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Sonic Fan Games (The older ones)

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by DC.17, Feb 18, 2011.

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    I remember one of those Hidden Palace remakes, it felt funny seeing how they ripped the graphics from poor magazine scans, but for its time it was pretty interesting.

    It might be interesting to rip them in case there's anything on there not publicly available anymore. Or there's also the possibility there's earlier builds of some things that were lost to time.
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    I wonder if anyone remembers my games. Sonic Lightning. Blue Storm. Sonic: Dark Horizon. Produced those and Desert Heat in Chaomega. That said Sonic: Dark Horizon was never released and the others were terrible, lol. Really wish you guys could have played my new designs for the rest of the levels in Chaomega. I was so proud of Jungle Peace when I finished it, taking all the feedback from Desert Heat on-board and even reworking that zone for Chaomega's planned final release.

    My aforementioned fangames and those Chaomega designs are lost in the echoes of time now. It's nostalgic to reminisce about it.
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    I played that one!
  4. I remember that one! Funny thing is: It's the first Sonic game I ever played!

    For years it used to be available on Mark Overmars' Game Maker website before the YoYo sale (it was made with Game Maker 4.2). You can still find it with the Wayback Machine.

    It wasn't just CDs that distributed these, for some reason the guy who sold my elementary school computers decided to bundle it along with all the other "freeware" he put in every one.

    I'm actually working on an archive for old fan-games at the moment, something with a little more permanence than the "post a zip and hope it stays up" model that's served us for years, I'd love to be able to add those if you're interested.

    Still working out the kinks though, I've got about 29 "releases" inside at the moment. 28 of those are old releases from SAGE 2007, and the other 1 is actually Sonic Zone :).

    I was in the process of cataloguing them all (trying to get as many of them to run on a modern PC as possible, finding credits, etc.) when work just went nuts, and now it looks like it's gonna be a couple of weeks before I get back to that.

    Here's a list of what I have at the moment:

    Brazsonic 2 SAGE07 Demo
    DarkSonicRX Final SAGE07 Demo
    Emerald Ties Crossing Fates SAGE07 Demo
    Microsonic SAGE07 Demo
    Nights Into Dreams SAGE07 Demo
    Retro Sonic 'Old' Egg Garden 1 Demo
    SatAM SAGE07 Demo
    Shadow Mystery v0.9.5
    Silver SAGE07 Demo
    Sonic Battle 4 SAGE07 Demo
    Sonic Dash
    Sonic Death Day SAGE07 Beta
    Sonic Destiny Demo 1.3
    Sonic Destiny Demo 1.52
    Sonic Fusion Demo 1
    Sonic Fusion Demo 2.2
    Sonic Nexus Cosmic Chaos SAGE06 Demo
    Sonic Nexus Emerald Hill Christmas SAGE06 Demo
    Sonic Nexus Pristine Palisade SAGE07 Boss Demo
    Sonic Nexus Pristine Palisade SAGE07 Demo
    Sonic Omega 'Old' Demo
    Sonic Online SAGE07 Demo Halo Mod
    Sonic Project SX Jade Gully Test Demo
    Sonic Rebirth SAGE07 Beta
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 SAGE07 Demo
    Sonic Time Twisted SAGE07 Demo
    Sonic Turbo 2 Engine Test SAGE07 Beta
    Sonic Zone
    Sonic's Vacation SAGE07 Demo
  5. EterTC


    After some digging, I managed to collect all the old fan games that were on those CDs and uploaded them. Here they are.

    Also included is a list of what the zip contains, and a MIDI rendition of Angel Island for added nostalgia value.

    Official Game Demos:
    Sonic & Knuckles Collection
    Sonic Adventure DX
    Sonic Heroes

    Fan Games:
    Sonic Universe
    Sonic Universe 2
    Neo Sonic Universe
    Sonic Chaos
    Sonic Chaos Strikes Again
    Sonic Chaos Revolution
    Sonic Time Attacked
    Sonic Robo Blast
    Knuckles Millenium 2
    Sonic & Shadow
    Sonic Blast
    Sonic Quest
    Sonic Adventures Sunset Coast
    Sonic Zone
    Sonic ZE
    Sonic Super
    Sonic Neo Adventure
    Hidden Palace Zone
    Surfin' Sonic
    Sonic Tennis
    Sonic Xtreme 2D
    Mario and Sonic Flash
    Sonic Robo Blast 2 (Windows)

    DOS Games:
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic Robo Blast 2 (DOS)
    Project Mettrix
    Freedom Fighters
    Knuckles vs. Super Sonic
    Nesticle emulator
    ZSNES emulator
    Some notes:
    - I included the official Sonic demos too, just so that they don't get lost and can be preserved.
    - Some of the games included run on DOS, if that gives you an idea of how old they are. You'll need DOSBox if you want to play them.
    - One of the CDs actually had the Nesticle and ZSNES emulators for DOS! I included those as well. They even have some roms (a couple of pirate Sonic games for NES and SNES). I doubt anyone is going to use them, but they may hold some historical value.
    - There are two versions of Sonic Robo Blast 2, one is for DOS and the other is for Windows. Interestingly, they were listed with different names ("Sonic 3D" and "Sonic Final" respectively) though they were in 2 different CDs made by different people.

    The only games I couldn't save were the 3D Blast demo, one small unnamed fangame and Sonic Blox, a Tetris-like game with 3D Blast music and Heroes artwork that fortunately still exists online. The demo because it's on a CD I no longer have, and the other two because they're not stored on any folders and instead they were part of the menu.

    Note that those CDs contain more than just Sonic fan games, so if there's any freeware game from the time you're looking for, there's a chance I might have it. There's a good number of Mario fan games too, in case someone is interested.
    That sounds great. These games need to be preserved. Feel free to add the ones I uploaded to your list. You can also add the ones from PC0's pack, someone reuploaded it a few pages back.
    Guess what? Sonic Super uses your engine.
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    Mr. Ksoft

    I am very on board with the idea of a fangame archive. I grew up on this stuff as my primary PC entertainment! I just dug through my backups and should be able to make some contributions that I don't see available right now (I think some were uploaded previously but now, once again, sit behind dead links)

    Full games:
    Neo-Sonic 3: Revelations (no relation to Neo Sonic Boom or Universe... anyone have Neo-Sonic 1 or 2? I had 1, never got 2 because if I recall it had a large MP3 soundtrack... in 2002)
    Neo-Sonic Godspeed
    Sausage Roll Islands
    Sonic 2099
    Sonic QTE 3 ("full" game but oddly truncated and rushed)

    Chaos Control (okay... these are basically trailers)
    Combi-Sonic (Alpha 0.04, EXEs are corrupt but I seem to recall the source being unprotected so I should be able to rebuild it)
    Mobius the Next Revolution: Shadow Returns
    Revelation Saga Episode 1 (by the previous mentioned Raudaschl... fancharacter/fangaming community "RPG")
    Retro Sonic (Visual Basic early engine test - doesn't seem to work on Win10)
    Retro Sonic (slightly later VB version)
    Secret Agent Flash
    Sonic 3D Revenge
    Sonic Chaos Rings
    Sonic Eternal Rings
    Sonic Ki (later demo)
    Sonic QTE 3 (has more story than "full" game)
    Sonic Ultra 4 / Sonic Ultra X (doesn't run on WinNT+, so not sure if it works)
    Sonic Unity (I think I have a couple versions of this)
    Super Sonic Bros
    The Darkness 2

    ...and also a Sonic Time Attacked skin for Winamp!

    Probably more stuff too, that's just a cursory glance. Should have free time this weekend to zip everything up and throw it on my server. Some of these have issues running on newer OSes though (crashing at start, choppy framerate compared to how they really ran back in the day)... so really XP and below is the way to go for these.

    Well shoot, that's one of mine! I should still have the code too, it actually got a bit further than the Sage demo. I added a second act boss and part of a second zone. I should see if I can compile it into anything usable.
    In fact, I'll see what I can round up of my old fangaming history in general. I developed absolute mounds of stuff between around 2001 and 2007. Probably 200+ CCA files, some I worked on for as short as a day. Some of the stuff was released but there is a lot that never saw the light of day. List of notable things I can think of off the top of my head:

    Sonic 3D Attack - First fangame which I made at the age of 9 in TGF.
    Sonic 3D Attack 2 - Improved sequel with real GAMEPLAY! Made a few months later.
    Sonic Chaos Planet - Used the old Damizean 360 engine if I recall. The earlier of the two versions I made has early soundtrack work by Hinchy of modern-day Time Twisted fame!
    Sonic Ksoft - There's about 20 different iterations of this in varying levels of completion using the Sonic SV2 engine.
    Sonic Zoom - Earlier work with SV2 engine, maybe a few months after 3D Attack 2? I had to dump it when my MMF1.5 trial ran out. Everything made after that for a few years was done in a pirated copy of MMF1.0 :v:/>
    MOB the Robot - Fancharacter game.
    Sonic 5 Revised - Remake of an older fangame I made.

    I probably have EXEs of half of those, the rest are source files. I have MMF1.5 installed on my Pentium 3 rig so I will see if I can round up all the extensions and get them compiled.
  7. Thanks for the upload! I've got them on my pc right now. Like I said before, work is hell this week, but I'll get to cataloging and putting them in the archive as soon as I can.

    That would be great! I'm still "alpha testing" the archive right now (looking at different hosting options, cataloging as much info as I can about each release), but more demos from more sources would be amazing. If you want I can PM you a link to what's online right now.

    Microsonic was amazing back then, sure the demo was a bit on the short side but it's one of the few games from that era I actually remembered before starting work on the archive.
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    Awesome that you guys are uploading archives of all the games. Think it could be cool to merge them all together in to some kind of master archive if possible.

    Also anyone have Blue Storm? It's an old fangame demo I created with TGF Team from back in the day. Seems to be lost to the echoes of time. Anyone?
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    For those who want PC0's pack, he reuploaded it here. The links in the first post should be updated as soon as possible.

    Your link doesn't work. Try uploading it somewhere else.

    Sorry, I don't know anything. I searched for Sonic fan games titled "Blue Storm" and the ones I got used 3D engines so they're probably not yours.
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    Thanks for trying man but yeah it's unlikely you'll find it. I mean it's from around 2000/2001 or so. If it helps I had it officially titled as "Bluestorm" of which the latest release was "Bluestorm V3" created by Sonic360 and TGF Team. It also had a booth at a couple of SAGEs from around that time.

    A master archive of every Sonic fangame we could find would be an awesome idea though. We should definitely get on that shit.
  12. I've actually been working on something like that for the past month on and off, I'll pm you a link to what I've got so far (I'm still changing a lot inside so I don't feel like going public yet).
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    Awesome man. Yeah definitely do so. We have this thread stickied so hopefully we can update the OP with your super archive and have it available on Retro.

    This place is pretty obsessed with having everything Sonic uploaded and archived so surprised we didn't do this sooner.
  14. Mr. Ksoft

    Mr. Ksoft

    Oh, well, it's not my link. It's from a few pages back. It worked a few days ago, but it was basically just the PC0 archive.

    Aaanyway... I have uploaded some of the stuff I have on my site: There's still more for me to sort through (some need recompiled from source due to bad EXEs), but that's a start. Bonus: I've uploaded "SAGE 7: The Game" which is an interactive display of all the booths that were at SAGE 7! It's cool to check out even if all the links are dead.
  15. EterTC


    I actually downloaded that file before it went down, but since it's just a mirror of PC0's pack I don't think it's worth reuploading. Especially now that there are plans for a bigger archive.
  16. EterTC


    Okay, so I have a few things to say.

    First, I was searching online about Sonic Ze and I found out that there was an attempt at reviving it. There was a remake called Sonic Ze DX in the works, around 2007/2008. Here's a video of the demo, and a thread about it. The links are broken, but don't worry, here comes the good part.

    I was messing around in Web Archive to see if I could save the links, and fortunately I managed to do it. They're two very brief demos with unfinished stages, slippery controls and no sound, but I think they're still worth putting in the archive. Also included is the source code in case anyone here can do something with it. I was thinking about uploading the demos by themselves, but I realized that there were a couple more fan games on my computer that I didn't upload before, so I might as well upload a "Part 2". Although there's not nearly as much to upload this time, they're still a few more Sonic fan games that we could save.

    Another thing I'd like to mention is that I was so obsessed with Sonic Quest that a few years back I actually ripped the soundtrack (and with "ripped" I mean that I went to the sound test and recorded the songs with Audacity in .wav format). I can upload that in case anyone cares. It mostly uses MIDIs of the music from the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast, though admittedly the boss theme, which is a remix of the S&K miniboss music, is a favorite of mine.

    And lastly, used to be a good site to download fan games, but something happened and I can't download anything from it anymore. Does anyone else have the same problem?

    PS: Sorry for the double post. I figured that waiting until someone else posted wasn't a very good idea since who knows how long that would've taken.

    I recognize some of the games in that site. Super Mario: Kamek's Revenge, Plasma Twins Strike Again and Megabot are included in some of the CDs I own.
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    Yeah, I also have the same problem.

    I did find another website that has most of the Sonic games that are on
  18. EterTC


    Good find. I'll make sure to download those and include them in Part 2 as well, in case that site also stops working.
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    Woah, talk about a blast from the past. So many fond memories of these games. TGF Team's stuff, Sonic Ki, Sonic Time Attacked. A gold mine. So the download links don't work anymore?

    Thanks for posting this however. It was nice to reminisce about the old school SFGHQ days again if only for a moment.
  20. EterTC


    Here's Part 2. This is what it contains:

    Fan Games:
    Knuckles Millenium
    Sonic SV
    Sonic Chaos 2
    Knuckles CD
    Sonic Ze DX
    Sonic Action
    007: Sonic Secret Agent
    Sonic Spike
    Chaos Battles
    Chaotix Universe
    Espio's Legacy
    Knuckles Adventure
    Knuckles Crackers
    Legendary Sonichaos
    Neo-Sonic 3 Revelations
    One Girl Army
    Sonic 2099
    Sonic Jr.
    Sonic Psychotix 3
    Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure 2
    Sonic Velocity
    Tails Meets Pacman
    Thirdscape 2
    Ultimate Sonichaos
    Sonic XG (Demos)
    Sonic The Hedgehog 2D
    Sonic Adventure 3

    DOS Game:
    Project Mettrix

    SWF File:
    Ultimate Flash Sonic

    A few notes:
    - This includes the fan games from this site as well as a couple I had on my computer.
    - I skipped Sonic Chaos Revolution, Neo Sonic Universe, Sonic Universe 2 and Mario and Sonic Flash as they were in my previous upload.
    - Sonichaos is not included because my antivirus hates it, I couldn't do anything about it.
    - Project Mettrix is included, though I'm not sure if it's the same version I uploaded before or not.
    - Ultimate Flash Sonic is a SWF file. I have no idea how to open it, but if someone else does, it's there.
    - Sonic Ze DX includes two demos and their respective source files.
    - Sonic XG has three demos, not sure if they were uploaded before but I didn't see them in the wiki so they're there just in case.
    - There may be some repeats from previous uploads.
    - Sonic The Hedgehog 2D may seem redundant as it's fairly recent and well known, but you never know what could happen.
    - Sonic Adventure 3 is also a recent fan game (it was made after Sonic Generations) but since it could get lost in the sea of fan games with the same title, I included it.

    Like the games I uploaded before, feel free to add them to the archives.