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Sonic Forces (PC/PS4/XB1/Switch) Hacking & Resources

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Dario FF, Nov 7, 2017.

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    [Reloaded] Mod Loader
    This will help some people, I'll make this short.

    Since I've got quick hold of Sonic Forces recently to play around with my work-in-progress Universal Mod Loader (or rather to test X64 Hooking with the loader), I've come to an annoyance.

    It would appear that Sonic Forces actively tries to prevent you from attaching a debugger such as Cheat Engine's debugger, x64dbg, Visual Studio or other piece of debugging software (although it does it badly) - whether this was done by the developers or is part of Denuvo is an unknown to me, not that I care much myself. I'll skip long technical jargon on this one.

    It just patches a function that's used for debugger attaches in an endless loop, every 100ms, what an awful waste of a thread.

    Here's how to Anti-Anti-Debug Sonic Forces:

    > Launch Sonic Forces using Cheat Engine (to bypass Anti-Debug, it only gets triggered after startup)
    > Add address manually, 1 byte, and as the address specify DbgUiRemoteBreakin (this is ntdll.DbgUiRemoteBreakin).
    > Right click the address and "Find out What Writes to the Address"
    > Nop the `mov` instruction which writes to the address.
    > Restore the original function prologue for DbgUiRemoteBreakin, set the byte we added earlier back to 0x48 (the loop normally overrides the byte with a return, 0xC3).
    > Enjoy Debugging Sonic Forces.

    This didn't even take me very long to figure out, about 30 minutes.

    I'll make a Reloaded mod to patch it, at least for the latest version by the time I release the Mod Loader.
    SS16's HedgeModManager/ForcesModLoader should have it patched fairly soon aswell.
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    A mod that makes it so instead of automatically turning into Super Sonic once you get 50 rings waits until you press the Y button. You can also detransform....

    Why does every instance of Super Sonic in a modern Sonic game suck in some way? In Colors you couldn't use Wisps at the same time, in Generations it put you on some awful auto path, in Lost World you had screwed up models, and in this game you transform automatically. And besides Colors I think people fixed every instance of broken Super Sonic now.
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    Don't forget Generations also had much faster ring draining, and concerning Super Classic Sonic doesn't have his super speed (also a problem in Forces IIRC).
  4. Dark Sonic

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    Oh ya of course, although those issues I'd consider more annoying than broken.
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    So modding in Forces isn't completely dead:

    From the Tweet, this sounds like an ambitious mod and sounds allot more fun then Green Hill with Cubes.

    Also this:
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