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Sonic for the Wii U

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Ajavalo, Dec 1, 2012.

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    Both Yuji Naka and Takashi Iizuka have talked a few times about their plans for a Wii U Sonic game. This should be enough to expect that the next main Sonic title will be something for the new 8th gen console. How do you guys think Sonic will look on the Wii U? How will the Gamepad be used? Can you think about any good use for the new controller which suits Sonic gameplay? And about the game itself: Will it deviate too much from the current Modern Sonic formula? For the better or for the worse? All we can do now is speculate...

    EDIT: Article on a Nintendo page with Naka's words:
  2. MykonosFan


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    Color me curious if Naka has Wii U plans for a Sonic game.
  3. SpeedySpikes


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    I'd expect that they'd recycle the Unleashed formula, because it worked so well then and still does now. I just pray that we don't end up with another Sonic 06 anytime soon. The Sonic series had enough ups and downs already.
  4. 1stKirbyever


    >Unleashed Formula
    >Worked so well

    Yeah, it hasn't exactly worked well before and it's not working well now. I mean sure, Generations was good but they still brought along various problems Unleashed had such as Sonic controlling like a car, the first half of the levels being really linear, hold X to win, and lack of exploration. The later levels fixes most of these problems but it was still somewhat iffish. (Seaside Hill was pretty amazing though)

    I mean don't get me wrong, I hope they use it again because they're somewhat getting it down after all these years. I just wish they'd completely nerf the boost or at least make it where you can't just plow through enemies anymore.

    EDIT: Staying on topic a bit, if they do have a main Sonic Title on the Wii-U, I just hope the Colors Team works on it since they've been doing the best job so far.
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    Nowhere does it say that Yuji Naka wants to make another Sonic game.

    I'll be in the minority with this, but I'd much prefer Sega and Sonic Team skip a generation (or two) before they dive into more half-assed Sonic games. The franchise is getting pretty old and stale, and recent releases just tend to divide people more than anything. Come back in a few years time with a radically different approach - otherwise, spend your days making new concepts a reality and re-learn how to design and produce games from scratch. It's good practise.

    This won't happen of course - they'll suck that franchise dry, but a man can dream.
  6. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    I can't see the Gamepad being used for much in a Sonic game, unless you twisted things around entirely. Perhaps if you were given a level map with obstacles and charted a path for Sonic to run on while you watched, maybe add a level editor to share custom levels with friends, but that doesn't seem like something you could make into a full-fledged game. If we're sticking to what the last few games have been doing, just put a pause menu on it, and allow the game to be switched to the pad. Maybe make Bonus/Special Stages made specifically for the Gamepad, but don't do anything too ambitious with it during the main game.
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    Yeah, keep dreaming because that ain't happening. your lucky we got a year off when it came to main series titles. :v:

    Anyways, I'm placing my bets its a port. because what makes you guys think that they will get back into the groove of making 3 seperate series games again? Since Unleashed its been the main series game, the ports, and a watered down handheld game.

    You'll be lucky that they even use the Wii-U's screen feature.
  8. I can totally see the special stages being put on the pad. You hit a starpost in game and jump into the star swirls, and then it quickly switches to the gamepad for the special stage, keeping the level on the main screen. When its done, gameplay resumes as normal.

    I can also see the second screen solving a major problem with the series up to now: Co-Op gameplay. The second person could look at the main screen if their character is there, but if Sonic runs too far ahead? No problem, the gamepad screen would give you your own screen so you can see where you are! No more being left in the dust off-screen and feeling useless!
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    Both of these are awesome ideas! Your special stage idea gave me another idea for something they could do. What if Sonic Team re-explored the time travel mechanic from Sonic CD? And I think I've got a really cool idea of how that could work!

    Anyone here familiar with the game Fractured Soul on the 3DS? In that game, you can switch between two different versions of the same level, allowing you to escape danger or cross areas that are otherwise impossible to traverse in one version of the level. What if they made it so that, when Sonic hits a time post (or something else causes him to warp), he explores an alternate version of the level on the GamePad, while a ghost of him can be seen running across the level on the TV screen. Perhaps he could have a limited amount of time to explore the past or future version of the level before he gets warped back to the present, which means accomplishing something in the past/future that affects where Sonic ends up in the present. Maybe there are things that have to be found in the past/future that will affect the present. It'd certainly make the level pretty complicated to design, though; I remember a bunch of us were talking about this kind of stuff a few years ago when discussing how a Sonic CD 2 would work. We knew we had to make the different time periods more meaningful and the transition between time periods seamless.

    I haven't really figured out a reasonable way for all of this to work yet, since there are several ways this could work. Maybe Sonic finds a Time Stone that can warp him to different eras, but how will its power be limited? Will collecting rings charge it up, or will it slowly charge up over time? By charging it up over time, that would mean if you missed something in another time, you'd have to wait for the stone to recharge, wasting seconds on your time. By collecting rings, that prevents you from waiting around in one spot for the stone to recharge, but if you screw up and need to redo something, you have to go find more rings in the level, so that wouldn't work. Maybe you'll be able to choose whether you warp to the past or future from the GamePad, but that would impede progress in the game. Seems inconvenient.

    Maybe just stick with the time-posts. Those could automatically send you to the past or future and you'd have a limited time to solve or find something before being warped to the present. I think that sounds faster than recharging warp power and choosing the time period. While it's a good way to add platforming puzzles to a Sonic game, it shouldn't ruin the flow of gameplay, that's for certain. At least it's something different, and it makes some good use of the GamePad's second screen function. I have to wonder if the game would be entirely 2D if it used this feature. Would the time travel mechanic be of any use in the third-person platforming segments?
  10. TheKazeblade


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    I think the Unleashed/Colors/Generations formula works fine, but can still be tweaked. The big thing that I see an improvement on with the Wii U controller is using the gyroscope to give Sonic a nice clean "smooth" turn when goingi at high speeds. When you use his regular turning at high speeds, it can be difficult to utilize, but a gyroscope smooth turn would let him weave back and forth in a very controllable motion.
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    How about Shadow the Hedgehog 2? The gamepad could display a radar and map with enemies and objectives visible. Maybe Chaos powers could be stacked, and the intense power of the Wii U could fix so many problems the original had. More cutscenes, more levels, more alterations based on what story path you're taking, better graphics, music that isn't forgettable (come on, even 06 had good music), and less overdone angst. But keep the constant damns, I liked that. And since so many people loved the original, a sequel would be sure to please.

    Alright, I'll be serious now. I would seriously play a Shadow 2. But since you guys wouldn't, I have to say that I'm not seeing a way for the gamepad to work. At least, not in a way that sounds workable. Do not use it for special stages if it requires tilting the controller, because Sonic 4 on iOS proved that worked so well. Colors did well with motion controls, but I don't see that working with a Wii U gamepad.

    And as for who should be making it, what's the general opinion on Colors vs. Generations, as in which game is better? I've never played Generations, but I liked Colors, except for the levels that I hated. So, something more like that would be great.
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    Shadow had much better music than 06, Radical Train excepted.
  13. Harmony Friends

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    Not really, ever since Sonic went 3D the main series has been bi-annual in all but two cases (Shadow/Sonic '06; Colors/Generations). Having a main series game annually is the exception, not the norm.

    Anyway, I really hope they don't try to fix what ain't broke and rethink the series formula again, because we all know Sonic can't handle another dark age right now. Personally, I think the modern gameplay formula is nearly perfect as of Generations, bar them maybe making low-speed control a little bit better, and putting rail-switching back on the shoulder buttons ala Unleashed though that's a minor nitpick. Even with no improvments though, as long as they continue improving and refining their approach to level design -- Sonic Generations' modern stages all are leagues better designed then anything the series has ever seen in 3D and, IMO, in a couple of cases (Seaside Hill springs to mind), rank with some of the best level design in the entire series -- the series is pretty set for the time being.

    As for Wii U gimmickry, it's hardly necessary. While the gamepad is innovative and all that, part of its core design is that it can be used as an entirely traditional controller and there's nothing wrong with it. They'll probably use it for a special stage or something though (think Sonic Rush). Aforementioned multiplayer ideas would be good too. I'd love to see a Wii U version of Sonic 4 Episode 2 with that in mind.
  14. Solid SOAP

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    I really can't see the gamepad making a Sonic game any better, really. Unless they use it like in NSMB or something where you can turn the TV off and play it on the pad, but that's about it. I fear forced touch gimmicks and other-such nonsense in future titles, hopefully I'll be proven wrong though.
  15. Jason


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    Sega has already given us a hint. I'm certain Nintendo had been developing the Wii successor for a good long while, and was showing it to developers. I don't buy this is a coincidence.
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    edit: oh now I get it. :v:
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    You know what? Fuck it. I want Shadow the Hedgehog 2. With the Hedgehog Engine and everything to boot. It's a friggin' genius idea!
  18. LockOnRommy11


    I think instead of trying to reinvent the gameplay for the Wii U, they should focus on making additions to the current formula to continue the games in a meaningful way.

    Surely anyone who's played Wii U by now has played Nintendo Land? This is basically an awesome introduction to how games can work. Played the Metroid game? Where one player walks on the ground and the other flies about the level? Yeah, well that can work in the current Sonic style.

    Give each player a screen, let them go about beating the level their own way but throw some stuff in to the mix when 2 player is active to make it meaningful. Impose the 10 minute timer, make Tails hit switches which activate bridges and lower spikes and badniks to make Sonic's journey a lot easier (and faster). Let Tails fly about and track Sonic through the level and scout ahead to destroy enemies with Tails tailspin and so forth.

    Here's a lovely example I made:
  19. Lord Nero

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    I don't see Sega/Sonic Team doing a Wii-U exclusive Sonic title personally. With the Wii, it made sense, make exclusive titles and a watered down port since its a totally different beast compared to the PS3/360, but the Wii-U is on par with said consoles so it doesnt make sense to invest in exclusive titles for it when they can just simply port.
    On a more personal note, I'd hate the idea of a Wii-U exclusive simply because I dun care for Nintendo in general. That aside however, exclusives for the console just doesnt make since (as already stated), tablet incentives on the other hand is something I can understand. I can certainly see Sega/Sonic Team making tablet exclusive features for the Wii-U, what that would entail is beyond me though.
  20. BystanderLC


    Better implementation of Sonic Colors multiplayer - that's for sure if they ever try that again.

    Who knows, maybe Sonic Team will try incorporating back gameplay from the Dreamcast era. Me, I want another storybook entry. Have a sort of book for the tablet and have Sonic on the main screen. The book would serve as the Hub, map, and other things.