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Sonic Colours out for Wii/DS

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 26, 2010.

  1. You guys have a different idea than I for what the Wisps will do. I thought that finding them would be the missions in the game (sort of like Spyro games), and when you have enough of a certain element you can unlock different paths on the overworld. Though a drill? That's totally not been used in any recent Mario game to find alternate paths.
  2. Gambit


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    So it'll be like Kirby 64.
  3. PsychoSk8r


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    You haven't played Galaxy 2, have you? =P
  4. Shadow Hog

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    Two opinions here.

    First, for the love of God, Sega, what is it with you and gameplay-free trailers of late? I can surmise absolutely nothing from this trailer about how well the game actually plays. Sure, it looks nice, but since that's hardly Wii-calibur graphics, it's obviously pre-rendered, and I stopped banking entirely on pre-rendered trailers ever since Square-Enix pumped out the umptillionth such trailer. Please include actual gameplay. Thanks!

    I mean, really guys? Looking better than Sonic 4? There's literally nothing in here to look better than Sonic 4!

    Second, if this really is just Unleashed-type gameplay, I doubt I'll bite. I got tired of the FASTFASTFAST trial-and-error non-platformers quite a while ago. If Sega wasn't pumping out Sonic 4 at the same time, I'd probably be crying foul... I mean, bully for all the people who like Unleashed, but it's not really my cup of tea.

    That being said, these "alien buddies" (assuming I got the right details when I skimmed the press release) could be interesting gameplay twists, allowing for tons of exploration, just like the best Sonic titles... but knowing how Unleashed-style gameplay goes, I sincerely doubt that potential will be fully used so much as "USE THIS FRIEND HERE TO UNLOCK A SECRET PATH THAT'S VERY SHORT AND WINDS YOU BACK ON THE MAIN PATH IN LESS THAN FIFTEEN SECONDS". That'd be a huge waste. Sorry, but until Sega acts upon my first gripe above, I'm going to assume the worst here.
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    All the bitches.
    Somebody forgot their sarcasm hat.
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    In a nutshell, yea.
    Yea, I have to agree with you. It's really irritating when they show us absolutely nothing about the game besides flashy teasers. I'm guessing they're holding off on information until E3. They have to have something after all.
  7. TimmiT


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    Oh hi.
  8. pyrotix


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    I am hoping the alien powers are just like elemental shields on steroids
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    It's called a teaser. They've been around for more than ten years. Get used to them.

    EDIT: Oops, forgot to say something about the game.

    Well, it looks good. The alien abilities remind me of the elemental shields, which is a good thing. And if it plays anything like Unleashed Day, it's an Insta-Buy (convoluted pun ahoy).
  10. Guess Who

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    Here's to hoping the DS version plays like Sonic Rush.

    And that the Wii version's levels aren't as barren and linear as Unleashed Wii's.
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    This game is already bound to get a lot of flack no matter what's gonna happen.

    Eh... I'll have to wait till my CPU stops being an ass and let me watch the vid, but, it doesn't sound too bad so far in general -- 'cept the possible prospect of this being like Wii Unleashed Day time, which I didn't like as much as the Night time stages, but that's me.
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    Wow, this was a pleasant surprise.

    Sonic & Tails, surreal worlds and daytime Unleashed gameplay sounds like a winning combo to me, especially if you do like people's been saying and mix it around with Mario Galaxy and Kirby 64.

    + - insertcliched"dontscrewituplol"remark  
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    Haven't got a problem with this whatsoever. Might even be fun! :v:

    Though, the Wisps seem to be in the colours of the Chaos Emeralds, can anyone confirm this?
  14. NomadTW


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    I just hope the 'power ups' are implemented well. I don't want to have to feel forced into using a power up, at least not all the time. I like it when you can play a game and sort of experiment with them, opening new paths that otherwise wouldn't be necessary...basically I think as long as the level design doesn't railroad you too much, I would like this.

    Also hoping Tails actually helps you out or you get to play as him. Not just your navigator or some other stupid bullshit like they did in Rush.

    EDIT: Actually, you know, if it does play like a fast version of Kirby 64, I'd eat that shit up.
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    Hey, it was plausible. Not many brits have played it yet. =P
  16. No, but I did know about it :3 I should have drawn an emoticon to show the sarcasm :(
    And hey, if it is like Kirby 64, that wouldn't be bad. SOMEBODY needs to do it. :colbert:
  17. Lobotomy


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    Well, at least the environment looks neat?

    I dunno about the name of the game though.
  18. Gravity Platforming? That totally hasn't been used before in past Sonic Games has it?

    + - I'll tell you: it has.....remember Mad Space from good ol' SA2?   :v:

    Mario has borrowed some shit from Sonic, so Sonic has borrowed shit from Mario

    Also, boulder suit is basically Spindash :colbert:

    Moving on.

    I totally fucking called it.
    The only difference is, I though 2011. Meh.
    I knew Sonic Team were working on a whole other project.

    Looking good with all the colours and stuff. Hopefully they'll use a simmilar, but uprgaded version of Black Knights graphics engine.
    That game had amazing graphics for the Wii.
    Alternate routes? If they make it like Unleashed, but the Meter has different abilities based on what Alien you have, this game would be good. Although, they'd have to make the game have LOADS of branching paths.

    To do this in 3D, See: Eggmanland for the PS360. There are SO many different routes in that level. All they'd have to do is tone down the difficulty a great deal.
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    So that's what was so off about Sonic's hand.