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Sonic Colours out for Wii/DS

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TimmiT, May 26, 2010.

  1. Ch1pper


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    Except that was, what, six to seven years since he had started? Just a tad bit late. :v:

    And the fact that he was pretty passable in that game made the opening Super Sonic line that much more horrid.
  2. OSM


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    God damn this is one of the best opening Zone themes in the series.
  3. Chaos Rush

    Chaos Rush

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    I'm fifteen and my voice is much deeper than Ryan, Jason, and Roger's impersonations of Sonic >_>. I have no problem with Sonic's new "deep" voice.
  4. Ross-Irving


    Try three years. Which should be about the time it takes for these two to get familiar with the characters. You can't just hire a new person and expect them to nail the voice instantly. I'm sure you guys are dissatisfied with the new voices somehow, for your own reasons, right?

    Chaos Rush: I wasn't referring to individuals' voices at the age of 15, of course that varies widely. Anecdotal evidence. I'm talking about what the public perception is of how a fifteen year old sounds. Deeper than a kid's, but still not that deep.
  5. Aquaslash


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    Actually I'm not. Both of them are at least leaps and bounds better than the previous in tone and acting, and on par with the original Sega cast on tone. Sonic in particular feels like a huge call back to White's performance, and that's all gravy for me.

    In short, I can dig it, now BRING ON FREE RIDERS
  6. glem3


    Okay, I'm way late, but I'm gonna be perfectly honest with my views on that cutscene... I don't really like it. I like the voices though. It'll take some getting used to, but sonic at least sounded better than the hotel/ride recording.

    The animation seemed really stiff, the music seemed childish (sounds like the Kirby's epic yarn cutscene music) and I can definitely see why NP would say it's "too kiddy". The game has shown itself to be funny but here it seems that its definitely aimed to make kids laugh rather than us.

    I don't care if things are kiddy, but things like the 4th wall moment (something that sounded funny on paper) wasn't funny since they rubbed it in your face so hard. Another example is when tails says "or underwear to be worn by salad" and that obnoxious "broken spring" overused cartoon sound effect shows up, with more crappy character animation. The presentation just seems really, really subpar.

    There's no point in getting all worked up in the cutscenes though, as they are skipabble. I can definitely see where the complaints come from though, and I would have preferred Sonic Unleashed style cutscenes.
  7. Solaris Paradox

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    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    Someone's going to have to explain this "he sounds too old" complaint to me, because Sonic sounds younger than a lot of actual fifteen-year-olds I've met in real life. =/
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    Too old or not, his voice is significantly deeper than it used to be. A friend of mine described it earlier as "He sounds a little too much 'dude'."
  9. VB.NET


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    His new voice is WAY cooler. Looking forward to bopping Badniks without hearing "WHOO!"

    This is the only game that could actually beat Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Seriously.
  10. With Sonic's voice as it is, I'm REALLY interested in hearing Knuckles speak a few lines, considering Knuckles is (I think) still older than Sonic.
  11. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    I. FUCKING. LOVE(!!!) Sonic's new voice!
  12. MastaSys


    I love it too, for me is a great improvement over the "I'm a cocky douche hedgehog, see me runin' for no great reason at all, yeah, I soooo coooool."

    Some people are just so used to the previous voice actors, that they had their mind blown, after all.
    The 4kids actor style was pretty much imitating the very first voice sonic had in the game universe.

    It's this style of voicing since Adventure. It's too damn long.

    I like these voice maybe because they sound natural comparing with a normal person.
    But maybe it's why for example I consider Pollock the "Eggman Robotnik" voice (Considering Unleashed).
    He sounds like a mid-old age scientist from our world in that game, which I find more fitting that an unusual voices from cartoons/adventure that try to be "Oh I'm soo mean, bad and generic, be afraid!"

    I know that we are talking about a blue fast hedgehog fighting an crazy fat old man in a egg shaped outfit, so natural voices may seems that they don't combine with it.
    But I like to hear this kind of voice (and my hears also thank for not being high-pitched voices).

    Wait a minute, looking at the youtube comments from the video...
    -People generally says that current Sonic Voice Sucks
    -Sega change the voice actor
    -People generally says that the new voice sucks and the previous one was great.

    Well well, looks like we have a new Sonic Cyc... *Shot*
  13. Flare


    I don't think its more natural, I think what we have are actors that are able to do character voices, for example; when Sonic goes "When I was running around trashing robots..." you hear him acting as Sonic, Jason put a voice on, these are two different things. The people that are upset are because its not Ryan (lets face it even Jason pleased people cause he sounded like Ryan). We have good actors people, its about time!
  14. TimmiT


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    So is there a rom of the DS demo out there yet?
  15. 0r4ng3


    This is the reason why I think the pitch should a bit higher. Knuckles and Shadow have the personalities and tough attitutes for lower pitches, so if Sonic is already this low, how low will they be? Sonic is a carefree personality as well, so a bit higher suits him better.

    Anyway, I love Roger Smith as Sonic. It isn't the pitch I envisioned, but he's still very good at his job and he delivers the lines with feeling, something that was absent in all of his previous english voice actors. I liked both Jason and Griffith at their best (SA2, Unleashed) and disliked them at their worst (SA/06). Roger is a talented chap, I (and the rest of the fanbase) will eventually get used to it.
  16. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
  17. Covarr


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    It's rare that I see such a strong disconnect between quality of acting (top-notch) and quality of voice (generic). I wish he'd done a good impersonation of the previous two, as he could easily handle it and do a good job with it. The voice he's doing now sounds exactly like hundreds of anime characters, nothing to distinguish him from anybody else.
  18. Dusk Golem

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    I'd disagree actually, I thought the voice distinguished itself quite a bit and Roger will only get better. I can honestly say I do not recall a single voice exactly like this, a mixture of heroic, masculine, attitude, and cheesiness with Roger's distinguished vocal tone all in one. I like it a lot and I think more people will come to like it, over time, but if he had just tried to imitate the past actors what would be the point in replacing them?

    I still say most people who are off-putted are mainly so since Sonic has had the same style of voice for the last 11 years and they just need to adjust, it might take a few games but I really do believe this is definitely for the better.
  19. Lanzer


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    Oh that is just awesome. Please let the DS tracks be on the OST!!


    Looks like same old rush but new moves and wisps still want to play it to be sure. does the music change underwater?

    Same. but don't post it just PM me!
  20. Spanner


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    If you listen carefully you'd notice that the music changes when underwater. In other words, yes.

    In other news, who has the demo and is willing to show off some bad physics? Come on, you knew it was coming.