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Sonic Fan Remix

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by pelikan13, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. This Black and White monochrome version of the level should be really in the game later on. AND MADE HARDER.

    It could be like Sonic's dream, where it starts fine and colorful, but then the level fades to black and white, and the music becomes distorted, the world starts going wavy, the badniks become harder ones, and Robotniks machine at the end could be a completely different boss!

    Believe me...THAT would scare alot of people.
  2. Willie


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    That would actually be kinda cool.
  3. Just call this version "Sonic Emo Remix".
  4. Ravenfreak


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    Damnit you beat me to it. :v: As for RGamer's idea, that would be fucking awesome, not scary one bit. Well at least for the older fans that plays it. :v:
  5. CrazyTerabyte


    What I'm posting here probably has already been mentioned by other people, but I won't read 59 pages of this topic in order to find out.

    First, great demo!

    But... By default it maps Start/Pause to "enter", and it didn't work for me. I needed to remap it to "return" in order to start the game. (I'm pretty sure other people already mentioned this)

    I can run the game at around 26~30fps (using Good or Beautiful settings) or 45fps (using Fastest), but... the controls feel laggy. Even at the Fastest setting, I tap the jump button (spacebar) and the control is so laggy that Sonic jumps after I release the button. Things get even worse at lower framerates.

    Please, disable triple-buffer, vsync, or anything that might introduce lag. Maybe also optimize the code to reduce lag. In a fast game like Sonic, this kind of lag is fatal, and basically kills the game and all the fun. :(

    Anyway, good work so far! I just wanted to give some feedback, and I hope it will be helpful.
  6. Stonerboy


    the mac version plays great on my iMac11,1, look absolutely stunning in 2650 x 1440 res with maximum graphics quality. Also, I'm loving RGamer2009's "Sonic Nightmare Remix" idea.
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    Also, since this thing is so slow on my Mac, I hope there's a Linux version sometime soon :)
  8. Jetstreamx


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    I just played the "Noir/Troll" Remix about an hour ago. It was highly stylish. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who could be lumped into the category of "too much stuff, can't see." I hate to say it, but this really helped. I think the bad dream idea mentioned earlier was pretty cool, but I think it'd be fun to have a noir version of the game.

    As for the edit on the speed, I really didn't notice it. Honestly, I didn't think the game needed any more speed when I played the first demo. I found that the enemies were a bit too cluttered together. Is it possible that there will will be collapsible and dropping platforms in future development? And I do so love breakable walls. :D

    I second this motion.
  9. DustArma


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    More feedback, this time the noir version.

    I don't know if that was intended as a joke/troll version, but the noir background and foregroud really helped in distinguishing Sonic and the badniks from the rest of the level, it made it easier for me to avoid obstacles and destroy badniks, and it appears I'm not the only one with this opinion.

    Another thing, I couldn't help but notice that the settings I had on the color demo carried over to the noir demo (Input and Graphical settings), are you using the My Documents folder for the configuration files? Nevermind, it uses the registry for the settings.

    On an unrelated side-note, the demo works perfectly with the steam overlay.

    And I love RGamer2009's idea, that'd be awesome.
  10. I really love the composition of the demo intro music and I'd hate for it to go, however I also know that it isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. There could be a way for us to have our cake and eat it though. While listening to it on your youtube channel I got the impression that it would suit some sort of introduction cinematic. You could have a short story introduction using the in-game assets showing Robotnik capturing the EHZ animals and enslaving them, as well as planting his flags and search lights while inter-cutting it with the game credits (who made it and so on.) That way you can have the normal title screen music as well, or maybe even have it segue from the title screen music into that Robotnik composition.

    I always imagined a zone that was mainly vertical in design, with large cog like mechanisms that Sonic would have to manipulate to reach the next horizontal section of the level. In a sense something like this: Downfall Board Game. There would be a couple of tunnels off of each of the cogs, one of which will have a trap in it like spikes, or a fire jet. When Sonic falls into the small grooves in the cogs he'd need to use his Spin Dash ability to rotate it, if need be, in the opposite direction away from the trap tunnel.

    EDIT: Forgot to add. Out of the zones from the original games, I always had a soft spot for the Mystic Cave Zone. I'd really like to see what you'd come up with for that.
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    The screenshots make it look too busy to know what's going on. But you don't actually have that problem playing the game, never once lost track of Sonic.
  12. EightHeadedDragon


    The demo was smoking hot, and realizing that it is in fact only a demo right now, I will withhold any comments on things that haven't been put in the game yet. This applies double for the gameplay itself, which it seems much to early to be criticizing.

    I have no complaints on the music and think there is a lot of leeway for creativity, since the soundtracks for each of the original Sonic games (lumping 3 with S&K anyway) had a very feel to them.

    Chalk me up as one more player that thought the visuals were too overwhelming though. The Noir version did make the important things easier to see due to the contrast created, but I don't think it will be necessary to dull the colors to make it easier to play, so long as control over the colors is exercised in stage design. Let's take Sonic 1's Green Hill Zone. The foreground was always that brown checkerboard capped with bright green grasses, and the background was the deep blue of the sky and sea, with much darker browns for the mountains. Marble Zone used the same colors for both foreground and background, but the foreground was always very light and the background was very dark. Most stages throughout Sonic games were like this, except maybe Angel Island which had a lot of foreground elements and similar colors for a crowded jungle sort of feel to it. Or similarly, blurring the right elements (not necessarily all the background elements) could be a big help.

    Color and focus issues aside, I dig the imagery and level designs. It looks as if instead of the robots subtly creeping into nature, Sonic has arrived in the middle of heavy changes brought in by Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik has gotten a lot more territorial all of a sudden, favoring signs and flags over simply industrializing the countryside, but it works because he's always been an egotistical fellow with the way he gives so many of his creations his likeness. :) It does have a feel like Sonic CD's Bad Future and gives the impression of a much more aggressive plot at hand.

    Keep up the good work, you released this demo at the perfect time and amassed a large audience. This could really go somewhere.
  13. kazade


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    Can someone else mirror the B&W (Emo ;) ) version? For some reason Megaupload thinks I've been spamming them and 2shared has reached its limit.
  14. Sendspace mirror

    Also, for me at least, it's not really running much faster. Though it's running fast enough for me to be playable, so it doesn't really matter. And I think RGamer2009's idea is pretty cool.
    I don't have really much more to say than keep up the good work, so keep up the good work :)
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    Actually there were some levels like these...not really THAT vertical, for example, what you said about the "cogs" was in Metropolis Zone, you had to run to make the screws go up or down, or for example, on Lava Reef, where you had to spindash the platforms to move them up or down.

    Same thing. I never EVER lost track of Sonic while playing the game, I mean, he's in the freaking center of the screen, you cant even outrun the camera here.

    And lot of people says "I cant see the badniks"...but, I know there is a badnik ahead when I see the smoke near them (when they move, for example)...that's when my brain tells me to jump :P... Also, its kinda common sense to roll if you're going too fast on the floor. I love that there are some enemies really hard to avoid, there is a Motobug that its always after 2 springs, and most of the time its right where you land :P
  16. Deef


    Just want to add my agreement to the people who have said the noir version would be great to see hidden away in later versions.

    A secret unlockable, a reward mode, a plain old option, anything would be good. It is just a cool thing and if it were to appear in later versions it would also be a fun nod from the future to the current scene we're in today. Personally I'd love for it to be a real secret unlockable.
  17. Xylem Tube

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    Beautiful fan game here.

    I can only imagine what Metropolis Zone will look like...

    Also, I suddenly can't stop thinking about the egg engine.
  18. TmEE


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    Now if its GFX card requirements would not be so high... at work, my PC is unable to run it smoothly... GF6600 should be good enough for something like it, apparently its not. Haven't checked what will my GF8600 says about it.
  19. Lapper


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    Oh, I only have 1 more problem with this game, this time it is physics:
    I don't think there is enough control with the running. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think the awnser lies within the friction (no-key press decelleration).
    EDIT: Forget the above line.

    EDIT: The camera is wrong too... SPG should sort that.
  20. Deef


    Yeah there are quite a few things in the physics that still need work, but at least all the principles are down solid and it plays rather well.

    Some extra information on the issue of processing power. It appears that some people are having trouble running this on good machines, which was confusing enough.
    Then a guy at GAF posted his results from moving the mouse around inside Remix's window. He said that it's a bit unstable normally, but when he keeps the mouse moving he gets a solid 60fps. Bizarre, but it adds to the idea of capable machines having confusing issues.

    I tried this for myself. I'm running a laptop, Dual Core 8400 @2.26Ghz, with 4Gb memory and a 256M Nvidia Mobility Radeon HD 3650, 1.25Gb video memory shared. It plays SFIV ok at 800x600 with most effects off. It runs Remix decently at almost all resolutions; choppiness gets a bit noticeable at 1600x900, moreso on "Fantastic".

    I can't really say much that's useful from the CPU readout. It sits around 40-50% regardless of what I do in the game, with some occasional spikes. What is weird though is this mouse business and my laptop's fan.

    If I keep the mouse moving inside Remix's window, the fan shuts up. It just turns itself down.
    If I don't keep the mouse moving, the fan ramps up in speed.
    This effect only happens if I am continuously putting player input into Remix. Basically, I can make Sonic crouch. Once I do so, moving the mouse around will turn down my laptop's fan.

    It sounds weird but I have really tested this, then tested again because it sounds so strange to me. It's reliable, and bizarre if you were to watch it happening. If the fan is too noisy I can simply crouch and start waving the mouse around. It shuts the fan up, every time. Upon releasing the mouse or down, the fan cranks up again, every time.