

    Completely agree, the roll is one of his more iconic moves. He's a hedgehog, he curls into a ball and rolls. Makes sense, right?

    To me it would be like having Tails be a playable character, but not giving him the ability to fly. Or giving him a jetpack instead.
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    Today, I've given a run to some old modern titles in order to refresh my memories about their quality and playstyle, and I've noticed just that: it's not just about game- exclusive gimmicks, even the basics have become more complicated; even only taking into consideration the general rules of modern gameplay, the design has gone adrift. While these aren't exactly breaking news, checking it all at once has truly made me wonder how did they manage to make a good game in Sonic Generations. My real hope is this game to be in line with Adventures and Generations, and not with any other previous modern title.
  17. The slide can be argued to be better than the somersault was. If I'm remembering correctly, sliding with similar functionality as it has now first appeared in Shadow the Hedgehog. It was executed by pressing the X button (GC) while you were moving quickly. Although the spin dash could be used to go through those small passageways as well, the slide was typically better to use if you had enough speed to perform it. The somersault, on the other hand, slowed you down and is mainly an attack.

    In any case, I don't think that it matters much whether Sonic slides or rolls to perform that function and it arguably makes more sense for the slide to perform that function instead of only rolling. Besides, Sonic curls into a ball while drifting in Sonic Generations.
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    Which makes less sense because that would imply he can comfortably manuever yo much greater effect while rolling.
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    Yeah, typically Sonic has less control while rolling, not more. Turning (reverting?) sliding into rolling makes sense to me, drifting looked better and more sensible in Unleashed.
  20. Being able to spin faster in place makes just as much sense, too. There isn't any need to think about it too much. Drifting segments don't appear very often anyways.