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Sonic Colors stealing Sonic 4's thunder?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by RGamer2009, Aug 29, 2010.

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  1. It is possible if you take SEGA's word for it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't, but doubts about the removal of "Minecart Act" were dispelled......

    But I digress.
    Yeah, I want Colours to be better than Sonic 4.
    SEGA shouldn't invest large sums of money into making 2D games, rather putting that cash into making a good 3D game.
    (Which is half the reason why I think S4 is outsourced)
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    What Sega do and say just boggles the mind. Surely claiming in an statement that Colours is for "7-12 year olds" is going to be off putting to older gamers who might be thinking of buying the game. What is so childish about it? Is it going to contain Heroes style dialog? Claiming S4 to be only for adults is equally damaging.

    What they should have done, is produced two quality games with universal appeal, it would have got maximum sales that way.
  3. Its going to get maximum sales regardless.
    Lets not forget, people other than us, Sonic 4.
    Lets also not forget the people who dislike this game...yet will buy it anyway.

    People may also by Colours in the masses, given the fact that it looks to be the first quality 3D Sonic game in a long time.
  4. Ell678


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    An adult that won't play a game just because it may be aimed a child is a sad adult indeed. I mean, so many games we play are aimed at younger audiences. Besides, any gaming adult will have probably played Sonic so won't care about ratings anyway.

    And anyway, Colours simply looks like it has had more care put into it and it shows. Sonic 4 doesn't, when it comes out and unless Dimps have performed a miracle, everyone will see it's nothing compared to their expectations.
  5. Slingerland


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    Could you post like a normal person, please? Also, less frequently?
  6. SteelBrush


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    Don't forget what negative reviews did for SU. The gaming press right now are positive, I think this will change when they get to an actual review, not unless the game is changed for the better. I already know that you, Scar, feel differently than I do about that.
  7. Graxer


    I personally am looking forward to Sonic 4 more, not to say that I don't really want to buy Colours too. I think both games are different. One is a 3D/2.5D game that appears to be quite faithful to the classics but in 3 dimensions with added gimmicks (whisps), while the other is a 2D game with a Megaman 9 style idea to it which is even closer to the classics. Both games are doing their job well for their style of games. (in my opinion)

    Also there is plenty room for change in future episodes of Sonic 4, and even what we see now (physics, etc.) may not represent what we see in November. Many people bash Sonic 4 because they just want one big game on disc, but there are many games such as the ones made by Telltale (Sam & Max, Tales of Monkey Island, etc.) for which the episodic style works. It draws out anticipation and that, in my experience, makes things more enjoyable. It is also true that Telltale release their episodic seasons on disc once the season has ended, but it hasn't been completely ruled out for Sonic 4.
  8. DeeNinja


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    They both look really amazing, and I have no clue why SEGA would be so worried at Colors stealing 4's thunder. I mean, they're both incredible games. It seems that SEGA thinks their old-school fans are more important than their newer ones. Which I think is complete bull. Why should they be more important than the newer generations? Because they appreciate Sonic more? Because they've been with him longer? No. SEGA, stop dedicating ALL of your time to the old fans, and let the new generation have some love! Show us what you can really do for a new Sonic game!

    That said, I am looking forward to both just as equally. As long as I, as a Sonic fan, can enjoy the game thoroughly, and have fun with it, I will think it is a good Sonic game, just like all the other games. People always complain since Adventure, and I don't see what they're problem is. They spend too much time nit-picking games, finding out what can be fixed, when they haven't realized something. IT'S ALREADY BEEN RELEASED.* There's nothing you can do about it, so there's no use complaining about a game that's already made. Just enjoy it for what it is, because it's not going to be fixed up.

    *It being any Sonic game that's already out.
  9. jasonchrist


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    You're a bit of a character, Slingerland. Could you do more posts like this, please? Also, more frequently?


    Scartillery, you don't know what you're talking about. I have faith in the standards of the classic fan. Looking at the comments on that Mushroom Hill vid, people are REALLY pissed. Sega have gone too far this time, and I think Sonic 4 is the straw that might finally break the camels back.

    You also, have no fucking clue what you're talking about. None!
  10. Dude


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    Unfortunately, what will really happen if none of the classic fans buy sonic 4, is that the game will still sell millions but all of the modern fans/kids will go "THIS IS GREAT SEGA KEEP IT UP". Sonic Advance gameplay will seep its way into the canotical 'classic' games and nothing will be able to fix the problem because modern fans will go "BUT SEGA GAVE YOU WHAT YOU ASKED FOR... see, look at the sales records, you guys liked it didn't you?"
  11. Retro_Stew


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    Seriously, I don't understand the hype around Sonic Colors... I doesn't look THAT good.
  12. jasonchrist


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    GAH, you know it! I don't think the original classics are safe either. People are now crying out for remakes following that Mushroom Hill video. But I can only dread what the result might be in Segas hands. Lanky, fuck-ugly Sonic, bad physics and speed boosters everywhere in the games we once loved as children. It doesn't bear thinking about! But I'll stop there, because I don't want Ruby and other henchmen seeing this and feeding the idea back to Sega.

    I agree, but then again it certainly doesn't look bad either.

    I think many Sonic fans are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. They're so used to being badly treated and forcefed shit games, that they'll go positively fucking goofy over something that appears slightly less shit than the previous game.

    I hope it genuinely turns out to be good. But I'm gonna wait a very long time before I get a wii for it. The best time to judge whether this is good or not will be when the honeymoon period is over. Many of the people who said Unleashed was the "best Sonic game ever" sure as hell aren't saying it now.
  13. Zephyr


    Therein lies the problem. Sega/Sonic Team have consistently proven themselves to be terribly untrustworthy for the past decade.

    If Sega is truly surprised that Colors is getting better feedback than S4, it just shows how truly incompetent they've become. + - But that goes without saying.   I've been completely avoiding Colors, trying not to hype myself up, due to the strong possibility of being utterly disappointed for the 5th consecutive time.
  14. Ritz


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    I know, right? Every Sonic game released over the past decade has been bogged down as a result of Sega's incessant pandering to the classic fans. I mean, they just care way too fucking much about them! The green eyes, the bottomless pits, Shadow, the Werehog- every addition to the series is a chronological step backwards. Will they ever be satisfied? They're the cancer that's killing the franchise.

    Oh, and you should use up your trial posts sooner.
  15. Azookara


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    You mean like 2001-2009. Mmhmm. Besides, Colors is building off Unleashed's gameplay and is improving it so I don't see how the modern fans aren't being pleased.. Unless you're considerably an SA-era fan, which would considerably mean that the Unleashed/Colors era is post-modern rather than modern. Although I don't expect you'll be getting your wants anytime soon if you're one asking for an SA3. Shadow and Nextgen (and somewhat SA2) show that Sega isn't good at writing stories (especially when attempting to fit Sonic into a grimdarkserious atmosphere), and the alternate gameplay concept has been pure trial-and-error-and-more-error since the beginning.

    And I thought this was covered already that the lanky Sonic has been dead and gone since 06 and Riders: Zero Gravity. The only flaw with the latest Sonic is the brow making him look angry/cocky all the time; otherwise I'm only seeing classic Sonic with slightly longer spikes and legs, a slightly less round torso, some green eyes and soles added to the shoes. Either way though, Sonic's design doesn't change the product's quality, no matter if you think the retro design is better or not (believe me, I'm on your side with that one, classic > modern). Sonic 4 is only bad because Sega didn't put enough effort to put in good physics and instead took the lazy way of implementing mechanics of some of the more mediocre newer titles... unlike Colors which does good at it's own.
  16. Clutch


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    It might have helped if promotion for Sonic 4 wasn't so terribly done.

    Ignoring whether it looks like a good game or not, teasing everyone for months with a vague, somewhat misleading trailer and the promise of a new game, finally offering a quick look at the actual product and then proceeding to let barely any info about the game trickle out at all is a good way to get people disinterested and disillusioned with your product. It took a ridiculously long time before we even saw anything not confined to Splash Hill Zone, quite a long time after the leak in fact.

    Sonic Colors had a teaser aswell, but info, screens, and video followed much sooner. It also helped that initially being seen as "just another low budget Wii game" made expectations low, so that they could be exceeded later when we saw more of the game.
  17. LockOnRommy11


    I don't know where I stand with Sonic 4 Episode 1 right now. I'm excited as hell for the game, and I think it's looking to be a great start to the whole of Sonic 4. Having said that though, I'm also worried about what it's changing about the originals. At the moment, I'm not really impressed with the physics for any of the videos I've seen. As well as the floaty jumping, Sonic's new move, that stupid mid-air spin dash looks horrible, and it breaks the classic mould and brings us back to square one. Watching the Splash Hill Act 1 video, I saw numerous areas where they have implemented dash pads too, which really isn't needed. Classic Sonic is purely momentum based, especially in the earlier stages. I think they need to cut out any speed boosters and stupid movesets. I'm happy with the home-attack, but it was already a move, which seemed like a natural addition after 3 games without it, considering Sonic gains a move in every major classic game anyway. I'm personally looking forward to Colours and 4 the same; I'm cautiously optimistic about both. We'll see. Apologies for the layout of text by the way, I'm on my iPod.
  18. MegaDash


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    Frankly I expect to be pleasantly surprised by Sonic 4's gameplay, perhaps much like the first time I played the original Genesis games. That it may not turn out to be everything everyone wanted I think goes without saying, but I'm just saying I wouldn't shit on a good meal. If it's good, I'll have it. If not, then I'll gag.

    But yeah, it seems the tide of popularity and hype is turning more towards Colours. Still debating whether or not I'm willing to preorder it, but if experience with Unleashed is any indication, I absolutely should not. I should probably adopt the same attitude towards Sonic 4, since my appreciation for the Rush games wore thin quickly.

    You know, speaking of Sonic 4 for a moment: I recently bought Sonic Classic Collection and started playing some Sonic 1 on there. It was pretty good; aside from some minor slowdowns and altered sounds, it was pretty much the same game I first played on Gensplus. As I recalled playing all those old games, though, I realized that even with their nostalgic excellence, fine-tuned physics, and exceedingly memorable design and soundtrack, their appeal can only carry them on for so long in the face of successive disappointment from its far-flung predecessors. It's with that thought that I ask Sonic 4's episodes to be not merely an homage or a remake of the original games, but a meaningful extension and evolution of what made the original games fun, successful, and memorable. In other words, Sonic 4 should be something we've never seen before, but feel as fun and familiar as when we first played the old games, if not more. It calls not just for perfect physics or nostalgic design, but really good design that doesn't incorporate incessant unoriginal reuse of tired old tropes of 2D Sonic fame, including the loop-de-loops, springs, and boost pads. We've already seen a hint of that novel gameplay with the torch replacing the minecart, for instance, and maybe we'll see more once we play the game and it's subsequent episodes. Maybe. So it's fair to give Sonic 4 a chance even in the face of Sonic Colours polish, but it's also fair not to withhold candid and useful criticism.

    Now, Colours gave me that same dreaded impression of boring linearity I got from Unleashed's Day stages, which really doesn't bode well for its success. It might even help people realize that Unleashed's Day stages weren't that great. Here's how I see it: both games look great and convey a decent sense of speed, and both have pretty neat music, but the gameplay's still pretty lacking. I think it'd help Sonic more if he was less on a linear racetrack and more in an dynamic non-linear world with free reign to explore and run around. That's what Sonic Adventure felt like most of the time, what with the camera shifting to several different angles trying to follow Sonic around. It felt much more fluid and exciting, if a bit clunky at some junctures. Sonic Unleashed and Colour's cameras are similar, but a little more rigidly fixed on Sonic's linear tracks than on Sonic himself. Interestingly enough, though, is that I noticed at least one gameplay vid that showed Sonic walking around freely in a 3D space with two or three different routes leading out from it. Stuff like that is what I'm talking about: more dynamic paths and nodes to explore, and less linear tracks to speed through. Dynamic camera helps to convey the good sense of gameplay and exploration as well.

    So yeah, both games seem to have similar ratios of pros and cons, where the potential effects of the cons seem to outnumber the potential of the pros as far as we've seen. That Colours ultimately started off on a much better foot than Sonic 4 is undeniable, but the end quality of both games are still up in the air. I'm playing it safe by rooting for both, but preordering neither quite yet. Plus I don't think Sonic 4 is "preorder-able" anyways. If Iizuka's really that worried about Sonic 4's thunder being taken away by Colours, then it's time for an epic game-changer on his team's part. That's all I say. Wow us, Iizuka. Wow us for real this time.
  19. Guess Who

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    It seems strange for me to read this considering that one of the biggest criticisms of nearly every pre-Unleashed 3D Sonic game was the horrible camera. And I wouldn't say that Sonic Adventure or Adventure 2's stages were any less linear than Unleashed's.
  20. Namagem



    THAT'S IT.

    Sonic 4 was just a massive ploy to get sonic fan's expectations low, so Colors would look EVEN MORE fantastic.

    Speculation, of course. :ssh:
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