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Sonic Fan Remix

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by pelikan13, Mar 13, 2010.

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    Thanks for the mirror! I have noscript on Firefox, but I disabled it completely for RS just to check, and Chromium doesn't have it at all. Must be a country block as you mention. :( I only ever seem to run into this with RS - hence the reason I call it RabidSwear. :)
  2. Aesculapius Piranha

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    Still looking forward to this. CPZ looks great so far. I can't wait to see what you have planned for the background.
  3. Black Squirrel

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    The only thing that annoyed me about that demo were the unusually loud sound effects.

    Top stuff.
  4. Chimera


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    ...I'm sorry? This level isn't exactly superior to Generations as far as I'm concerned. Yes, the physics are better and animals pop out of the badniks (wheeee....), but that's the only better thing than Generations (the second being purely astetic).

    This Chemical Plant: Inventive and fun level design with its own flair of new mechanics for the stage.
    Generations Chemical Plant: ALSO Inventive and fun level design with its own flair of new mechanics for the stage.

    Yeah, um... It's really just preference on how fun the paths of the level would be to explore. As of now, I wouldn't go as far to say it's better than Generations Chemical Plant at all! Since it's a WIP, it most certainly can be given some time and brain power, but right now, in that video and from me playing it I see collision borks, kind of an eyesore with the spiral path upwards (please fix this; I see rings and scenary in my face when I'm trying to jump that pit... A little disorienting), no more than one badnik (obviously fixable), and slightly wonky spinning wheel mechanics. I find this level fun, yes. Very fun. I also, from the looks of it, think Chemical Plant is equal amounts of fun.

    Just please tell me why Generations Chemical Plant is inferior to this other than art and the fact it's SEGA and not one of the fans...? (and if you mention physics your argument is invalid because you said he made a better level, not physics egnine, than Generations, while the latter proves to be true).

    Mini vent/wtfareyoutalkingabout aside, please take into consideration what I said Pelikan and Co. Your level is very nice, but it could really fare to be improved. I'm sure you're hard at work, when you want to be at least, at improving it! =P
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    Because he's Greg and he says so. That's his opinion, he's entitled to it. Let's move on.

    God I'm sick of this.
  6. Chimera


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    Very well then, very well :V

    Still, hope Chemical Plant gets more than a green screen in the future. Also hope some of the faults of the level I mentioned get adressed. This is assuming you guys pick up the project again :P

    Heh, maybe you guys can help out Xaklse with his SGDK engine if you guys can get a grasp of Unrealscript. You guys have the Sonic physics working like a charm!
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    All of that was great and without a background aswell. With it all polished off I think this will be a fantastic zone! I really loved the bit in the vat of liquid where you ran around it. I'd try to add slightly more distortion and a slightly more pink hue to the water to make it show up mor ebut other than that, top notch stuff! ;D
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    Wow the video of Chemical Plant is awesome, the part at 1:48 made me remember the ladder levels from Mickey Mania, Keep the nice work and the water more pink :P
  9. Mike Arcade

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    Great work guys, I haven't played the demo of Sonic Fan Remix (Can't find it) but I will say that your pet project looks amazing! Also love how you guys included a little tribute to Scrap Brain and Flying Battery in the level.
  10. Vaiz


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    People really need to stop with the Generations comparisons. I think Generations and this have two very different feels and can easily exist side-by-side without being in each other's way. This chemical plant feels aesthetically much more dense and true to the original than Generations' version, but that doesn't take away from it or Generations in the slightest. I would love to play a completed version of this someday.
  11. LOst


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    Very well done! Much have improved since the last demo! I love how this single piece of demo beats Sonic Generations (my opinion). It has all the classic Sonic stuff, and some extra.

    Who is doing all this work?
  12. Willie


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    Some of you might have remembered some angry post I made last year over a Kotaku article. [LINK] Turns out the editor Michael McWhertor, the guy who wrote the article, responded like fifteen minutes later and I never noticed.

    "Hey WAC,
    Why are you being so incredibly rude?

    How did you read "taking issue with the game's art style" to mean "whiny assholes" are "making an entire forum community look like a bunch of annoying, ungrateful fuckers who have nothing better to do than to bitch and moan"?

    I can't believe you'd talk to someone like this."

    So I just responded with this.

    "So I was looking over old mail I have sent under this account I rarely use anymore and realized I totally forgot to look if someone ever responded to that email I sent almost a year ago. Looking back on it, I apologize for being such a rude dick. What annoyed me the most was how a paragraph of the article acted like the community on Sonic Retro are mostly just a bunch of whiners.

    "The demo is built on the Unity3D engine and users have bemoaned its CPU intensive needs and frame rate. It has its issues—and many Sonic Retro forum goers are taking issue with the game's art style—and is not yet a complete project."

    That whole paragraph was written in a very misleading way that made it sound like the community was essentially just trying to tear apart the game anyway we could. Nowhere in the article does it indicate that much of the community actually has a very positive view of the project. Also, it's worth mentioning that a W.I.P. version of Chemical Planet from the fangame was released last month and not a single response on the forum was negative toward the project.


    Sucks I didn't notice the response sooner.


    I finally got around to playing the W.I.P. demo tonight and I must say, it is damn good and I hope this project continues. If you ever decide to give up on completing Sonic Fan Remix, could you at least finish that act? :(
  13. Canned Karma

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    Beautiful work has been done on this. The level design as a whole feels great, and the new additions are well thought out. I'd love to see this zone get finished out someday. Job very well done so far.
  14. Very nice. Will the background be filled in? Just asking.
  15. dsrb


    Seriously? Obviously it would if the project were to continue. Reading the past few pages would reveal that pelikan is taking a break from it for now, so any further progress depends on his returning to its development.
  16. Andrew75


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    Don't forget that the engine powering the new demo belongs to Damizean,
    as hes the one who programmed the EGG engine ( the engine for this game)
    ,without programmers like him this project would only be some pretty graphics.

    I've no idea why some team members that are important always seem to be overlooked in these projects.
  17. dsrb


    It's not my intention to overlook anyone, but any prospect of continuation depends upon the creator/coordinator, unless and until we're told that specific baton has been passed.
  18. Vangar


    CPZ looks bloody amazing - Even better then Generations by a longshot! I hope the project can continue somewhere in the future.
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    I don't think it LOOKS better than Generations CPZ but it sure as shit looks like it plays ALOT better.
  20. Dark Sonic

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    Ya I'll agree with that statement.