Sonic Cosmo Fighter gameplay footage

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  1. I wasn't sure if anyone had found and posted this on Retro yet, I did a quick search through the forums but haven't seen any topics related to it.

    I'm pretty sure this is the best video footage we have yet of Sonic Cosmo Fighter. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. GHFan


    Cool! I've always read about this and wondered what the game looked like in action. If someone were to get the sprites from this, I would be eternally grateful.
  3. Katzu Niku

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    Whoa. That, sir, is a thing.

    It's really exciting to see a 2D Sonic game we've never seen before. Nice find!
  4. ashthedragon


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    A friend of mine recorded that footage. I wrote an article about it at sonic paradise, with photographs of the arcade cabinet and the game. He also told us about the gameplay of cosmo figther.
    I Was planning of translating it myself and posting it here too, but I got too busy and never did. I'm glad you've found it!
  5. Ritz


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    Only took us 18 years. This footage is more valuable than virtually every beta thing we know of, and this is from a product that was once commercially available. And man, it looks pretty nice. Look at those big arcade sprites and fluid animation.

    Now where's the Sonic Patrol Car footage?
  6. Scarred Sun

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    Welp, this.
    It sure is, holy shit.

    That we don't have anything beyond this is very distressing, now that I think about it—ash, where did your friend record this? We should fucking just steal the machine and dump the board. :v: In all seriousness, though, we should make some sort of effort to find one of these machines.

    That being said, we have like two pictures of Sonic Patrol Car and that's it.
  7. Willie


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    That animation and art direction, omfg. So beautiful. I wonder how much they would be willing to sell that unit.
  8. ashthedragon


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    He discovered it at an arcade/amusement park in China, at the vacations he took there last summer. I'll ask him about the location of said place as soon as I see him.
    He goes to China every summer vacations, so maybe we can get more footage of this next year, I don't know if that place if far away from his usual home there, but if he went there once, it is possible that he might go there again.
  9. Ritz


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    In the meantime, we should pool our cash to buy this guy a decent camera with a tripod and a new child that doesn't suck at videojuegos. He needs to get every star, a 100% completion 1CC run. Does he think this is a fucking game?
  10. Vangar


    If he plays his cards right, he may be able to get it cheap. It's an old game and who really knows how rare it is?

    "Oh my son just loves this game, it's an old machine and its in bad condition, I'll give you $1000 for it"

    The story says it's just with the recreational games that don't even spit out tickets, surely this has just been pushed to the side due to lack of popularity at the venue.
  11. Meat Miracle

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    Or maybe the machine was just running in 160x120 resolution.
  12. SpeedStarTMQ


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    Wow, that thing looks really fluid. The only other mention I've seen of this game before is in the Sonic Gems Collection museum. Scarred Sun's right, we'll have to go and steal this thing! For the greater good!
  13. Twinbee MkII

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    Listening to the footage, from what I can make out in this Sonic seems to be voiced by Takeshi Kusao, just as he was in SegaSonic the Hedgehog. I'm guessing they must have hired him to do voicework on these two as well as Patrolcar most likely. Interesting. :3
  14. Vinchenz


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    If I were rich I'd honestly get ready to go to China as soon as I know where it is and buy it off the owner.

    Of course, I'm sure most people here would be like that. :v:
  15. Willie


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    I really hope there will be a day where all of the art from this game can get ripped. The art direction just looks absolutely outstanding and I would love to see a well made fangame get created using that style.
  16. Very cool seeing this game in action! It's a shame the Sonic arcade games never came to home consoles... Maybe some day Sega will show them a little respect.
  17. Lord Nero

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    This is an absolutely fantastic looking game, basically a Galaga Lite, and seeing as Galaga is one of my all time favorite games, this would certainly be so as well, and I would GLADLY throw up money along with others to see this in Retro's hands.

    I certainly am hoping for a perfect comp to be released someday with all the games that have had 0 respect, much like Gems Collection mixed with Mega Collection +, even more so since I cant make heads or tails out of MAME and would love to play SegaSonic..
  18. Trunks


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    This game looks like shit. But it's still neat. I wish we could buy it and somehow dump the board.