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Sonic Fan Remix

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by pelikan13, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. steveswede


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    Nice demo. It's like in the spirit of the Generations version.
  2. Very very very impressive! And it's only half-done!

    Don't try to perform SuperPeelOut people :v:
  3. Lapper


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    Best Sonic level I have ever played, seriously.
  4. Lanzer


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    Video plz? I'm having computer issues atm and can't play it.
  5. Sparks


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    For how unfinished that was, I still had a lot of fun playing it. The level still felt like Chemical Plant, but at the same time how much more expansive it got was crazy. Love that room with the constantly curving floor.
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    That's pretty amazing. About 1000 times better than Green Hill.
  8. Mercury


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    Hooray! It's great to see this is still progressing. I love the helical tower. =)
  9. Chris Highwind

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    Very much a WIP, yes, but I'll be damned if it wasn't enjoyable regardless. I can't wait to see the finished version.
  10. EDOOM


    THIS. Putting it plain and simple, the slickest and most innovative gimmick I've ever seen in a 2D Sonic game (either official or otherwise) ever. Hope Pelikan13 can resume this project soon; leaving this project unfinished would be a sin against Heavens!!!!
  11. Deef


    OH wow, the double loop is the coolest thing ever. It suddenly makes the novelty of 2.5D that much cooler, actually being able to play with a double loop that you can see properly.

    Oh snap, then I fell out of it doh. Lol ok RESTART.

    You also implemented the outrun-the-screen element of Sonic 2, excellently, as it really nails the zone and brings the nostalgia home so well.

    Overall, it's a real shame you're not continuing with it pelikan. I am again really impressed by this demo but this time it's because the level design is really so great. I don't know if I think this just because I'm a big SFR fanboy but going through your Chemical Plant, to me, felt utterly playable and exactly right. It has no doubts about being Chemical Plant but it's so interesting with those new ideas that were spot on. New gimmicks, new and old ideas on terrain. The way you have paths that truly do need momentum to conquer later in the level.. it's so perfect. It's like seeing those cheap money-shots from Sonic Rush except these are the real thing, and when I stuffed up I had to turn around, get speed again and switch my directions as I tried to push Sonic up those twisting disconnected paths. And it all looks perfectly in place because Chemical Plant is where speed fits. I'm really hard to please when it comes to old Sonic gaming trying to be redone, but this is like pure justice to Chemical Plant style in my humble opinion. So Sonic 2, yet so much new creativity and awareness of fun Sonic stuff as well.

    The spinning wheels you attach to; great to see them back and again they really have a place in this zone. The double loops; damn I love that! I didn't know a real, "tangible" 2.5D double loop would seem so right.

    I also loved how there seemed to be something hard going on with spin-dashing. As unpolished as this is compared to the old demo, it's good that you did implement the 3-button controls for this one and that has paid off; it's hard to get those revs sounding maxed out. You really have to mash those button like a little bitch and if you do and release the dash right, you get rewarded with a monster kick forward. I'm certain that's a change from the classics and I love it. It's kinda hardcore awesome.

    I am just so impressed that a classic Sonic level produced so much compulsion in me to keep playing it. I wanted to keep seeing what this level would do because it was really that interesting. Separate from the physics, the graphics, the music and other "SFR-isms", this time I was really admiring your/you guys' work because of the level itself. I'm not even a big Chemical Plant fan but I just found that so enjoyable.

    So yes, a real shame you're hanging it up. :( What a great level that was, and what a great demonstration of how good classic Sonic still is to play. I really loved this new demo and I was not expecting the level layout itself to be the piece that impressed me most. It's a loss to know there won't be a nice polished version to play soon.

    But kudos to you all the same pelikan, for the excellent things you have brought to the Sonic fangaming scene. And of course credit to those who also had a big part, Dami, Merc, and any others I don't know.
  12. RGX


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    Is anyone else having trouble assigning a controller to this game? I'm using a wired Xbox 360 remote and I'm unable to assign my D-pad or joysticks to player 1. However, I am able to assign them to player 2 but obviously I need to assign them to player 1.
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    Can someone put that somewhere other than RabidSwear? RabidSwear still doesn't work with the current Firefox or Chromium.
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    It does with me. You might have noscript or it might country blocked.

    That was a nice level Pelikan. I wonder how it would have looked if it was finished. It would be nice to have the raw assets, but it's fine. However, I hope you find the time to work in it.
  15. Mad Echidna

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    Mmm, physics
  16. Chimera


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    Wow. Great to see you actually got stuff done on this!

    Like previously stated, the super peel out glitch... should be fixed XD As should other glitches though. I stepped onto spikes and... nothing happened. Actually something happened; I would fall through the floor! Not the pushing up and down platforms though. Was rather odd. This was by the way right before the double loops which, I must agree with, were a nice touch.

    Art wise it's pretty fantastic save for the lack of a decent background (lolgreeeen). Hope you guys get what should be addressed... well... Addressed! Good job you guys~!

    EDIT: One more thing... Either Generations got to my head, or something's wrong with the spindash... It seems to be slower than even the official game. o_o
  17. Eduardo Knuckles

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    This tube at 1:39 looks incredibly amazing. Also, the rock touch you did to the music wins trillions of points to this game. It's really impressive how this game actually reminds Sonic Generations. You definitely have a jewel on this game, dude.
  18. Selbi


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    I think I found a bug: Sometimes when you spindash, the camera distance gets changed, even though it doesn't look like it shouldn't. At the point with the gearwheels, I was trying the spindash, and suddenly everything became all close up and I could barely see anything except Sonic.

    Other than that, this is a damn fine piece of work! It does lack of some additional stuff, yes, but the overall concept of this stage is mind blowing.
  19. Greg the Cat

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    I... I....

    Welp. Your project has officially blown all of Sega's work out of the fucking water, Pelikan, Mercury, and Demizean. I cannot fucking believe it. You have made a level better than everything the most high profile Sonic game in years has to offer.

    Fuck Generations. If I'm giving anyone any money for a Sonic game, it WILL be your team. You deserve it. When you pick the project back up, we would like to see this completed.
  20. Aerosol


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    I love it when people blast their subjective opinions as fact.

    In any event, I'd really like you to pick this back up some time soon Pelikan. I think I've said it before but I'd really enjoy your work more if you had original concepts as levels instead of reimagining the old games, but this is real nice too. Keep it up!