Sonic Colo(u)rs Ultimate released for Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store

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    Judging by leaks and what we've heard from people who worked on it the game was delayed way past the original planned release date because of BSG's issues with porting it.

    Tyson Heese mentioned on here that with games like Sonic a delay could end up meaning the game has to risk not being on storeshelves for long after originally planned, even with a delay, because stores are already getting loaded with kids stuff for Christmas season and the like.

    It stinks things ended up like this but hopefully SEGA vets these developers better in the future, or just go in house if it seems too much for them.
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  2. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    I played through the Switch version after the most recent patch, and while it still is far from perfect, it's more stable and playable than it was before. If you have the means to play it on another platform, that's your best bet (the other versions are currently in about the state they should have been in at launch), but the Switch version is...fine, I guess. The biggest thing for me is the jump height. It's not a game breaker at all, but it's still absolutely baffling to me how Sonic doesn't jump as high as he should in just the Switch version of the game. That should have been fixed immediately, but I guess they either didn't notice it on their end or it just wasn't deemed important enough to fix.
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    As someone who has ported software between PPC and ARM arch professionally, I really don't understand how this project could need more than 2 man-years. The only hard part is porting ancient Wii shaders to the Switch, similar to porting OpenGL code to Vulkan. The rest of it is just OS and input driver drudgery.

    This doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, so I think I'll just install Windows, use it to run Dolphin, and quit my bellyaching.
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    A few mods do a lot to fix Colors Ultimate on the PC at the very least.
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    I’d say Colors Ultimate’s worth it if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of the Wii version’s polish for better performance and some quality-of-life improvements. And, of course, mods for the PC version.
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    Worth noting that the modding community has already grown quite stagnant (at least on Game Banana) and besides True Colors (the mod that does reordering of the stages in Egg Shuttle so that all the filler levels are moved to the end of the game), it's mostly cosmetic mods (mostly character model, texture, material or lighting mods) or audio mods. I hope when this comes out on Steam eventually, that will reinvigorate the modding community.
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    I mean, what's our metric? The amount of technical stuff that can be done with a given Sonic game is pretty varied, presentation changes comprise most of all Sonic mods. Sure, the adventure games get lots of crazy stuff, but they've been out for decades, and even then I haven't seen any major game-changing stuff from then for at least a few months (and frankly, half of the most ambitious mods for Sonic games are just to turn them into other Sonic games...). Lost World modding was considered dead for a long time, then we got the DLC restoration. I think the only 3D Sonic that consistently gets new things that aren't just audiovisual is Generations.
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    Yea that's true, but thankfully the mods mentioned fix most of the games glaring problems like the lighting and Sonic's model in general being rather jank. They don't add much content wise but they're good unofficial bug fixes.

    Also SA2 has had some great character mods lately fixing some of the worse elements of all the characters, even mechless Tails and Super Sonic. There have been some cool technical mods too, like dynamic cameras, smoother wall collision, mission 4 becoming mirror mode, and the chao garden has been heavily expanded on (they gave one garden a day night cycle that's kinda insane). I've been playing SA2 with mods on lately and I'm having a far better experience than ever with that game.
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