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Sonic Colours out for Wii/DS

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 26, 2010.

  1. The more I think about it, the more I think that it is possible for Jim to have written that review in order to sort of tell Sega "No, 3D Sonic sucks. Don't even try. Stick to 2D only." I think the reason he was so harsh was to drive that point home to Sega - perhaps his own personal preference or belief that Sonic can ONLY work in 2D, and that's all he should ever be.

    Don't get me wrong, I love 2D Sonic, but I think that the mostly 2D with some 3D segments gameplay is a great concept.
  2. Frozen Nitrogen

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    Wouldn't the door have been easier? Wiki Sysop
    SEGA knew he was goung to give it a shitty troll review regardless of its actual quality, circa their doodle.

    Trollers gonna troll, people. Don't try to rationalise it.
  3. NomadTW


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    People actually care about what reviewers think at this point? Guys, I think it's been established that Colors is an overall decent game, and a large step in the right direction.

    Yes, I realize Sonic's reputation needs to get better, but come on, two bad reviews out of ten is not gonna deter THAT many people. Like Solaris said, word of mouth will spread, and slowly but surely Sonic will get better in the eyes of the general public. That is, if you care for that sort of thing. Me? I'm just in it for the fun gameplay and returning to what made him so great in the first place. Liking a video game character that not everybody hates is just a bonus.

    I think Colors does a good job of paving the way for that. It's a good time to be a Sonic fan. All uphill from here, folks.

    (If only because it couldn't possibly get any worse. :v:)
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    Reviewers need to get this point of view out of their heads. I'm sure it's the only reason Sonic 4 got 7s and 8s; and explains that most of us aren't the ones with nostalgia goggles on, it's them.

    Although Sega also needs to get the idea out of their heads that 3D only results in lolspeed and they need 2D platforming in the same game to balance the speed and platforming out.
  5. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    As great as Colours may be, it's hardly a 3D game. There's so much 2D and when you're in 3D there's only one direction to travel in. It doesn't use 3D to its potential at all.
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    That picture made me lol.
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    This is exactly how I feel. I wish Sega would learn how to not seperate the speed from the platforming and keep it all in 3D space. I don't like the fact that every 3D area (minus the odd few which are very short) is centered around going forward with little to no input involved besides your mandatory automated reflex-test sessions. I mean I wouldn't have a problem with the 3D sections if they weren't so linear and barren of anything besides objects to dodge/bust with the quick-step/boost and dash panel overdrive.

    Sega, please learn how to balance the speed and platforming so you don't have to resort to slower-paced sections that limit your movement to left and right. I like 2D games (especially 2.5D games), but Colors is obviously 3D and when you advertise it as the "best 3D Sonic" while the game is 80% 2D, something is wrong.
  8. Vaiz


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    Yes it could. They could suddenly flip their dick and put out another 06. YOU HAVE DOOMED US ALL D:.
  9. Felik


    Actually if they just made a lot Sonic Adventure 1's sonic levels added good camera and removed glitches that would be a perfect 3D Sonic game.
  10. NomadTW


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    Well maybe you shouldn't have drawn further attention to it! WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BRING THAT SHIT UP YOU KNOW THEY READ THIS BOARD DON'T GIVE THEM ANY IDEAS :argh:

    Also echoing the whole speed and platforming thing. They do need to be better combined, but I have faith that they'll continue to fine tune the formula down the road. And I hope so too, because that's really the only complaint I can see that I'll have with this game. Things feel a bit too on rails-ish for my tastes, but the added 2D sections and exploration and all the neat little touches kinda make up for it. In my book, anyway.

    I think it'd be neat if they somehow make an engine similar to that 3D fangame that had all the classic physics in 3D and it actually worked? Sonic...GDK? I believe it's called? Yeah, something similar to that, with a few 2D sections thrown in would be neat.

    Orrr they could just go the Super Paper Mario route and make it optional for the player to choose which perspective they want. That one's more of a pipedream, admittedly. But seems feasible, if you get the right people to do it.
  11. 0r4ng3


    I've played it at a friends' house (I don't want my Wii tampered with) and played until Starlight Carnival, which was the level I was expecting to be my favourite (and is probably going to be). I haven't played the rest yet, but I've already been spoiled about + - super   and I can't wait for that when I have the game.

    This became my favourite 3D game. I still love Adventure, don't get me wrong, but this one is just better.

    It's unfortunate about Sterling, but he's a troll who's trying to cash in on pageviews, so I don't care about him or what he thinks. I'll remember him as the guy that got sass from Sega and deserves it fully.
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    Except the troll thing was just a joke from Sega's PR, they have nothing against Jim Sterling.
    Also, Jim was positive about this game before he actually played it. He's probably one of the more honest reviewers out there, people just think he's a troll because of most of his other articles.
  13. glem3


    EXACTLY. I'm fine with a mostly 2D game, but we've HAD great 2D games... sonic colors is hardly a 3D game. I don't want a "3D" sonic game where the reason it's good is because most of it is 2D like they've done in the past. I want a sonic game that is good because it's 3D. Maybe some 2D sections every once in a while, but not the majority of the game. I love colors but this has been something that's bothered me since we started seeing gameplay of the game. It's great that we got a new, great 2D sonic game, but I really wanted a new 3D sonic game, all 3D (maybe a few 2D sections), that could still manage to be a good game.
  14. Fiamonder


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    Quick questions... where's that damn fourth red ring in Planet Wisp act 4 and the last, fifth red ring in Aquarium Park act 2? I searched hours for the one in Planet Wisp with no success, and the one in Aquarium Park is just really weird. The fourth one is right infront of the goal ring, so that makes me wonder where the last fifth one is, not even behind the goal ring.
  15. MegaDash


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    I'm getting the feeling that no matter what SEGA does with Sonic in 3D, it's going to get some shit. Or who knows, maybe these complaints are legitimately worth my consideration. I just think it's burying the lead that this could be the greatest Sonic game to come out since Adventure or Sonic 3 & Knuckles. That's what I feel Jim and other reviewers are glossing over, but that's me. The game most likely has its problems.

    I've got an idea. For anybody with free time, why not compile most or all of the good things said about Colors from the positive reviews versus the negative things they cited for the game. Compare and contrast. Get a better sense of what professional reviewers and game magazines think of the game, and then relate it to your experiences. See if you can see where Destructoid or GameTrailers or even GamesRadar are coming from, and then maybe we can offer better criticisms and better praises for Aaron Webber to come and read once in a while. I'd do it myself, but I've got some shit to do.
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    Just after the second checkpoint, directly below the second red ring, where you have a bunch of rotating platforms with Egg Pawns, an extra life, and a Laser Wisp capsule, grab the Laser Wisp, head back to before the checkpoint, aim the Laser straight up at the red ring, wait until you land. You'll be standing on a platform next to a Rocket Wisp capsule. Grab the Rocket Wisp capsule and immediately use it. Follow the rails to the fourth red ring.

    At least, I think that's the fourth one.

    As for Aquarium Park... me no no.
  17. Tanks


    Wow. I love how my one post sparked a heat convo on this.

    Let's face it. Jim Sterling exists to be a troll. That's what he is. I knew that before I even made the post. I was simply trying to go deeper than, "Oh, just ignore him, he's a dick." Well we know that, let's look at what he has to say though. I managed to actually pull out two points he's making: A troll point and a justification of his previous, and obvious troll review of Sonic 4.

    I'm seeing a lot of people commenting on how reviews ought to be handled as well. Personally, I think a game ought to be reviewed based on what it IS but also allow for comparison to past games in the series. Jim Sterling does this, but falls on his face because he did it for reasons of justification. Not only that, but comparing Sonic Colors to Sonic 4 is like apples and oranges. They're not even part of the same genre of Sonic games. Either Sterling doesn't know that there are several different games styles and engines to Sonic (which is hard to believe because... fuck, Sonic 4 is 2D while Sonic Colors is 2D/3D...) or he's just putting Sonic 4 on a pedestal so he can be like, "Well this game is obviously closest to my belief of what sonic fans want." He's also entitled to say that, even if it more or less confirms he's been living in a hole. So yea, have your opinion Mr. Sterling. We'll just continue to think you're a dick. And I think we're all better for that in the end.
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    Maybe it's just me, but what is he trying to justify? His score for Sonic 4? Why would he feel he needs to do that? There were problems he had with the game, but apparently to him, it was still among the best Sonic games he's played since the Genesis days. Sonic Colors did not do it for him because apparently it was too cheap and the level design wasn't to his liking. I still don't think 4.5 is an appropriate score, but whatever. It's easy to call him a troll. He wants to be called a troll. He likes it. He gets kicks out of it. Go read the comments again and stop trying to inject your own personal image of him into what you're reading. Doesn't mean he simply gives good games bad reviews just for kicks, that's moronic.

    Having said that, I still feel his criticisms are questionable. He could still be wrong. No one here has complained about bad controls in 2D of all perspectives, and for the most part, you all love the level designs with some exceptions. Am I right, or are some of you having second thoughts? In any case, it still seems to me that this game is better than Jim's letting on, but whatever. I've no business accusing him of being a troll or some puerile shit like that. He can have his review, and I'll consider his opinions after I play the game, or during if I happen to run into the same problems. If it turns out I like the game, then he can kindly shove it. If not, then he might have been right. End of story.
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    It is, actually, above the Goal Ring. To get it, when you are in the second 2D section (after the checkpoint, where you go from left to right), grab the Cube Wisp, and use it in the platform next to the two Samurai EggPawns that are on the blue cubes. Make your way upward, using the Cube power to switch between blue rings and cubes accordingly. You'll see two rings lined up vertically. Jump on that spot, and an out-of-view Rainbow Ring will send you to platform up above. Now you'll have to be quick; grab another Cube Wisp, flip-switch to make a walkable path of cubes, and prefferably, boost on the straight part in order to save time, so the Cube Wisp power won't run out. Keep making your way to the end, and, if you manange to get the past the cubes pluzzle, you'll see the 5th Special Ring right above the Goal Ring. Jump and get it, etc.

    Seriously, people. the Special Rings locations are easy to find. You guys just need to look harder. Each planet took me about one hour or so to get all the Special Rings of it.

    Hints: Restart, restart and restart the stage until you get the hang of it. Watch for the position their appears and the order they are maked in the HUD (in the case you already got any in other runs). If the first Special Ring you ever see is the 2nd in the list, then the 1st one is to the left/back of the stage. If, for example, you find the 2nd and 4th right next to each other, and can't for the life of you find the 3rd, it's because the 3rd is probably hidden in another path that is completly out of sight (and since you don't have such Special Ring, it's right to assume that you've never been in there). If the 5th ring is the one missing, and the 4th is near the Goal Ring, the 5th ring is probably either behind, under, or above the Goal Ring, and you'll more than likely need to take another route in order to get it. And more importantly: pay attention to the level design. Most of the time, I could almost tell where each ring was. Their positions are very predictable.
  20. ashthedragon


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    This game is much better than I expected. It's almost as good as the Adventure games. My favourite level has to be Asteroid Coaster, it is pretty fun!