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Sonic Fan Remix

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by pelikan13, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Tobibrocki


    Sorry for asking this, I really don`t wanna come off as rude, but I am just wondering, since Sonic Generations is doing the whole Classic Sonic Gameplay in highres 2.5D thing aswell, whats going to happen with Fan Remix?
    I mean, is it going to be continued?
  2. Iceguy


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    Unless the project leader gives up, I really don't see a reason why shouldn't they be continuing with it. Hell, even if the project leader gives up, there can always be a next one, right?
    Sonic Generations and Sonic Fan Remix differ in several ways, especially in terms of physics and art direction. Besides, Fan Remix is free, Generations is not. It's the same as with Robo Blast 2; it's comparable to official Sonic titles in terms of quality gameplay, and just because there are official Sonic titles with 3D exploration and stuff, like Adventure, that isn't a reason for the project to be discontinued.
  3. Ritz


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    Who the hell else has the 3D talent to even come close? Besides BlobVanDam. He doesn't count because that takes the gravitas out of my pointing out the community's lack of talent.

    I do think Generations calls for a reevaluation of the project's goals, though. Any chance we might see some totally original stages to compensate?
  4. SteelBrush


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    SFR still has it's place.

    Art Direction:
    In SFR the level has a more organic feel, closer to how Chaotix was. In Generations thing still look a bit plastic.

    While hope Generations gets this right, I doubt they will.

    Level Design:
    What I said above really.

    SFR is a great PC alternative for those who don't own an PS3 or 360.
  5. Ritz


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    Generations looks more organic to me by far, and save for that one extra act, I recall most of SFR being a straight recreation of EHZ's level design. Generations drops a few coy references here and there but is largely its own thing. Way I see it, physics, effort and accessibility are all the game really has going for it right now.

    Is he even still working on this? He hasn't posted in four months, and something like Generations can really take the wind out of your sails.
  6. This fan game turning into a PC port for Generations, anyone?

    Come on, you know you want it to happen.
  7. Shakidna


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    So... how do I get past the title screen?
  8. Lapper


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    Heh, you'll have to change the controls, start says enter, but doesn't seem to mean it, change it and press enter, then it will work.

    I don't think I worded that well, did I?
  9. Shakidna


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    You're loud and clear.
  10. Deef


    I think SFR is still the big deal it always was. Nailed classic 2D control in a modern, hi-res game that kind of looks too good to make sense. To feel the oldschool game in a screen that we don't have to tolerate for once.

    Does anyone really think Generations is going to do this? How much do the graphics mean to you if it is yet another collection of new control changes? I'll ask it again.. does anyone really think Generations is going to deliver that nailed, sigh of relief, "finally" classic feel that SFR does? Yeah right.

    Generations is a better and latest attempt but it's still an attempt. It already shows wrong rebounding, wrong spin dashing, wrong rolling, wrong unrolling. I'm not making this up; you can see all these things already. And I'm not trying to say they're good or bad or whatever, I'm just saying look, Generations is already yet another mashup of control ideas. SFR simply isn't. It just gets the classic control right. Like before people will look at SFR, then at Generations, and ask Sega why is it so hard.

    I agree with everyone that Generations' GHZ looks lush, but if you want a classic feel it's going to be poor, again. Meanwhile SFR will still be playing the way you have been looking for. Jump, bounce, roll too far, stuff something up, get hurt, nice. In Generations we see Sonic rolling down a hill, through 2 loops, and he still slows down. Yeah that isn't going to annoy me. -_- I'm going to enjoy stuff like that much more than the spot-on feel that SFR gets to work with.

    I know I'm being defensive here but these are still true points. Generations, even in the classic sections, is also showing itself to be using automated set pieces and swinging camera angles because it is trying to be a bit of a show pony, all the while jumbling up the classic controls yet again. Maybe not as much as Sonic 4, but still again, and it's not like Sonic 4 isn't the worst benchmark in the world anyway.

    If SFR stays on track and remembers that it is a brilliant-looking 2D platformer, and not a show pony, it will be great. It's biggest challenge is getting into the creative, compelling gameplay side of things. He needs to work on curiosity and design levels that beg the player to explore.
  11. Mad Echidna

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    Why are you guys talking about this like it's a competing product with Generations? It's not, it's a fan game. It doesn't matter whatsoever if Generations is similar or better. The fact is this is the first fan game of its kind, and that's what makes it awesome. It's easily the first professional quality 3D Sonic fan game and that's worth a damn lot.
  12. Jayextee


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    All I'm saying is, new levels would be nice. Three act EHZ (two of which appear to be new) plus a boss is nice, but following up with Chemical Plant Zone mkII and so forth would be a bit of a downer, you know?
  13. Ritz


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    Summary: "Physics, effort and accessibility are all the game really has going for it right now." Keep it simple, man. Accurate controls and physics are nice, but they don't count for much when there's so little in the way of remarkable new level designs. A lot of effort was put into the visuals and it's something to be commended, but all the complaints about color, clutter and gloss still apply. I don't consider it an improvement over the source material, and if the project sticks to this route, it's going to amount to little more than a solid tech demo or a portfolio piece.

    And that was my stance long before Generations came around, mind!
  14. Deef


    Because people were talking about motivation. We already know SFR is great, but how great was not the point of presenting comparisons.

    @Jay & Ritz
    Agree with you both.

    Heh I couldn't keep it simple; I like to hammer my point in a bit much. Generations is getting things right but isn't going for the classic feel in the way SFR is. Sure there are things SFR can do wrong and I agree with all you said, but to the people looking for classic control it's not about how much that control counts for; it's simply one game starting from the right foot and the other not. From there we just hope SFR does manage to take that somewhere good. We know it can go wrong or be too stale, but for the classic feel I still put my hope in the game where Sonic doesn't slow down rolling through downhill loops.
  15. MegaDash


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    Welp, you better get your ass to the Generations forum and get your voice heard before the game comes out. You've probably got until the end of this year.

    Glad to see there's still some solid devotion to this spectacular fan title. Again, my only recommendations so far are smoothing out the controls and the visuals.
  16. Ink


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    *prods thread*

    Direct download and torrent are both dead. Thought you ought to know.
  17. Jaseman


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    I mirror'd it.
  18. Aerosol


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    I'd argue differently. Ashura: Dark Reign comes to mind.
  19. Ritz


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    Naaah. Nothing about ADR screams professional to me. You can tell it's a mod at a glance.

    More to the point, anyone catch that one plot preview that was posted on the project's forum that went into great depth concerning Big's death at Ashura's hands? You know, with the lighting and the foaming at the mouth? I sure hope the team won't wind up maturing beyond that sort of thing by the time the final hits!
  20. Vaiz


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    ADR is using a heavily customized version of Xakles' Sonic GDK. It's hardly a mod. Also, that's very old and probably not still a thing, though I can't confirm or deny.

    Also off topic is off topic.