Sonic Fan Games (The older ones)

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by DC.17, Feb 18, 2011.

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    It's your lucky day! I have this one. Enjoy!

    TGF Team was an interesting face from the early days. They made a lot of games, admittedly very hit-or-miss but some were quite decent. This demo is in the miss category though, it's not particularly engaging (I suspect the level designs are from the original SA2 fangame which is why they seem so poor compared to contemporary TGF productions like BRSX)
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    Oh man, this takes me back. He was my best friend in the SFGHQ days. Loved the guy. He was just one person (even though he was called TGF Team) and as well being an awesome guy he was very talented. He made Sonic 2099 in his later years (which I tried to get him to rename to Sonic 2097 after Wipeout 2097 but he stuck with his original name) and Bladerunners SX, as you mentioned, which I actually did name. He wanted something cool and it was the coolest thing I could think of. I think I may have been quite good with names because I also named Aytac's Sonic Unity when he started work on that to follow up Chaomega. But yeah TGF Team's game were very good and much better than mine. We did team up on a couple of projects. Blue Storm and after that Sonic: Dark Horizon the latter of which remains unreleased.

    I do miss him a lot. We were in contact every day for years. He also contributed Raging Waterfront to the then planned final release of Chaomega (whilst I contributed Desert Heat). I think Bladerunners was his last project as I recall and it's probably his best with Sonic 2099 as a close second.
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    Neat! I didn't expect to have it so soon! And yeah, there's not much going on here.

    Asides of the better engine and new cutscenes, the stages are very linear. But it's really nice to have it recovered after a while, that's for sure. (especially cuz' it's the only fangame made by TGF that was publicly lost) Thanks dude!
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    All the links on the front page are either dead, or don't work with waterfox.
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    Perhaps an odd request, but would anyone happen to have any of the versions of Dr Robotnik in Rebellion (or something to that effect)? 'Twas the first fangame I ever played, and on a computer horribly ill-equipped to run it. (Yes, really. It was an exceptionally slow machine, even for the time.) And as stated in the post above, the site that was hosting a lot of them seems to be dead.
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    My Youtube as far as Sonic goes.
    Would this help you?
    I also upload several playthrough's of these old games on my Youtube channel titled under "Sonic: Fan Games/Hacks"

    If you want the Level Select password as well then let me know i need to remember it xD

    EDIT: Also, if anyone around here has a copy of Manic the Lad by ManicTeam share it to me so i can upload a playthrough of it thank you.