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Sonic Dream Team (New 3D Game from Hardlight, coming to Apple Arcade December 5)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. Going back and looking for the rest of the collectables I missed. Stumbled across this and uh...

    I do not seem to be able to make this jump.

    Not the slope jump. That took a few tries to be able to do consistently, but I am talking about the jump to the platform at the end.

    I've come significantly closer since that video. Touching the side of the top of the platform and then falling. But I have not made it yet. Probably tunnel visioned on it for a good half hour before deciding to come back to it later.

    This is almost to the point that it's actually kind of amusing, in a strange way. Especially considering the rest of the game so far is not at all difficult, and they just stick this random sequence in here that is probably the most overly precise thing I've encountered in a Sonic game, the reward of which appearing to be a few meaningless coins.

    By the way, no. Homing attacking the buzzbombers does not give you enough height to make that first slope jump. I honestly think those are just there to get you high enough to see you can make it up there.

    This design has to be very deliberate. And I just find that really funny in a way.
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    Surprise, Sonic Dream Team is getting an update at 2PM Pacific today. It will include a new Speed Battle mode with leaderboards, time rankings for each level, and eight new Boss Missions. The first three bosses have also been updated with "a few new moves".

    According to SEGA, this is the first of three content updates that will be released over the course of 2024.

    Source: Sonic Stadium
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    I forgot to cancel my Apple Arcade sub so I guess I'll check them out.

    Can't wait for the Shadow x Blaze DLC. You know it's coming.
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    I should speak up more on this since I have Apple Arcade as a part of my iCloud package. I’ve been playing it more than Superstars as of late, but mainly due to a shitty old laptop that runs the game great only about half the time.

    With that out of the way, this is Sonic Heroes 2 as I’ve truly imagined it! I think honestly, I appreciate how much more forgiving the game is when it comes to making mistakes and the “get to the end of the level under X amount of time” was the most fun I’ve had in a 3D Sonic in a LONG time. I feel like the boost is great, without being uncontrollable and the rail grinding, while a little slow at times, no longer feels threatening.

    I really hope there’s a sequel or expansion to this. I feel like it’s going to sadly be a one off, never to be explored again.

    In conclusion, I now understand why Sonic Unleashed is so popular (outside of the nighttime werehog levels). I finally understand this boost mechanic :V
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    Jack shit.
    I was gonna put these on the wiki like...two weeks ago or whatever.

    Never got around to it. Like three people from the game posted stuff.