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Sonic Fan Remix

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by pelikan13, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Sappharad


    Runs full speed with graphics and resolution at highest settings for me. (2008 Mac Pro, ATI Radeon HD 5770) Framerate fluctuated a bit under WINE, but seems fine native.
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    I wish I could play this, but my archaic PC from 2002 wouldn't ever be able to handle it. But from the videos I've seen, it's perfectly fine.

    I'm just wondering where the game goes from here. Will the whole thing be a recreation of old Sonic levels, or will there be any original levels not based on anything else? Either way, I'm sure it will be fine. I just hope not every level will recreate the same layouts of the older Sonic games. I've seen those enough in my lifetime ;)
  3. Interesting point, its basically been said its a semi-remake of Sonic 2, so I've assumed we'd see Chemical Plant as the next zone and of course the rest, but there's also an opening for them to do both a rehash of Sonic 2 and then some. If it was me, I'd rehash Sonic 2 as its going, but I would also include the lost zones that are seen in the beta versions of the original Genesis, since a couple of them are just blank data, it gives them the chance to make somewhat unique designed levels while also sticking to the Sonic 2 theme. I'd love to see Hidden Palace and Genocide City (even though I think that's just a translation error, I still like the name).
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    Isn't this said to be a remix of 1, 2 and 3? I would assume they aren't just going to continue through Sonic 2 zones.
    Chemical Plant would be nice, but so would Scrap Brain or Death Egg (imo) if we're going metal.

    What I really want to see is a good, solid Sonic 3 act. Because it blows me away just how short Sonic 2's EHZ act 1 was. I play Sonic 2 and I don't notice.
    I play SFR and I swear I just can't stand reaching the end so fast. The very first time I played it I simply ran out of time; I couldn't bear to leave. I didn't even see the whale part because I thought that was where the level end was so I kept turning back.

    I don't know how 2 guys can do so much, with so much skill, but while we're pulling miracles I'd really love to see a nice healthy Sonic-3-length act now. So I don't have to keep turning around when I reach the end.

    I could go a Marble Garden act. I don't like it in Sonic 3 but the structure of it is really good so I'd love to see it in SFR.
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    Just played it twice for the first time. Beautiful! I really, really cannot wait to see the rest.

    Now I'm wondering if this will opened up so people can create their own levels, or if it will just remain a concerted effort of a small number of people.

    Whatever happens, can't wait to play more. And thank you for releasing the native Mac port so quickly.
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    This, I'd love a Sonic 3&K level here, but since we need metal, I'd like a Flying Battery Zone re-imagined. Maybe a mix between it and some other level?...

    Hell, there are so many possibilities here, so many level themes, for example, what about a VS. level? Like Chrome Gadget, these levels were so nice, still any level would be awesome :P

    Im sure I'm not the only one replaying this so much...but, Im even trying to get better times on it lol. Im freaking speedruning a trial version, that never happent to me before xD
  7. Oh I'm definitely replaying it, first few times was the mad dash from start to finish, but now I'm spending time taking in the scenery and exploring the levels. Thinking about it, a better idea than what I said would be including certain levels from all the Genesis Era Sonics, Wacky Workbench from S-CD was one of my favorites. But more or less take the best zones from 1, 2, 3, S&K and S-CD.

    On a side note, has Sega made any official comments on this? I've been watching the news but its mainly just reviews about it, it makes you ponder if the Sonic Team isn't playing this, or at least pleading for their lives out behind the tool shed as they dig their own graves, though to be honest I can't make that opinion as I haven't played Sonic 4.
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    Agreed. But what I would also really like to see is a zone from Sonic CD. Wacky workbench would be a good one. Could even have different art for each act based off the time periods. Though I hope all these zones, if they are rehashed, are going to have new layouts or arranged versions of their originals. It's what I liked most about this sonic fan remix. The EHZ layout were not complete copies.
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    yes, I want to do lengthier acts too. Everything you've seen so far is proof of concept, now that we know we can build this game we can be more creative and original. However from the start of the project I have been eager to make a Chemical Plant zone so that's the next to come. Expect a second demo when that is done along with visual adjustments for Emerald Hill.

    For any other zone from the 3 originals that you want to see I'm open to suggestions, even if you have new ideas for Zones. I remeber reading a thread a while back about original zones and I thought some were really interesting. There was one idea about being trapped in a Robotnik nightmare, being inside his brain or something, anyone knows what that thread was?
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    If you did something as awesome as this I'd love you forever. -w-
  11. Hey I have a suggestion for the fan game.

    How about transitions between acts or zones?

    Like make it start raining at the start of Act 2 and go full storm by the end of the Act, and then let it tamper off to the clear moonlit sky by the middle of Act 3.

    Would be AWESOME if you could get this working. :D
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    Quartz Quadrant would be very visually stunning to play in your game. Mabey then you could have act 1 be past, 2 present and 3 be future!
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    It might actually be one of my old threads you're talking about. You might be talking about this idea I had:

    If you think you like that idea, I'd be fine with you using it. I'll be more than happy to give it to somebody with some actual programming talent, and I've got to say I'd be really honored if you decided to use it.
  14. Alphaman


    I know this probably goes without saying, but I can't help but just stating HOW AWESOME THIS LOOKS and how Sega should be ashamed that once again it's up to the fanbase in their freetime to leave their official attempts at recreating Sonic's past glory in the dust. Well, I may exaggerate with the comparision, but this really looks downright great, and it's even more impressive for a fangame. The weather effects are also awesome; changing up the scenery a bit between acts is a great idea. Also, not to forget the music is also great; there were tons of official company-attempts to remix music that were far inferior (also on a technical level with thin-sounding soundfonts). If there's more remixes done by this guy / you; I'd love to hear them.

    My only minor nitpick would that, visually speaking, I've always imagined Emerald Hill to be a much sunnier stage; less heavy on the dark blue and more bright, yellowish-colours. But I guess to a certain degree the personal interpretation of a stage's "real look" were just that; personal intrerpretation.

    Transition between the zones would indeed be sweet, but one often-heralded feature of S3K is the transition between the zones which somehow makes sense and gives a nice flow and sense of real world to the game. Of course, this being intended to be a remix of various titles, it's a bit of a stretch, but at least avoiding an arbitrary feel of the level order would be much appreciated. (Given how great this hack is, it kind of feels stupid to state such basic things since you all obviously damn well know what you're doing, but still, it's not like this is a standard feature in Sonic games) I'm just a sucker for this kind of "hey, this is a real breathing world you know"-things; I might also be the only person I know that thinks the overworld map shown between the levels of Sonic 1 8-bit was a great touch.

    A couple of questions, though:
    -Will the other zones draw heavy influences / copy parts from the level design / layout or will it be more of a "revisit the scenery, but with fresh level design itself"-remix?
    -Also - since it starts off in Sonic 2, will the basic gameplay lean more forward to Sonic 2'd speedier feel or will the corresponding levels from Sonic 3 and Sonic 1 slow things down?
    -And, maybe banal, but how are you going to handle Chaos Emeralds? Meaning, how do you access special stages and what are these gonna be like?

    Since you're asking for ideas for new zones, I've always felt that Sonic should have a level playing in a waterpark, complete with water slides and all that. The whole concept just screams fun in my opinion and would also allow some nice gimmicks like floating islands that pop if you stand on 'em too long and even some green areas (most waterpark's I've seen have lots of these) completing the overall "summer fun" feel while still mixing things up.

    Of course, Sonic Colours HAS a water park themed level announced, but I guess it's still somewhat different from the overall picture I had in my mind. I've even drawn some vague concepts when I was bored, but I guess it was a bit too speed based to work with strictly classic Sonic as it featured being shot out / making a huge ramp-jump after sliding a water slide (though not over a bottomless pit but a pool of water), the ability to run on the surface of water, and the horizontal water slides from the Advance games. Plus a pure "eye-candy-concept" for a section of loop-action (running right, through a loop, up a wall, being bounced down by a spring onto a water slide located lower (headed left), jumping over said pool of water with a ramp and then probably hitting a checkpoint to signal that "the fast section's over") - it was generally more of a "what kind of waterrides would be cool to incorporate in a Sonic stage" than an actual level-layout of platforming sections and such. Still, I think it's a cool concept, regardless of my wording now that makes it sound like my idea of a good stage is constant autoplay and gimmick-abuse (it's certainly not). While water-themed it could probably avoid too much drowning-panic-and-slow-gameplay (c.f. Labyrinth Zone) since the individual pools surely wouldn't fill the whole level (though those of course can contain lots of pathways and goodies and might even be connected by underwater tunnels), plus the general theme is open enough to allow some variety without just rehashing other zones in pieces.

    If you're going to pick up already existing levels, it'd certainly be interesting to see how some originally 3d stages turn out in 2d; maybe taking actual level design cues from their 2d counterparts (if you're going to remake Egg Fleet, look at Wing Fortress for 2d ideas).
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    I could die happy if you remade Sonic CD like this, lol. Not to put emphasis on purely a recreation, the idea of that is just something that would make up for the last ten years.. TEN YEARS, PEOPLE, of childhood-failing Sonic games.
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    Well, I haven't visited these boards for a long time, I just downloaded the demo and felt the need to leave my feedback here.
    I can't compare this to Sonic 4 as I don't have a console/iPhone/iPod Touch to play it so I won't be making any comparisons to it.

    That being said, the demo was awesome, you should be absolutely proud of the work you've done here, keep it up :) .

    Graphically, the game was very damn impressive, it performed very well too, at least on my PC, it pulls about 47 FPS average at a 1440x900 resolution with the fantastic preset.

    Visually, it felt like there was a lot going on the screen, in my perception (I could be wrong about it) Sonic didn't stand out enough, first time I played I ended up getting hit a lot because I couldn't see where I was, it was either that or me not being used to controlling Sonic with an analog stick.
    The progression from lush paradise to polluted "wasteland" (I couldn't think of a better term) was a nice touch, it showed how Robotnik's negative influence was affecting the area around it, kind of like the dark futures on Sonic CD. Sonic's model and animations were very damn good and the blur on both the spindash and his top speed running animation were fantastic touches on his already great animations, the badnik models were also very good, but, as I pointed before, it felt like they didn't stand out enough from the rest of the foreground.

    Gameplaywise, Sonic controlled very well on my gamepad even while using the analog stick (I'm not really a fan of analog sticks on 2D games), the controls felt very responsive, his jump felt somewhat low though but that's about the only issue I can think of. Niptick time! :v: , try testing with the camera dynamically moving to the right as Sonic speeds up, kind of like in Sonic CD, that gives you a larger view of the area ahead and it'll be useful for people with 4:3 and 5:4 screens.

    On the technical aspects, well, this is mostly talking about the game launcher, it correctly picks up available resolutions so I had no problems using my native resolution, it also picked the 16:10 aspect ratio perfectly so there was no stretching/pillarboxing. I had some issues with remapping the movement keys to my D-Pad, basically the up and down keys were inverted so I was forced to use the analog stick which had no issues. A suggestion I have is to give more in-depth graphical settings, like separating Antialiasing from the graphical presets as AA can eat a lot of resources on weaker systems.

    Two more nipticks I have (Though these are minor and I'm sure they will be fixed for the final release), first, the mouse cursor doesn't disappear when the game goes to fullscreen, second, the settings don't stick if I quit the launcher, I have to actually launch the game THEN quit for the settings to stick.

    Anyway, I'll be leaving my system specs here if you need to have a pool of system where the game was tested or something like that.

    Windows 7 Professional x86
    AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+ 2.71 GHz
    2GB DDR2 RAM
    ATi Radeon HD 4830 512 MB GDD3 RAM/Catalyst 10.4 drivers
    1440x900 19' LCD Screen.
    Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2

    Averaged about 47 FPS on Fantastic preset 1440x900.

    You did a very good job, you should be proud of it, keep it up, many projects be it hacks, fangames or otherwise end up being abandoned... don't abandon this, a lot of people would hate it if this went to waste.

    I wish you good luck with this project, nah, good luck is not good enough, I wish you succeed 100% in what you want to do.

    Back to lurk-mode.
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    Never got to respond before but the demo was really neat. Pretty much like playing a Sonic 2 HD remake in a way. Only little bits I didn't like was some of the design choices regarding the level title cards such as the dark colors and no foreshadow on some of the text... Other then that, beautiful job on the graphical presentation guys. Hope to see more progress on the game and looking forward to another release. :)

    I had no problem with any lag or slowdown during the game with fantastic settings on during fullscreen or windowed. It ran smooth and beautifully and the game is absolutely gorgeous in HD.

    If it helps anybody, these are my computer Specs:

    Studio XPS 1640
    Windows Vista 64-bit Operating System
    IntelĀ® Core? Duo CPU T9550 @ 2.66Ghz 2.67 GHz
    4.00 GB RAM

    I used an Xbox 360 USB gamepad to play with. (Rumble support would be a great additon )

    Regarding all these quotes comparing it to Sonic 4. I'm very disappointed at some of you guys. Comparing an homage like Sonic Fan Remix to Sonic 4 is possibly the worst thing you can do. If I remember, wasn't comparing fan-games to official ones, heavily frowned upon?

    Don't get me wrong, I heavily enjoyed Sonic Fan Remix but the game is basically just a Emerald Hill Zone remake with a graphical update, and an extra act. There is nothing new here (not including that one act), no innovation, just a re-imagination of the level with pure eye candy and physics mimicking the original games (Sonic CD, Sonic 2). Not saying mimicking the original physics is a bad thing but it is just a remake of Sonic 2 so far with only one original act, nothing more. If the graphics weren't the way they are and let's say replaced with original game sprites, absolutely "not a single person here" would even compare the damn fan-game to Sonic 4.

    Sega, Sonic Team and Dimps have nothing to be ashamed about. They made their homage and it wasn't bad, its getting its fair reviews, good reception and making them money. Everyone has their own opinion but this fan-game is not a successor to the classic games just an homage so stop comparing it to four. I'm pretty sure maybe one day down the line it'll be its own thing but until that happens these comparisons need to stop. Graphics don't make the game, of course it looks pretty and all but its just eye candy with physics and gameplay playing similar if not near identical to the originals. Thats all.

    Inb4 counter argument-
    "Well of course, graphics don't matter but its a shame that Sonic 4 couldn't replicate the original physics that Sonic Fan Remix has, thus making it better then Sonic 4."

    Bullshit. Sonic 4 may not have the original physics, then again I'm pretty sure, it wasn't supposed to since Sonic Team's/ Dimps plan was to mimic the old genesis games, not play exactly like 'em. Yes, there is flaws in the game regarding some slopes and the spindash, but it isn't game breaking whatsoever and doesn't ruin the experience. If it does for you, then its complete over-exaggeration and you're just being completely picky over little things such as this.

    Inb4 2nd counter argument-
    "Yes it does, the original game's physics is what made the games fun in the first place, thus making your comment invalid."

    Once again, Bullshit. The Sonic Advance titles play similar (not exactly) to the past titles and was made by Dimps as well. Dimps have shown they can make fun games without having to completely making games play exactly like the original.

    Dammit, I thought about it. You owe me a new pair of pants!
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    I just played the demo and what I have to say is just keep doing what you are doing. The game is excellent it looks very nice and sounds very nice. Really you should make this game the way you want to and not listen to people if they complain about things like your art style. The art is very well drawn and gives it a unique feeling making it different from other fangames. Your fangame is your own artistic creation and you obviously know how to put your imagination into actual work which is something that not everyone can do. Once you have the groundwork of your vision complete and added to the game, that is when other people's suggestions are best added as bonuses.

    I hope that this project reaches completion unlike many others. Don't give up, because you have the physics down well.
  20. roxahris


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    Sound quality. And by sound, I mean overall sound.
    This song does not fit within the context it is used, nor would it work as, say, boss music. You may not know this, but Sonic games generally start with cheerful, melodic songs like these - not orchestral dirges. However, this song wouldn't fit anywhere else, either - it's too slow! It's the sort of thing you listen to and go "this is a remix".
    Now, here's where my complaint stands - this song sounds like a recorded MIDI. The instruments have that lifeless, "sampled" quality to them that MIDI instruments generally have - the arrangement is generic, somewhere between "I've heard this before" and "Did twenty people all make the same MIDI or something?" - and any real attempts to mix things up a little are non-existant. Luckily, it manages to fit the context of the game - if only because it's Emerald Hill in... Emerald Hill..
    And... likewise! To put it bluntly - your so-called "remixes" are more-or-less boring MIDI reproductions with a few odd variations and, well... worse instrumentation. I suppose you could say it "lacks a certain 'je ne sais quoi'" - but alas, it's a case of the song just not being lively.
    You know, the same complaints from the other songs apply here, only this time the song is an original where the lead instrument is an accordion. Dear god, man. As to the actual composition; well, the melody is catchy, but that's because it's so short - just like the music in Sonic 4! And yet, the fact that it's basically the same five seconds looped over and over makes it feel forgettable - it's just not memorable!

    Hope I'm not too blunt. I don't exactly have the expression skills a real critic has, but hey!