Sonic Colo(u)rs Ultimate released for Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store

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    Well that's bizarre. Maybe they'll patch this in for the other platforms? This, along with the awful sound effects mixing and not being able to alter it from the music, is my biggest fixable gripe with the game that I hope they address.

    Update on my play-through — I've completed the Red Star Ring hunt and the Rival Rushes and... I think I'm probably done. I was considering going for all S-ranks, but not sure how much fun it is to go for it. So far it's just a hassle.
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    Agreed. Even on the original, I could only get half. Most I could see myself pushing for is Starlight Carnival and Asteroid Coaster (my favorite levels).

    Granted I still have Egg Shuttle to do as well.

    EDIT: Random question: was there ever any kind of lore saying what the theme of Planet Wisp would've been had Eggman finished it? Curious for some reason.
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    Honestly, I'm one of those people who think that cutscenes should remain at 30 FPS or even 24 FPS. Modern CGI animation is traditionally done at 24 FPS not only because of how much it reduces cost but also because it gives a cinematic flare. Similarly, films have run anywhere from 22 to 26 FPS so I don't really see why people are so intent for cutscenes to be 60. It just doesn't look cinematic anymore which personally I find jarring.

    Regardless, I'm really glad the original cutscene files were included in the game, it's going to look great when people have them polished up.
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    I haven't played the Crash trilogy remake so I'm only aware of how it plays second hand, but I wanted to mention that you're definitely not the only person I've seen mention the gameplay being clunkier and less precise. But the one thing that bothers me that I can comment on without having played it is the graphics. Personally I don't think the visuals in the remakes capture the style of the original games at all, and I'm not even nostalgic for those games or anything. First played them only a couple years ago.

    And on topic for Colors Ultimate, that has a similar issue. I don't care for Sonic colors as it is, but comparing the graphical presentation of Colors Ultimate to the original game leaves me preferring the look of the original every time. I know people have already discussed the weird lighting differences and stuff, but it seems like most people were less concerned about that once the updated trailer dropped, and then when the game actually released of course the discourse about bugs seemed to overshadow other qualms people may have. I just don't understand why remakes and remasters of games can't just improve graphical fidelity to some degree without changing/ruining the visual aesthetic of the game.
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    As for Crash Trilogy, I played the originals to death when I was a kid. The only problem I had with N.Sane was a slightly faster descend when jumping.
    My muscle memory was working, and I was often failing when I tried to jump on some levels.

    But other than that, I didn't really have any problems with the game, that of course my POV only, so I understand You having other difficulties with it :)
  6. MH MD

    MH MD

    I will disagree but in a different way, sure they added Time trials to 1 and 2, but they actually kept the stiff control of 1 even in the trilogy, the moment you play 2 you will immediately notice the difference, i hoped they just made the controlling uniform across all the games, 1 don't benefit from being that stiff
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    I 100%d the Crash remake (or should I say 105%d?) and didn't notice any downs with the gameplay. And I beat the original trilogy back in the day, and again on emulator.

    (sorry if I'm getting off topic)
  8. Forte


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    Odd, I remember the controls and physics being identical across all 3 games (N.Sane). At least in Switch version. I mean You couldn't use slide in Crash 1, but these seemed same to me.

    Colours Ultimate controls seem off, anyway. I don't know if it's the case of it being ported poorly, but I really don't remember it being so stiff on the Wii. Wonder if that's only the case with Switch port, none of the Videos I watched on YouTube mentioned bad controls, but people played often on PS5-PS4.
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    Yes, it was that stiff. I remember feeling the same way when I first played the Wii original.
    I'm still flying off ledges and platforms in Ultimate because it's so weird feeling -- and while Generations did adjust it slightly with upgrades and level design to accommodate it, newer games have bafflingly never improved on it in any noticeable way, and adding abilities ala Lost World or Forces just makes it that much more hard to control and "unfun" to play. :V

    Edit for clarification: I'm generally fine with the clunky controls as they are in Colors (besides separate Quick Step buttons), it's when they should have improved them in everything after Colors that I can't stand.
  10. Glaber


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    NSane Crash 1 was the same physics as the others just with sliding turned off.
  11. Dark Sonic

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    Hedgemodmanager now supports Sonic Colors Ultimate so that's something.

    Can't believe how easy it is to remove that forced letter boxing what a dumb feature
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  12. Mana


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    Boy those 2 act structure mods sure aren't happening anytime soon are they? Was going to get the PC version when they did.
  13. The Joebro64

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  14. Vanishing Vision

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    Got platinum last night, finishing with an 82M Egg Shuttle. I'll aim for a perfect Egg Shuttle in a few weeks, but there are two things that I wish could've been done with this mode for Ultimate:

    1. Why the 100M cap? The cumulative ring bonus and lives remaining bonus are two of the coolest things in this whole franchise. The challenge of trying to make it through the entire game without a single hit, racking up an ever more massive ring bonus, is exhilarating. Why not cap the score at a billion to allow this challenge to last longer?
    2. While this mode is a lot of fun, it's pretty damn long, certainly not something I would do day after day. How about "courses" where you could just play all of Tropical Resort, Sweet Mountain, etc. with the Egg Shuttle rules as well as the entire game? That would be much more replayable.
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  15. Crasher


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    Just to add onto this real quick, the hitboxes are different between the originals and N. Sane. Rather than being a rectangle/square, Crash is a capsule - which can lead to some jumps being harder and Crash sliding off of platforms easier. This is most notable in 1 (due to it's difficulty and tighter jumps), but it happens a lot. You can adjust to it easily enough, but they aren't identical and it does change the gameplay (if ever so slightly). You can test this out yourself by going to Bridge to Nowhere and trying to jump on the rope. It's noticeably harder to get on, as you slip off.

    Alongside this, Crash 1 also had it's level layouts tweaked to accommodate for the new physics.
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  16. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    A new patch is out.
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  17. Dark Sonic

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    It doesn't seem to be for everything though. I'm looking and this may have been a Switch exclusive patch that mostly pertains to the seizure glitches
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    What does it do?
  19. Melody the Sylveon

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  20. MrMechanic


    Oh thank God.

    I was hoping for longer credits.
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