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Sonic Colours out for Wii/DS

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 26, 2010.

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    All the bitches.
    I cannot find the 3rd red ring in act 2 of Tropical Resort. It's making me rage so hard.
  2. wut

    I guess the buzz of good reviews is over. Like Rockman said, a 7 isn't terrible (especially by past standards) but it seemed as though it would fair a bit better. Still noticing the complaint about difficulty.
  3. glem3


    Wait... just saw aquatic park zone's boss... really? They just redux bosses? I must say I'm a bit upset. I knew they did it with the ferris wheel boss, but I thought it was a one time thing. I was looking forward to the bosses. At least they look fun though.
  4. Dusk Golem

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    Honestly I don't know where the difficult complaint is coming from, I beat the game easily enough and while a few challenging parts nothing really frustrating. Then again I may be more used to Sonic games than reviewers.

    And I guess I had the game down by Asteroid Coaster as on my first try I ended up S-Ranking and getting most of the Red Rings in it. I got 27/30 of the total Red Rings in Asteroid Coaster my first try as well as S-Ranking 3 of them the first time. I died some but not over and over again at the same parts or anything.
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    This was brought up in a few impressions a while ago—I seem to recall the pirate boss being mentioned specifically.

    But that's fine. I can take bosses being re-used a second time with altered difficulty or conditions. It's when the boss-recycling is blatantly cheap like in Devil May Cry 4 (the bosses don't even appear to change at all, and apart from fighting them twice... there's also the boss rush) that it becomes an issue.

    And it's still a step up from Unleashed, where all three Day Stage bosses were essentially the same thing. Hell, the third was literally just a fusion of the first two. And I'm so used to 3D Sonic bosses being complete shit that it's hard to care about a mere case of mild recycling.

    EDIT: Recycling is, of course, a big thing in this game. If you pay attention, several recognizable chunks of level environment in the game's acts are obviously re-used from previous stages, only with different object layouts.

    EDIT 2: Will someone please tell these reviewers that the designers of this awesome Sonic game are the same guys who made all the shitty ones they so love to hate? Or at least the ones that came after '06? I'm sure their heads will all explode, which will hopefully open up positions for more able reviewers in these gaming-media outlets.
  6. I have absolutely no issues with this game. :)
  7. Solaris Paradox

    Solaris Paradox

    On my butt in front of the computer. Where else?
    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    Something that irks me:

    Why does Eggman keep referring to Earth/Mobius/WHATEVERTHEFUCKITSCALLED as "Sonic's world" in cutscenes? Are we writing Sonic X into this, now? Dear God, I hope not. The farther away from canon Chris Thorndyke stays, the better Sonic will be for it.
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    IN HIS WOOOOOOOOOR-- nah, nah, I'm not doing that here.

    So, so far the game seems to be pissing off some gamers and reviewers in five ways:

    1. Floaty physics
    2. Unresponsive or bad controls
    3. Hit-and-miss with the Wisps
    4. Uneven difficulty all-throughout; signs of trial-and-error gameplay
    5. Bad co-op

    The difficulty seems to be a result of the all-too often used bottomless pits and getting blindsided by certain enemies or obstacles later in the levels. Some have even gone so far as to suggest it ruins the fun in those instances. I'm not really sure about the co-op, the controls, or the even the purported uneven difficulty, I doubt I'll have much trouble with them if any. If I was able to play Unleashed and Adventure without wanting to hurl the controller out the window, then these complaints will probably mean very little to me. I've got nothing to say about the physics, and the Wisps look really fun to use. 'Cept maybe the Frenzy Wisp; I can't say how often I want to use that one, but we'll see.

    So far everyone's in favor of the stellar music and spot-on script, as well as the rest of the game that manages to stay quite fun in spite of any design flaws. And in spite of what everyone seems to be saying, I'm looking forward to the co-op. It looks fun. Not sure how playing it with someone else would fair.
  9. Dusk Golem

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    This game. THIS GAME.

    I have to get this as soon as possible. I mean, yes, no rolling stuff, but who cares anymore? The wait is officially over; we have a fantastic game that can compete with the original titles. I'm not gonna delay saying that either because I'm pretty much sure that "Unleashed daytime + more platforming + powerups + fantastic voice acting and scriptwriting + an even BETTER soundtrack + return of Super Sonic + return of underwater + return of Robotnik final boss + return of surreal worlds + return of badniks" is about equal to something truly incredible. Not one bit of footage I've seen of this game has disheartened me. This is nothing short of sheer bliss. I feel like a kid again.

    I'm just so stunned with how I've been patient with Sega for the past decade and they finally came through. They finally came through.

    To not cause a giant mess in the canon? :eng101:
  11. Tanks


    "There's no line at 'Bake Me Crazy!' The ride that simulates what it's like to be bakes like a cake! The ride lasts an amazing 20 to 25 minutes or until golden-brown. Not recommended for our guests who are sensitive to temperatures exceeding 350 degrees."

    Eggman's an anti-semite confirmed.
  12. TheKazeblade


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    It needs to get here... nao. I can't wait much longer. The sooner I get my hands on this the better!
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    We are dealing with hoarding multiple alien worlds to a central area to create an amusement park, correct? You have to know which world he is talking about.
  14. Spunodi


    The canon's not in a giant mess? lol

    Gotta love the return of the 'banter' - Sonic as the cocky guy I remember from childhood, Tails with the sarcasm of which he should always have been blessed and the cynicism of Orbot tells me the right direction is being taken story-wise.

    Also, pre-order being sent out tomorrow - should receive Thursday/Friday. Buzzing like a bee chewing on a sweet called ecstacy.
  15. Chaos Rush

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    Well they confirmed in SA2 that it's Earth, and it was further confirmed in Shadow, and confirmed again in Unleashed. Is it really that hard just to call it Earth? I guess that's easier for me to say, since I didn't know what Sonic even was until 2002, so to me, Mobius never existed, and it's always been Earth, and it appears that canon agrees with me.
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    + - He's secretly the "Monster of the Week" in this title. He combines with a Frenzy Wisp and exacts revenge on all who have taunted him over the years.  

    Really though, speaking of final boss-type encounters, + - all I've bothered to spoil for myself is that Eggman is the final boss, and that's good enough for me. It seems like such a minor thing but the thought of Eggman himself trying to beat Sonic through his own engineering prowess as opposed to relying on some 5 billion year old creature is just glorious. If it really does take place on the elevator leading to the park, I'm heavily expecting some super dramatic "race downwards to the earth and beat Eggman" clash set to adrenaline pumping orchestral music. It puts a huge grin on my face just thinking about the possibilities.  

    And as far as cut scenes go, I watched the first two or three. Genuinely great stuff, it also plastered a huge grin on my face. Voice acting,'s exactly what I was hoping for.
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  18. Solaris Paradox

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    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    It seems a bit odd for him to call his own homeworld "Sonic's world."
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    It'll always be Planet Freedom to me :colbert:

    + - /sarcasm  
  20. Frozen Nitrogen

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    I hope this is true, as I've been taking great pains to use that non-specific term all throughout this wiki.
    It's good because it's very diplomatic. "Sonic's world" prevents me, a Mobiusfag, from screaming "WAAH This is revisionism it says Mobius in the old manuals fuk u Japan", while simultaneously placating the "lol its Earth" crowd. This way the series is all things to all men.

    ...conversely, I agree that such a term would seem rather unwieldy in a cutscene. Especially if Eggman's saying it, as he hates Sonic and certainly wouldn't want to even tacitly name a planet after him.

    Still, it's the least worst compromise.