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Sonic Fan Remix

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by pelikan13, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. Not a fan of the music or the title screen, but I am a massive fan of absolutely everything else.
  2. For the people complaining about the level being "too busy", how is this any different from Angel Island Zone? And "it was 16bit, so it worked" isn't an answer.
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    It's different from Angel Island Zone because it's uh...not Angel Island Zone.

    The original wasn't this busy. But it's his damn remix, let him do what he wants, right?
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    How cool is that!

    I see the layout is close to the original EHZ par a few differences, but the level design is (as I said before) brilliant, having Robotnik in his Death Egg Boss ship floating in the BG really tells the player the game's story right away, you just know what you're playing for, which is fantastic!

    And I personally think that Sonic looks cute and cool in that vid, nice modeling and animation, especially the springing up parts, I'll be looking beyond forward to this =)
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    This is really impressive, the only thing I'd suggest is that some of the text is hard to read ("Press Start" and the "Emerald Hill 1" text). Apart from that, the animations are slick as! I particularly like the running and jumping animations.

    Can't wait to play this.
  6. What the hell kind of answer is that? Angel Island zone not only had things goin on the foreground, but in the background as well (more-so when you played as Sonic, since the floating island was on the water at the time), even more-so when it was on fire. Same thing with this fan game, but just like Sonic3K, I think it's done right with this fan game as well. Very beautiful visuals with little things going on that add bonus points for creativity and originality (I.E. the huge robotnik robot from Sonic 2 flying in the background). From what the video has shown me, it seems like this game is a blend of sonic 1, 2, and 3K, and as far as I'm concerned, I like it :) Mad props to the creator.

    I'm sorry, are we watching the same thread, or are you looking at something else?
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    Ill go ahead and amit this. That was busy as fuck. There was just too much going on to make any of that interesting. It somewhat looked like shit.
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  9. Based on screenshots alone this didn't look so good, but the actual gameplay footage looks amazing! Congratulations! Definitely more interested in this now than in a certain official 2D game that's coming out soon.
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    Uh, pardon me? I've yet to see a Sonic fan who has said that Colors is going to fail. Nice going Dtoid.

    As for the Sonic 4 part, yeah I can agree, this fan-game looks marginally better. By like, a thousand.
  11. And more importantly: It looks like it plays better.

    Forgot to mention, I loved the title screen. Different than what you'd expect from a traditional Sonic game, but in a good way, because it captures the surreal nature of the Sonic universe.
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    Not saying it's awful, the work behind it is awesome, but it's too busy it's so hard to know what to do. Simplicity is better than too much details.
  13. I do agree that the amount of detail could be toned down a bit. Also, the foreground could use some lighter colors, there's currently too much black. However, those things are bothering me so much less now that I've seen it in motion, they are no longer game-breaking issues IMO.
  14. Definitely agreed that it looks too busy.
    The gameplay itself looks like it plays perfectly, and the character animation looked spot on too (although I personally dislike the spinning spring thing). Programming-wise it looks like it's much better than Sonic 4. But visually, I didn't feel it mixes the realistic look with the classic look too well, and I personally prefer Sonic 4 in that area, even if it's just because it's simpler (although in gameplay footage, I've noticed similar problems in Sonic 4 with differentiating the background and foreground elements).
    That skid sound bothered me too.

    Overall, a fantastic effort, but the art felt a bit overworked. The look would work a lot better with ARZ, but for EHZ not so much imo.
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    Destructoid is the base of the "Dumb Sonic fans hate Sonic" thing that's been going on. Jim Sterling especially, by doing classic acts like giving a blow-job to a Sonic doll. I am downright detested by people saying "Sonic haz green eys omfg!" in a feeble attempt to imitate Sonic fans in a preschool imitation manner. It makes them look like the retards instead.
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    That video is quite simply jaw dropping. It's about time somebody competent put together a decent side-scrolling sonic game that actually looks like it takes advantage of the advancements in graphical hardware we've had in the 20+ years since the Mega Drive was first released. The attention to detail is sublime, every tiny element seems refined and polished. Quite simply, a visual feast. I literally cannot comprehend how much effort it must have taken to create such an immense variety to such a high level of graphical gorgeousness. This is super-model-draped-over-the-white-leather-of-an-italian-sports-car good.

    If I were able to influence this in only one way, it would be to urge you to ignore the "it's so busy" comments - I believe pandering to this and diluting the absolutely stunning composition you have here would be such a crying shame. I honestly don't know whether the people airing those views have some kind of severe eye problems or a brain deficiency that prevents them from tracking basic events on the screen, but I had absolutely no trouble following the action, even while clocking the various bells and whistles - the close-to-camera foreground palmtrees across the bottom, the far background side-show, the amazing vine/creeper stuff you've got going on in the underground passages. Jesus Christ, the whole thing oozes so much character. You guys have clearly proven that your critical faculty is more than adequete to create a masterpiece, without having to defer to the pressures of a divided mob that don't really have a clear idea of what they want anyway. If you continue following your own instincts and flair for design, this is guaranteed to be something special. Great job, and I look forward to the next teaser with high hopes.

    On a side note, Hez, if this looks "somewhat looked like shit", I really need to get a copy of your diet, buddy. You must be eating some priveleged nosh to be squeezing out nuggets that resemble this in even the remotest way. Either that or it was a bit of a mean-spirited comment to make and you shite globs of fetid brown sludge like everyone else.
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    This is GORGEOUS. This is a truly beautiful game, not just art wise but it's a perfect conversion of the "Classic" style game play placed into a entirely new 3D world. The remix idea is somewhat interesting taking the classic Emerald Hill Zone giving it a highly detailed facelift, do you have any ideas on future levels? I'm guessing you'll be taking it from all three games of the Classic Trilogy right?

    The art style approach is very well pulled off. It's got some sort of "Little Big Planet" art direction by making the background detailed, but also washing out the colour a bit, giving it a nice faded "far away" type of look, But you have also kept the foreground art's colours bold and full of colour making sure that the background doesn't clash with the actual level layout. I'm very excited about getting my hands on a demo whenever it's going to be released. I'm sure I'll be having many reruns blasting through the stage then going back at a steadier pace just to take in all the beautiful visuals.

    This is a truly polished fan game, nice work!
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    Wow, this looks great. Love the amount of detail and the use of colors; there's tons of life and effort in this game.

    Keep it up. I'll be one to play the demo, for sure.
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    It's a very neat rendition of the Sonic universe as I've always liked it, putting the accent on Robotnik's conquest over the island (with the 'stach flags, the robot flying in the background) is a real bonus in this way. I've no other little complaints than the amount of blue in the general rendering, like Azukara said, and the sound effects that are a bit off the rest of the game.

    Top notch game in perspective, from my point of view.
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    -_- What.
    I was disappointed. It was just a rehash of Emerald Hill. It looks pretty though :v: