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Sonic Construct Worlds

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Candescence, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Candescence


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    Already tried that, it was the straight port from the MMF2 version. And I eventually realised that was too much of a hassle. I've gotten far, far more progress with this than any other attempt, and I ain't stopping now.
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    Thanks for the tutorial links, man. They really help. Wasn't hard at all to fix what was bork. And now I know how to animate stuff.

    Annoyingly, it seems the one downside to using Custom movement, is that the default Platform movement has built-in support for moving platforms, but Custom movement does not. This is of course the problem you are experiencing. I guess you have to find out how to replicate the built-in behavior.

    MMF2, from what I remember, was a lot easier to make animations and events in for me. Construct seems a bit more complicated, but not impossible to learn. While viewing the event sheets in the tutorials though, it seemed like it loved to crash.

    Also, I think to fix the whole "shield sprites staying in the air when you lose it/already have one" issue could be solved with a simple destroy event, but of course you'd have to add triggers/variables for replacing the current shield you have if you already have one, or something. Still new to this, so I'm probably spouting off useless drivel.