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Sonic Engine Demo

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Rob Jinnai, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. SMTP


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    Ermm, Pressing Enter for PC or Start for Genesis, it does "Current Level + 1"

    The reason you think its just restarting EHZ is because its following the zone slots from the real Sonic 2. Which zones 00(EHZ)-03 are EHZ copies. Just keep going on, it'll get to the used zone slots.
  2. Namagem


    This is an awesome project. Porting the game to C opens up so many possibilities previously thought impossible. The ENTIRE GAME can now be completely remade from scratch. It opens up porting to other systems and languages. If Quake 2 can be ported to Java, so can this. Online functionality and so much more can now be added that the genesis simply can't handle.
    Rob, I applaud the effort you've put into this engine port. I'm looking forward to the this being completed.
  3. I'm not sure what Tweaker is talking about, this worked fine even on my shitty PC. The engine itself, however needs quite a bit of work. I can over look the collision, since these are obviously incomplete stages. Probably the most egregious thing I noticed, was the apparant speed cap. Sonic couldn't leave the camera in CHemical Plant, and didn't gain any inertia on the slopes. I did appreciate to press enter fo randomness feature, however.
  4. Shibunoa


    It's a shame that I've learnt about this just today.
    It's not bad, what's off's mostly the jump (which is very odd) and some round slopes.
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