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Sonic Colours out for Wii/DS

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 26, 2010.

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    I only just listened to the voice clips and I can't begin to say how mixed my opinions are. Most of the characters sound much, MUCH better yet some are really annoying.

    Sonic's voice is okay but the acting quality still seems a bit cheesy. Almost hard to believe that this is the guy who played Ezio in Assassins Creed II/Brotherhood.

    Creams voice is even more annoying than before, if that's possible. I could swear that she sounds like Tsukasa from Lucky Star, except Tsukasa's tolerable.

    I was overjoyed with most of the other voices, especially Omega, who sounds so much like his original actor and a massive improvement from '06.

    I wanna see who these VAs are 'cos I could swear that I've heard some of them before...
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    I'm not sure about Silver, but apparently it's set in the Rush universe since Sonic speaks to Blaze that suggests it's post-Rush Adventure, even asking how Marine is doing. However I wouldn't concern too heavily with it as the characters all appear in side missions and not the main story, and all of them have random excuses to have shits and giggles in Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park.

    Not the first glitch, but it's better than the single glitch I encountered in the game.

    (for context I was spindashing up a slope when I randomly was thrown super high into the air and clipped through the floor when falling back down and died, it's like when spindashing I somehow got out of the 2D realm I was in and the game was freaking out)

    I've played each stage at least two times, many of them even three or more, so this being the only glitch I've encountered is something.
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    So I've finally decided that I really like Sonic and Tails new personalities to go with their new voices and Eggman's new direction as well. While it's weird whenever they change voices their personalities somewhat change this is still my favorite presentation of all three, plus I liked Orbot and Cubot and though Yacker didn't speak much he was so adorable I ended up liking him.

    Even though some of the jokes were corny as hell and Sonic now seems absolutely obsessed with trashing robots.
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    Aren't you meant to be writing a fanfic or something?
    Story cannot trump gameplay - even if it's a damn good story, who'd want to play a horrible game? Whereas games with no real story but with fun gameplay tend to, you know, succeed. Just look at Earth Defense Force! Hell, look at most non-RPG games that came out before the PlayStation. Story? What story? Gameplay? Yep, lots of it.

    You want immersion? Define 'immersion'! That single term has been used to refer to several different concepts - from "this game has a dark atmosphere that makes you jump at the slightest sound" to "this game is so immersive that half the time, whenever you need to go to a toilet, you look for one in the game".
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    In that one cutscene he said the word clobbering-- or some variation thereof-- about four times in 45 seconds. Yeah, he seems to be operating on kind of a one track mind this time around.
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    Fix'd. + - Though to be fair the vocal main theme is bad.  

    Also, Story is an important part in making a game, but I'd rather the developers get the gameplay right more than anything. If you focus on story over gameplay, you either get an RPG, or try too hard and get Sonic 06.
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    1. I'm not a CoD fan. At all.

    2. Pretty sure games are gameplay-based. If I want an immersive story, I'll watch a film. A deep story is good, but gameplay comes first. Narrative games are, obviously, the exception, but this is a platformer. Design the story around the game, not the game around the story.
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    You mean the clobering that was ordered? I thoughts someone ordered an extra large clobbering?
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    "Sonic? Are you talking to that dead robot?"
    "'s between me and the robot!"
    "Y'know, I've seen you save the world lots of times...but I've never seen you talk to a pile of scrap metal."


    No, but seriously, I tried a little sample of it (if you count up to Aquarium Park Wii and Asteroid Coaster DS) and I enjoyed both of them (Wii more than DS, but eh). I can't wait for next Tuesday or Wednesday, even if it means having to sit through another weekend of washing dishes.
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    YES. If ever I see Robotropolis (Not Eggsmanland) on Mobius/Earth/Planet Freedom, I will be happy.

    I have to say that from what I've seen this game is quite close to a hole in one. Now I just need to play this game.
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    All the bitches.

    No, you just need to beat a stage with 50 rings in each world. The multiplayer planet counts as a place to get an Emerald. Just beat any stage in it with 50 rings versus the CPU.
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    I cannot find the 3rd Red Ring in Tropical Resort Act 2 (Wii ver).
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    I think the Japanese adaption of SA1 in Sonic X fixed a lot of the execution problems with the games' story (par including the show's excess characters, adding Eggman's lackies made it a little more fun, of course adding Chris and all his human Much more emotional in acting and animation and much better dialogue.

    I think SA1 worked using a 'serious' story because the more poignant aspects were still balanced with retro concepts and story aspects that gave it a light whimsical touch. Gamma's story was sad, but it was also a semi amusing reference to the original Badnik process, which I think prevented it being another anime-wannabe angst story like some of the other characters later on. It was as serious and emotional as the Sonic series should really get in comparison to the government conspiracies, time travel jargin and unwilling killings of plant-being lovers.

    Ohhhh, from what I hear this game sounds like it fixes so many problems I had with previous titles, I'm dying to spoil things for myself, hopefully I can hold my temptation until Xmas.

    I spoiled the story slightly and watched one of the cutscenes (the third one with Eggman counting his wisps). Orbot and Cubot are actually pretty amusing. Some of the humor admitedly comes off as a bit awkward and forced but it is at least legitimately funny for the most part and personality and acting shines. I notice Orbot has had his voiced altered into a more C3P0 esque dialect (might work for the better since it's hard to get emotion out of the one tone robotic voices he had originally, probably why Sonic X altered Decoe and Bocoe's voices too).

    The voices are still mixed to me. Shadow still sounds too cliched and 'dark and sinster' one note type. Omega admitedly is awesome, Big sounds good too. Does anyone listen to Blaze and get vibes of Kath Soucie (Princess Sally) from her?
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    Discuss it louder, I didn't quite hear you over here trying to take food out my family's mouths. :P
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    oh you =P

    Colors is one of those games where after pirating it, most people are going to go "shit, I need to pay for this". Granted this will apply more to the wii version, but still you'll be fine =]

    hell, some of the people I know who have pirated it have already pre-ordered it and are just playing it early.
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    Hell, in fact, I was about to pre-order this game once again: my girl finds this hat "so fluffy" and "oh-so-cute" and she wants one too. I wanted to give mine to her, and she said no, because it's mine. And I replied: "Please, I oblige." But she said no, because she finds it "oh-too-sexy" when I wear it. But it barely fits in my heat, and I was planning giving it to my nephew... but she wants the two of us to have the hats. Shame. I got into contact with the store this morning, because we are still on time for a "pre-order," but they said they run out of pre-order bonuses,so I'm not ordering it. Though SEGA quitte deserves my money this time. =P

    + - = Oven   ?

    So, by essense, this means that:

    Special Rings, Chaos Emeralds, surprise, community commotion, etc.
    = + - Oven?  

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    Indeed. The Wii version is sending out quite a strong rumbling through those who downloaded it. The DS version, not so much, though people still like it.

    Me? I got the Wii version on standby at EB and the DS version on standby at Amazon (where it cost a resounding $0.00—stashed up coupons.)
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    Hey, I've never seen Sonic's new crate-kicking move before this video. Pretty cool.
  20. Jay T.

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    I've tried the DS version's demo and...geez. Am I the only one having trouble adjusting to the Jump and Homing Attack being the same button?
    Either way, I might buy it later. My main priority is to get that hat...I mean Wii game. Yeah, Wii game. >.>

    + - Also, saw Super Sonic on a video. My jaw dropped...