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Sonic Fan Games (The older ones)

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by DC.17, Feb 18, 2011.

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    I agree with InstantSonic; I would love to just collect as much of this shit as I can and just spend a whole day doing nothing but drowning myself in pure nostalgia. D:
  2. Mr. Ksoft

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    I'm actually interested in trying to find the first fangame I ever played but since SFGHQ wiped out a ton of their stuff it's definitely gone. It was a demo (actually in the scrapped section-- I was 8 and I saw the title "The Bin" for that section and thought of something like a bargain bin full of games and thought that was the main game section), and I remember it had a really huge viewing area, and Metal Sonic, but that's it.
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    I remember playing. . Polysonic? Is that what it was called?
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    Polysonic was awesome! I remember it playing and being visually close to the GameGear / SMS games, but then again I could be blinded by not remembering just how it played. :p
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    Ah I forgot about Polysonic that was a great one.
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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was like GG/SMS Sonic 1, to be honest. In fact, all the stages were pretty much similar to lay-out hacks and etc; the graphics were all from the actual stages. But it was still a rad game, man.
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    So thanks to the help of Smidge204 I was able to get a new copy of that disc, as it seems I'd lost it when I moved. That means that I'm going to be able to post a crazy huge compilation up here that'll blow your fucking minds. It's going to take some serious time to sort it all, as the folder names are not entirely specific but I estimate contents close to the following:
    110 "Complete" Games
    139 "Demo" Games
    24 "Binned" (discontinued development) Games.

    That's a total of 273 nostalgia projects for you guys to try out. I might split it up into parts ala, "Demo games", "Complete games", etc. just to get something out there for you guys to play with since it's going to take time to properly determine what's in all 273 folders and rename them appropriately. Right now everything's in an abbreviated folder name like "sstw", so it's not exactly handy for anyone looking for something specific. I have some zips and stuff in here too that may of been games that didn't get properly uploaded to the site before we got hacked in 2005 (if the culprit of those actions is reading this, still no hard feelings as we previously discussed, shit's ancient). If that's the case, expect a few "bonus" games that may not of ever even gotten their chance to appear on SFGHQ included in the packs. It may take me a day or two to get this shit out there because there is a LOT to look through, I'll keep you guys updated.

    Special thanks to Smidge204 for providing me with a new copy of our old SFGHQ material since I lost the original dvd he mailed to me.

    Once I get these all up, I may even consider getting together some of the ancient sprite materials, tutorials, etc. together, maybe we could make an lol "old school" style fan game with 90s graphics tiles and engines or something hilarious like that, we'll see. Haha
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    PC0; This is fucking amazing. (Thanks to Smidge204, as well, of course.) You've made my entire fucking year and it's only March, haha. <3
  9. Perfect Chaos Zero

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    Ok ladies and gents, it's show time! FIRST OF ALL, I'd like to issue out a little dll pack, I THINK this should contain all the old dlls needed to play these old ass games, if I'm missing any let me know and I'll update the pack. Extract contents into system32 to be able to play all (or at least most) of these games. Here's the dll kit:

    Now without further adieu, let's get some of the requests that weren't filled earlier in the topic.

    One game I heard mentioned many times was Sonic Chaos Racers. Well here you go:

    I read poly sonic mentioned a bunch of times, well I got a copy of that too, so here's that:

    I also saw Sonic Chaos Revolution 2 somewhere, well I got that shit as well hahah:

    NOW, if I missed anyone's special requests that weren't already fulfilled earlier, let me know again in this thread and I'll look for them, there's a lot of random stuff spread about in this huge SFGHQ rar I got so I may of missed something.

    Now that the individual bits are out of the way, let's get to the big stuff shall we? I don't have full games or the binned section completely done yet but give me some time and I'll get those done too. IN THE MEAN TIME, I've got a fucking massive demo compilation ready to rock for you guys. It took me three full hours to organize this for public use. Now, some things to note:
    • Some demos were corrupt, busted or didn't have the game included and only screen shots. These were removed. So instead of the previous estimated total of 139 demo games, I ended up with 127 demos, so while we lost a dozen demos, oh well, we still got an insane number left.
    • I've added notations to a few games that I either knew something about or had to access in order to find the name of the game or felt there was a necessary commentary. You'll find these notations at the end of the folder name in parenthesis. I might not of commented on all the games that needed a comment though so keep that in mind. Also, all apostrophes were removed from folder names for a variety of reasons I don't feel the need to explain.
    • Some included folders will include screen shots and maybe even the original download html from pre-2005 SFGHQ. I decided to keep these in their folders in their original format and context simply for nostalgia purposes where present.
    • Some of said index.html files may trigger your virus scanner when you open them. I'm pretty sure they're not actually virii so I wouldn't worry about it. If you're really that concerned, just don't open them!
    • Keep in mind that a lot of these games are olllllllllllld. Old, old, old, so don't expect high performance engines or superior game play. In fact, some of these games are so amazingly bad it's actually hilarious. Not only that, but these ones are demos, so they're older than dirt AND they're incomplete. But that's all part of the nostalgia anyway right?
    • Some items have the same name and are included as a separate entry. This may be because it's a different version of a game of the same name or an entirely different game that had the same name.

    Now I'm sure all of you want me to cease the bullshit and the walls of text and just get on with it. Well fine, in that case, let's list off what all we've got here shall we?

    ALL 127 GAMES INCLUDED, with commentary where applicable, sorted in alphabetical order are:

    007 Sonic Secret Agent
    Amys Adventure
    Amys Bubble Pop
    Beat Zonic
    Beyond Sonic
    Beyond Sonic 2K1
    Big Adventure
    Bunnie Roboticize This CCA ONLY
    Bunnie To The Rescue
    Bunnie XTREME
    Chaos Begins
    Chaotix Missing
    Clash Brothers (works poorly)
    Dr Robotnik Rebellion
    Dragon Trail
    Emerald Emotion
    Heart Of The Hedgehog
    Knuckles 3D
    Knuckles Non-Pocket Adventure
    Knuckles vs The Pokemon
    Legendary Sonichaos
    Mario VS Sonic
    Metal Sonic Adventure
    Metal Tails
    Omni Chaos
    Project Mettrix
    Radical Sonic
    Return of The Eggman
    Ring Race
    Robotnik Full Force
    Rune The Echidna
    Sally Quest (The one that doesn't suck)
    Sally The Quest
    Sallys Adventure
    Save Sonic
    Ses Racer (REALLY bad)
    Ses The Peacock (hilariously bad)
    Shadows Past
    Shen Sonic
    Silmirllion (funny trailer)
    Sonic & The Xfiles
    Sonic 2001
    Sonic Adventure (creative naming)
    Sonic Adventure 2 (more creative naming)
    Sonic And Ashura
    Sonic And Friends 2
    Sonic And Suckles
    Sonic And The 7
    Sonic Apocalypse
    Sonic Avalanche
    Sonic Ball (wtf)
    Sonic Black Magic Trailer
    Sonic Breakout (controls with mouse)
    Sonic CD 2
    Sonic CD 2 (again)
    Sonic CD Pocket Delta
    Sonic Chaos Racers
    Sonic Chaos Revolution 2
    Sonic Christmas
    Sonic Chudoku
    Sonic Dash X
    Sonic Epoch
    Sonic Fangame (can not find name)
    Sonic Final Adventure
    Sonic FLASH
    Sonic Forever Pack
    Sonic Gamma
    Sonic Gamma (again)
    Sonic Groove
    Sonic Havoc
    Sonic Infinity Christmas
    Sonic Ki
    Sonic Legacy
    Sonic Mobius
    Sonic Next Episode
    Sonic Nextreme Trailor
    Sonic Omega
    Sonic Omega (again)
    Sonic Parallactic Adventure
    Sonic PC 2
    Sonic PC Blast 2
    Sonic Pocket Adventure big version (controls busted I think)
    Sonic Powers Trailer
    Sonic Psychotix
    Sonic Quest Demo
    Sonic Quest for Chaos
    Sonic Returns
    Sonic Robo Blast & Knuckles
    Sonic Robo Blast (THE ORIGINAL)
    Sonic Robo Blast TGF
    Sonic RPG 2
    Sonic RPG 2 (cnc version)
    Sonic Secrets All in One
    Sonic Showdown 3D
    Sonic Slam 2
    Sonic Slam Attack
    Sonic Spinball Millenium
    Sonic SV2
    Sonic The Comic Madness (Great gfx, bad engine)
    Sonic The Fast Revelation
    Sonic Time Attacked
    Sonic Total Chaos
    Sonic Ultra 3
    Sonic Ultra The Return
    Sonic Velocity
    Sonic World (not Sonic Worlds)
    Sonic World RPG
    Sonic Xplosiv
    Sonic Xtreme 2D
    Sonic Y2K
    Sonic Zero
    Soul Chaos Newbie Escape
    Sparks The Echidna (lol)
    Super Sonic Racine Alpha
    Super Sonic Racing
    Tails Is Captured
    Tails Maze
    Tails The Fox
    When Tails Gets Bored
    When Team3 Gets Bored
    When Worlds Collide

    How's THAT for awesome?
    Oh and this is just the first part of the stuff I've got, next up is "Completed" games which should likely include another 100+ projects for you to download, all of which are likely at an even higher quality (though less hilariously bad....slightly) than the demos! So you want the complete demo pack link by now I'm betting, well here it is!

    Have fun, Full Games and Binned items coming soon. Also, a directory listing of these and other things uploaded will be added soon as well for those of you after individual items from the list should you not want to download the whole pack. (It'll take a while to upload.)
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    Posting for the sake of PC0 giving us something pretty awesome. :v:
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    I'll have to look into this when I get home; work's not the place to do it.
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    Sonic & Suckles, lol I remember that one.
  13. Perfect Chaos Zero

    Perfect Chaos Zero

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    Alright fan game fans, I'm back again ALREADY with another massive dump! This time it's all the complete games from pre-2005 SFGHQ. After all was said and done, I ended up with a total of 97 games (a few were borked). As last time, commentary was included for some folder names where applicable. But before we get to that, let's take a look at some requests I missed, shall we?

    Here's Sonic's Mega Quest, man.

    Actually it's called When Team 3 Gets Bored. It was in the demo pack but here's an individual link:

    Hahah, you like those? Well here's both of them.

    Back to the floating island? Got it right here:

    Have you played the 2nd one too? Here's both of them: - Here's 3 of them, no TFH sadly though, since blaze restarted it over 9000 times. I can ask him if he has any old builds for ya though.

    Did someone say King of Mobius?

    Sure it was binned? Are you sure it wasn't maybe... THIS game?:

    SOMEONE said something about Robotnik's Revenge, I can't find the post to quote it but whatever, I remember seeing it. Robotnik's Revenge was actually also known as Robotnik's Rebellion if I remember correctly. That being the case, here's a copy for you as well:


    Now that ALL of those are out of the way, I don't think I missed any requests. If I did miss any, sorry, let me know and I'll try to find it! That being the case, I suppose it's about time to get on with the big stuff shall we? Things to note about this pack:
    • My DLL pack has been updated, so you may wanna grab the new one as a game or two might not work without it.
    • Many of these games, although not all, actually include their ORIGINAL REVIEW pages AND screen shots from old SFGHQ, so you can actually take a step back in time and see what people thought of the games when they were originally released! Very cool for nostalgia fans. Definitely worth checking out!
    • Includes a horribly embarrassing Sonic Tennis game made by AJ Freda, creator of SRB2. Mwahahaahaha >=D
    • Some of these games are pretty good, others even worse than some of the demos. But it's all part of the nostalgia right?
    • Jesus christ Aytac made a lot of freaking games other than chaomega! Cripes!

    So without further adieu here is the complete listing of all 97 entries in the full games pack, in alphabetical order and including comments:

    Chaos Battles
    Chaotix 2
    Crazy Cabby Sonic
    Hidden Palace
    King of Mobius
    Knuckles Blast
    Knuckles Christmas
    Knuckles Millenium
    Knuckles Millenium 2
    Knuckles Racer
    Knuckles Ring Rush
    Little Chaos
    Metal Sonic Quest
    Metal Sonic Quest Special Edition
    Metal Tails
    Neo Sonic Boom
    Neo Sonic Universe
    Nights Adventure
    Omni Khaos
    Robotniks Rebellion AKA Revenge
    Rotor Boom
    Search for Knuckles
    Sonic And Friends 2nd Edition
    Sonic Avalanche
    Sonic Bible Adventure (Fan favorite for being hilariously bad)
    Sonic Boom
    Sonic Brick
    Sonic Chaos (another from the maker of chaomega)
    Sonic Chaos 2 (another from the maker of chaomega)
    Sonic Chaos Strikes Again (maker of chaomega - title screen may cause seizures)
    Sonic Christmas
    Sonic Dead Zone
    Sonic First One Standing
    Sonic Flight
    Sonic Fun Zone
    Sonic FX
    Sonic Infinity Halloween Edition
    Sonic Island Chaos
    Sonic Island Chaos
    Sonic Kilk & Play Collection
    Sonic Madventure
    Sonic Maze Mania
    Sonic Mega Quest
    Sonic Pinball Mania
    Sonic Pong
    Sonic QTE
    Sonic QTE 2
    Sonic Robo Blast (The COMPLETED Original)
    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Halloween (Also technically a demo but whatever)
    Sonic Robo Blast Christmas Edition
    Sonic Search
    Sonic Stash
    Sonic Super CD
    Sonic S-V
    Sonic Tennis (Made by SRB2 creator AJ Freda - might be his first fg - 2 player)
    Sonic The Fast Revelation
    Sonic Thirdscape (PLAY THIS - Hand drawn everything- Epic for its time)
    Sonic Thirdscape 2 (PLAY THIS TOO)
    Sonic Thirdscape Xmas Special
    Sonic Time Attacked (Fuck yeah)
    Sonic Ultra
    Sonic Ultra 2
    Sonic Ultra and Robotnik
    Sonic Ultra Compilation
    Sonic Ultra The Return
    Sonic Ultra The Return DELUXE
    Sonic Wars
    Sonic World 2 (Not Sonic Worlds)
    Sonic World 3 (Still not Sonic Worlds)
    Sonic Xmas
    Sonic Xtreme
    Sonic Y2K
    Sonic Y2K Unlimited
    Sonic Y2K XTREME
    Sonic ZERO
    Sonichaos (another Aytac game - Use at own risk scanner says virii)
    Sonichaos Revolution (more Aytac, installer may freeze)
    SonKnuck Adventure
    Special Sonic
    SRB2 Christmas (this is technically a demo but it was in here so)
    Super Mario And Sonic
    Super Mario And Sonic RETURNS
    Super Mario NWO
    Super Sonic Quest
    Tails and The Quest for 100 Rings
    Tails R
    Tails Race
    Tails Rescue Quest
    Tails The Flight To Flicky Island
    Tale Of Two Sonics
    The Arrival of Artemus
    Ultimate Sonichaos (More Aytac lol)
    Unfinished Business
    Video Game Holiday
    Wood Island
    Zone Racer

    Now, once again, I'm sure you all just want the damn link already, well here ya' go brothers and sisters!

    I really hope you all enjoy the games and the trip to nostalgia land, this should last you quite a while and I'm STILL not done yet! Next up is the bin games. It's considerably smaller though, so don't expect anything on the scale of the last two, haha!

    Any commentary on any specific games you like or hate or thoughts/mistakes in the pack, let me know!

    EDIT: I feel terrible! I almost forgot to mention a special thanks to BRPXQZME! His dll pack of ages old had a file that mine was missing! Said file was since added to mine, but thanks to him because I would have forgotten it otherwise if I didn't stumble upon this olllld dll pack!
  14. Alright! Finally, after all thesse years, I can goo back and play through one of the first fan games I ever downloaded!



    Well, at least this is the right game, but I know that there's a full version out there. It was about 30-50 levels long, with a crap-ton of extras. (And you could edit the .gam file, which I did because the game locked up on a certain stage for some reason so I just deleted the scene)

    EDIT: I also just noticed that list has Tails Rescue Quest on it. AND it has that game Wood Island I saw previewed in a couple of those old game libraries that had sprites and stuff in them. (I never knew that even came out)
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  16. Xilla


    Ahh that's a different Robotnik's Revenge from the one I was thinking of. The one I was thinking of was by Yarharhar - I found his Dust Hill demo (and as I recall, the final one) recently.

    All the Robotnik's Revenge demos are linked to on this page although sadly the downloads themselves have been blocked.
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    Oh man. Epic work PCZ though I was kind of hoping you would have my old games (Sonic Lightning, Bluestorm, Sonic: Dark Horizon) in that stash. Looks like they have been lost in the echoes of time.
  18. Perfect Chaos Zero

    Perfect Chaos Zero

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    First to top off the requests, someone wanted Sonic The Fated Hour, I forgot it was in the first pack I posted (before demos) so here's that:

    Now for the finishing tough, the binned games. Most of these are crap, they were trashed. HOWEVER, at the same time there's some REALLY interesting concepts present in them that could perhaps be used to make some awesome fan games. When I say that, note that I am staring directly at Sonic Infinity when I say that. I mean, High Speed Megaman? Jesus Christ, who wouldn't enjoy that?

    While I was at it I dug up some old bits and pieces. Who remembers this?

    How about this one?

    Looking back on it now, Rlan was into some trippy shit when he was running SFGHQ. I love it!

    Anyway, ON WITH THE SHOW!

    Next up, we've got our old school binned fan games. Same stuff mentioned before applies, but keep in mind this stuff was probably binned for a reason, so it's not the place to look for greatness, but for really cool concepts that never got made.


    Here's the list of the binned games, in alphabetic order, with comments of course:
    Hidden Palace Zone
    Hidden Palace Zone Act 1 and 2
    Knuckles Power Quest (POWER quest)
    Manic Man Sonic RPG (Cool in a gauntlet sort of way Not very developed though)
    Manic The Hedgehog (lol sonic underground)
    Sonic 2 The Lost Levels
    Sonic 3D XMas
    Sonic Adventure (more original names)
    Sonic And Chaos
    Sonic and Silver Sonic (He predicted Sonic 2K6)
    Sonic And Tails
    Sonic Crazy Cabbie (old version)
    Sonic Epoch (olllld version)
    Sonic Exciter
    Sonic Ice 2
    Sonic Infinity Xmas (Engine is super broken BUT check it out for the awesome sprite and cool concept)
    Sonic Quest
    Sonic Robo Blast 2 2D (hahaha speaks for itself)
    Sonic Robo Ranger Saga (lol)
    Sonic Smash
    Sonic Stadium (not the website)
    Sonic Time Crisis

    Here's the link 1337 skeet peoples:

    Now for the OTHER awesomeness of this post. What, you thought I was done already? PFFFFFFTT, no way! First of all, we got the COMBINED FAN GAME LISTING here:

    Now I bet you guys are wondering, "But PC0, why would that come in handy".

    Well you see gentle peoples, since I figure you all might not wanna download EVERY fan game necessarily, or maybe, you want to link your pal to a specific, one, I've uploaded a catalog of every fan game featured in these previous packs for direct download as a directory listing for each category. Here's the links people, enjoy:

    Full Games:
    Binned Games:

    These contain individual RARs of every single sonic fan game featured in the previous packs, packaged individually for your convinence.

    I've still got some odd bits and bobbits floating around in this old Sonic 2K5 database, so if there's any demand left for them after this ridiculously huge archive dump, I might even post a few odd old fan games you guys have never seen before, ones that didn't quite make it to the SFGHQ website either.
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    Oh My God. You found Sonic Chaos Racer. I'm so FUCKING Happy I made this topic, and my entire year has officially been made.

    <3 I love you guys.
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    I'm pretty sure When Tails Gets Bored used to be hosted along with some kind of custom font file the game used (without it, the game's text runs over itself). Anyone remember what it was?