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Sonic Fan Remix

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by pelikan13, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. I'm kinda late on the screenshot comment bandwagon, but hey, it looks amazing! I'm really impressed by how polished the game art looks. What programs/tools are you using to model the level geometry? How did you make that sky texture?

    Also, I agree, you should go with Devin Polaski for the music, if possible. I'm listening to the stuff on his website, they sound like movie soundtracks, which is awesome.
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    I got a small question: Can you only play on resolution 1280x720 or also higher ones? I mean, DVD quality ain't bad, but Blu-Ray (1920x1080) is better (especially if you have a large screen). =P
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    And a god computer. I hope there will be custom screen size, like 1024x768. I'm still on a CRT monitor.
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    well, thanks for all the suggestions, Devin Polaski offered to do a couple of tracks so for the time being I've stoped looking for music

    Yes, Unity offers plenty of resolutions and formats to choose from as well as quality settings, here is a screenshot at a higher resolution:
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    Technical Question: Assuming the level bits 3D models, how did you get those wedges? Was it a simple bevel, then a normal map of the a high poly version?
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    Awesome! Just one more question about the resolotions: Can you also pick different aspects? I got a 16:10 screen (at 1920x1200), not 16:9. The difference ain't that big, but you can still see, that everything is streched, and that would ruin the entire game.
  7. Hello, everyone. I am Lugbzurg. I've been coming here for a long time, and finally decided to join after seeing both this project in the works and the fact that a forum existed. (Back then, I mostly came here for stuff like game secrets, guides and all that other stuff in that sector)

    I am now here to try and contribute to this game, and I hope I might be given the priviledge to make it onto the development team. So for now, unless I actually become a developer, I will try to contribute to this game as far as I can at the level of "Spectator". My first topic on this game shall be about music.

    First thing first. The Main Theme. Every game's gotta have a main theme. Sonic 1 had that little jingle, Sonic 2 had "Sweet Sweet Sweet" or "Sweet Dreams" or whatever it was actually called, The Ratchet & Clank titles get main themes into their games now (like "Let's Celebrate" in Tools of Destruction). Some games use actual songs, some use instrumentals. I will show you what I have found.

    While I was looking through YouTube videos, I saw several short films submitted for Sonic's 19th birthday. Some were good, some were bad and some were just downright weird. But there was one acceptionally wonderful song that was submitted and created by Daniel Alvarez (AKA, Linkshadow4321). The YouTubers praised it as better than Crush 40 or those people who performed the songs for Sonic CD. And yet... it didn't even make it into the top 10 as far as Sega was concerned. Yet, somehow, a badly-made video of a Green Hill Zone Act 1 mock-up in flash with missing details, glitchy-looking movements and an almost-missing background, not to mention, those ledges on the cliff faces failing to collapse when stepped on. Not only do I feel that this song that I'm about to show you has the same feel that this game is trying to portray, but it shares a similar backstory. These are both connected with great Genesis fandom that Sega is neglecting and shunning out. They're "Rejects", if that's the right word. Amazing ones, at that. I believe this game and this song work perfectly together. I think I would like to see it used for all or a combination of the following five purposes.

    > Main Theme
    > Sonic's Theme
    > Intro Theme (abridged)
    > Credits Theme
    > Final Boss Theme

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you...

    Next up, I wish to bring up potentual music composers of the highest quality I know of. They come with many different styles and feels. I'll start with the two I think may be the best for this style of game.

    Blake Robinson
    Also known as "Dummeh", Blake has made fantastic, mind-blowing orchistral versions of soundtracks from many a game, as well as completely original works. His favorite game might actually be Sonic II (as he types it), as most of his remixes are from that game. I believe he's even remixed Robotnik's theme and Aquatic Ruin three times each! Even if you're going to want originals rather than remixes, he can make originals. Besides, he's even made the famous jingles like Sonic 1/2 intro, victory theme, game over theme, drowning/timer theme and Sonic II's ending theme that I'm sure this game can't live without. He even has his own website, where he hosts all this work that he's been doing for years called "Dummyworld". If you feel potentual for this man, then listen to his work so far.
    Sonic 1 Robotnik Theme -
    Sonic 2 Robotnik Theme -
    Sonic 3 Robotnik Theme -
    Wing Fortress Zone -
    Mystic Cave Zone -
    Aquatic Ruin Zone -

    Olivier Serois
    Also known as "Ubergrau", Olivier makes a lot of amazing orchistral versions of Sonic music (as well as other stuff out theme) and he is breathtaking at it. I don't know much about him, as he doesn't seem to have his own website, but his music enough is plenty. I'll give you some links to a few of his works. I'm putting up Green Hill first and I want you to listen to it well. I believe it is the very best remix of Green Hill I have ever heard in my entire life. In fact, I really think "Green Hill" should be an extra stage to be unlocked by special means, much like in Sonic Adventure 2. And, if possible, it could be all three acts fused together as one level one coming seamlessly after the other, ending with the classic Checker-Wrecker Ball fight. (Yes, that's what the boss is actually called!)
    Green Hill Zone -
    Sonic & Knuckles Semi-Final Boss -
    Carnival Night Zone -
    Emerald Hill Zone (2-Player Version) -
    Aquatic Ruin Zone (Shows gameplay first) -
    Sky Chase Zone -
    Angel Island Zone -

    While I believe those two may bring about the best musical feel for this game, there are some others I think we should look into, and maybe even ask for specific tracks of music to be made, weather they be remixes or originals.

    David Orr
    David goes by a strong policy that no one's game should be compromised by a conditional or costly music composer, putting that into action by custom-making high-quality music free of charge. He makes music in the "epic" catagory for anyone who wants them, be they an actual company down to people making a fan-game (if it's one of those really good ones, which this more than quallifies by his standards). I know he can take a melody and produce many different tracks from it, as the project he's really working on right now is the Larry franchise on Newgrounds and the music is incredible. Listen to his music and try to tell me he's not awesome at it.
    David's Website -
    Larry's Theme -

    While I don't know his real name, Tonindo is famous for his high-quality music works in the "Epic Rock" catagory, with a bit of orchistration. His most famous work is "Let's Brawl", a remix of the "Menu 1" theme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He has also done various other videogame works such as "Bowser's Castle" from Super Mario World (I think it was that game) as well as films such as the Back to the Future theme. Something you should know about him is that he's the "Slow and steady wins the race"-type... I think. He doesn't make music as frequently as some of the others I'm listing, but he's definately worth looking into.
    Tonindo's Newgrounds Profile -
    Let's Brawl -

    Alexander Damien
    Alexander, better known as "DarkMelee" once tried to make his own online Sonic game. He even made the music for it. But sadly, the game never got up off it's feet. He still keeps the music from this cancelled game up. It's all original work and it still follows the Sonic melody. You can identify which ones are from his cancelled Sonic game, as they have "~"s on either side, for example: ~Cosmic Calamity~ (the first one I heard). His music style is kinda soft and he even made a few of his own Robotnik boss themes. Do look into his music if you want something that isn't a remix. He encourages people to use this music of his that he never got to use as he wanted. Let's make him proud, shall we?
    DarkMelee's Site -
    City Rush -

    Basicly, this is just a metal band that makes mostly remixes from old games on Sega consoles (though they... or he... has made some Nintendo music, as well...). He's most famous for the free, downloadable MP3 "album" called "MetalHog", which contains music from Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and even "Live and Learn" from Sonic Adventure 2 (though he mistakenly forgot the "2" and no one's told him that yet). MegaDriver is a Brazillian band/artist, so any contact isn't likely to be instant for most of us here. There is also a Green Hill Zone remix he made which I cannot seem to find on his site (though, there is another Green Hill Zone remix I found quite easilly) which I will show you via YouTube.
    MegaDriver Website (MetalHog Album) -
    Hedgehog Metal (His better Green Hill Remix) -

    Marcos Pascoli & Andreas Kotsamanidis
    Better known as "BrainCells" and "SnappleMan" respectively. The reason I list these two together is because they do plenty of musical work together and they have very similar styles. They have made some awesome rock covers together, seperately and with others. You may remember SnappleMan's remix of "The Doomsday Zone". I'm sure pretty much all of you have heard it at some point or another. I am giving you the links to their OverClocked profiles, though, for some reason, they seem to be missing some of their remixes. They make some pretty good music, so, even if they won't have anything that ends up being in this game, you all should at least listen to them.
    Marcos' OverClocked Profile (BranCells) -
    Andreas' OverClocked Profile (SnappleMan) -
    Scrambled Eggman (A Sonic 3 Major Boss remix by both of them) -

    Daniel Alvarez
    Better known as Linkshadow4321, Daniel is known for taking several tracks of music from various Sonic games and writing lyrics to them. He has a very good singing vocie and he even does voice acting. If this game ends up needing such a thing perhaps we should look him up. He also has a talent for "Mashups", in which you take two or more pieces of music and arrange them together in a fusion such as merging "Live and Learn" with "Boss: Perfect Dark Gaia". Then, of course, there's the usual "remix". And yes, this is the same guy who wrote the song that I want to see as this game's main theme. He also does other works. Do check 'em out, please!

    Green Hill Zone -
    Reach the Goal -

    PS: Whatever you do, please don't quote this entire thing! And you need not worry. My future posts won't be nearly this long!
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    Hey welcome to Retro mate. I gotta ask though, if your goal is to make it onto the development team, why not try to make your own music instead of googling others? I understand if you don't have any musical knowledge, but trying won't hurt you at all. You'll learn along the way, you know? Good luck with that.

    As for that list...atleast a couple of them post on Retro semi-often, in the Sonic 2 HD forum, specifically.
  9. Yeah, that was my first post. I might have made a bad first impression by starting off with what other people have made, but I just want to make sure we can just point this out to Sega as what needs to be done.

    As for making music, I really can't. I can't play any instruments and I don't have any music-making software (like FruitLoops Studio). But I would like to get some. I would certainly try to make something for this game after I'd have gotten familiar with how everything worked.

    I'm new to this site, but I'm certainly not new to making something professional.
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    Hey Lugbzurg, I tried to pm you but I couldn't, thanks for taking the time to send me all those links, I listened to them all and got in contact with some people. Really helpful, thanks!
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    How the hell is Pelikan still a trial member? What he's shown so far is more than enough to let him be promoted. He's had two articles posted on the main site about his game. Everyone is very closely watching this fan game.

    That said, I can't wait until we can see something beyond a couple screenshots or a ten second video.
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    ok, here is a first look at the gameplay, it's the full Emerald Hill Act 1, the demo will contain three Acts and we are working hard to get it out as soon as possible..

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    I am noticing similarities to Emerald Hill Zone. Is this intentional?
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    Well, considering the title card says 'Emerald Hill Zone Act 1' and it's a full remake, I'd say so!

    Looks awesome, btw
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    I am very impressed. No way in hell would I be able to run it, but I'm not too keen on the backgrounds... They're... what's the word - diluted? Blurry?

    Otherwise, it's astounding.
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    This is truly Sonic the Hedgehog as you imagined it.

    A few things to pick on though:
    - Replace the font on the intro and "Press Start Button" screen with something readable and better.
    - Sound effects are quiet, some don't exist and the skidding one isn't even from the classic games. Gotta have consistency you know. Increase the volume for the sound effects and they'll be good.

    Other than that, what are the hardware specifications for this game?
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    That video is amazing!
    I am looking more forward to trying this demo than I am to playing Sonic 4...
  18. One other thing...I miss the kill badnik noise. D:
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    This is awesome. I very much look forward to the demo. I also hope to see this finished. =3