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    It's funny you mentioned grind rails because Dash 2 and Forces Speed Battle both have grind rails, but despite Dash continuing to add new features weirdly grind rails were never added, not even to the new set pieces. I wonder why.
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    Lost my Dash progress to a fuckup with Google Play Games. To me it's just useless as hell to go on. My progress involved having both Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man, who will never return to the game, and both had an exclusive overpowered power pellet item, and an absolutely insane high score that I probably spent nearly a half hour on. Similar case for Sonic Dash 2 and with that I was even more upset because I prefer it. The worst part is I have the actual save file but it won't let me use it because it thinks I'm a different person.

    Rail grinding doesn't really add anything to Dash's formula. In fact it only really takes away another method of having an obstacle. In Speed Battle it's fine because it offers speed in exchange for the ability to dodge other's traps. You'd have to do something like a single player Speed Battle with pre-built levels to make it make any sense.