Sonic Colo(u)rs Ultimate released for Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store

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    I mean its not like they can just not credit the Godot engine.
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    Figures they'd address stuff like this first seeing as how it actually poses a legal liability against them.
  3. Dark Sonic

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    Ya those are the "have to fix" glitches that simply can't be in final releases. There's other stuff that's not great but at least it won't cause seizures
  4. Blue Blood

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    But it's definitely like they could have redesigned the credits sequence to be shorter from the start, and included the Godot credits too. A lot of remakes/remasters separate out the original credits from the remake credits. But no, the credits in this game are just poorly designed. It's the original credits verbatim, with several extra minutes of slowly scrolling credits tacked on at the end. The credits sequence needed redoing entirely.
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    There's a good solution for credits in any game, it's named "Press A to Skip".

    I don't understand why new games still mandate you sit through credits.
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    I thought you could skip the credits in Ultimate. Didn't someone post that a while back?
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    Correct, and it seems you still get the achievement (granted I did sit through a few minutes of credits first, but still).
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    I'd really like to play this game, but all glitches aside, I'm just not in the right mood for it yet. I do appreciate the new coat of paint, though, even though it turned out different from what I expected. The controls are customizable, right? But can you add an acceleration button? Why aren't there any unlockable characters?

    When is the best time of the day to play Sonic Colours Ultimate? I'm asking because I don't want to wear sunglasses at night.

    SCU was made with modding in mind (that's my bold claim of the day), which is nice. But honestly, nothing beats a game that's good just as it is. Sonic Colours on the Wii is a great example of this, it fills me with pride. :shobon:

    On an unrelated note, I dreamed I helped Tomoya Ohtani set up a tent. Crazy.
    And now you've made my night. Kudos!
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    Just got a 2.7GB patch on PS4/5. I’m guessing it’s the same as Switch.
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    I have to admit, it's kind of amusing that they used Godot and basically acted like it was all their own engine, even naming it after themselves.
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    So I just went to play on PC and now I'm waiting on a 345 MB update to install. Not sure what it contains yet.

    (From version "Shipping_24445_24394_24444_RC2"
    to version "Shipping_24675_24675_24673_Patch2.5_RCI")

    Edit: The Sonic Simulator model's animation has been fixed on the Speed/Limiter screen; it now properly loops instead of stopping after one play.

    Edit 2: Or maybe not? After finishing a stage, said animation plays but is very choppy.
    Plus side: switching between a controller or mouse/keyboard on the fly no longer causes that severe stutter while the on-screen button prompts change.
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    Metascore update, one week after release.

    Opencritic: 74 "Fair" (69 reviews), 51% of reviewers would recommend


    PS4 - 74 "Mixed and/or average" (45 reviews)

    XBO - 74 "Mixed and/or average" (9 reviews)

    NSW - 64 "Mixed and/or average" (10 reviews)

    PC - N/A (1 review)

    I think the metascores have stabilized by this point (any future reviews will probably be in the same nature of the ones we have now), and I'm not expecting much more reviews to be posted afterwards anyway. So unless the score changes significantly (at least by a 2 or more point difference from where they are now), these are likely the final standings.
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  15. Yeah this seems to just be a credit update thing. I played a bit of Egg Station after the patch and nothing seems different on PS4. Actually got a few visual glitches for the first time which was interesting. Still stutters, Planet Wisp grass looks weird, Starlight Carnival has that weird opening where Sonic isn’t in position, etc.

    Having already platinumed it (and then proceeding to grind out the Forces platinum since I was on a boost Sonic kick - sidenote: I had a little bit of fun with it), I’m going to be leaving it alone for a while. I live in Denmark so I caved to the digital deluxe early access once I realized the European physical edition was delayed. I’ll likely pick up the JP physical version sometime once the patches are out (knock on wood) and go for the platinum again then.
  16. Shaddy the guy

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  17. McAleeCh


    Someone else has been working on actually porting the original eye animations rather than making custom ones - it's shown here using a custom model, as apparently the material assignments on the vanilla model prevent them from functioning correctly. It sounds like the original Colours gave each eye a separate material, whereas Blind Squirrel's updated model for Ultimate uses a single material for both. Makes me wonder if that's what broke them in the first place and finding out the cause to fix it just wasn't considered a priority...!
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    The 64% for the switch version is what I would personally rank this port as, better then average but not much more, a shame.
  19. TheBdude


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    Got the Platinum Trophy on PS5. Time for final thoughts:

    • Colors is honestly a lot better than I remember, and I liked it a lot as a kid. This is definitely "my Sonic" alongside Unleashed/Gens so I am 100 percent biased. But I love the level design and the replayability of getting S-Ranks and such.
    • Switch issues are/were unacceptable. full stop. Didn't affect me, but nevertheless still awful.
    • There are definite issues with this port, but they were never to the extent that I could not enjoy the game. I'd honestly say my biggest issue was the stuttering in the Options Satellite, although the flickering smoke in Planet Wisp and the culling in Aquarium Park are something I notice in every run.
    • If you're on a non-Switch platform, I would definitely recommend the game, even at $40. My opinion is probably higher than it should be from nostalgia, but even if I bumped my thoughts down a bit I still think it would be worth it.
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    Played through the other day and aside from Terminal Velocity I ended up enjoying every bit a lot more than I expected to. Even the autoscroll spring didn't piss me off as much, and my entire run was pretty smooth throughout apart from a crash at the end of an Asteroid Coaster act.