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Sonic Colo(u)rs Ultimate released for Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MH MD, Apr 9, 2021.

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    A t-pose glitch + - (possibly related to the Yuzu emulated one?)   was found on hardware. [0]
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    People have already started combining acts together :

    So much for this whole "the modding community isn’t interested in this game" thing. It did seem like a pretty weird statement to make tbh.
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    Jack shit.
    It was a dumb statement to make in the first place.
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    I'm not sure how someone could ever claim to speak for any community in this fanbase. I mean, I do it, but that's just because I'm objectively factually correct about every Sonic opinion I have or ever will have, and thus large swaths of the fandom are united in being cripplingly wrong on all fronts.

    Anyway I hope we see more neat mods
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    If you're a modder who's worked across multiple Sonic games, and have friends who also do that sort of thing because like attracts like, and that group's general sentiment is that the game isn't worth the energy for them, then it's well within your rights to tell people "don't expect that kind of attention from our collective". The only reason we're flagging this up as weird is because he wasn't clear enough about him just talking about his specific group, and the tweets did absolute gangbusters due to widespread discontent and left the original context it was made in.
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  7. SuperSnoopy


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    Eh, it’s one thing to say "I won’t work on mods for this game", but it’s another to say "The modding community will not spend time on Colours". Seems a bit prematurate, innit?

    The exact same thing happened for Lost World when people went "the game is unmodable! No mod will ever be made for it!!1!1" within hours of the game releasing, only for a bunch of mods to be released shortly after.
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  8. Despite the general messiness of this (pre)launch, I've been pretty satisfied with the game. I was not a huge fan of Colors at release, and did not gain an appreciation for it until finally beating it and attempting to unlock Super Sonic a year or two ago. I never accomplished that due to the annoyance of having to hook up the Wii, so I was pretty excited for this. Except for the game crashing on the Nega Wisp boss in Egg Shuttle (wasting the trophy run), it's been an even better experience than I expected and I only have 16 or so more Red Rings left until I've completed it.

    I'm not going to comment much on the game itself, but here are some general impressions on this remaster outside of its technical state:
    • I really appreciate the new homing attack mechanic and hope we see something similar going forward. I wasn't even aware it impacted the boost meter until reading this thread.
    • Customisations are a nice idea but too many of the available options are just ugly.
    • Music selections should have been available. I like the remixes personally, but I always favour more options.
    • Player logos are a nice idea but the three Sega ones look like Blind Squirrel just grabbed PNGs online and slapped them in without formatting them. Look at how the size/placement of the Sega text varies amongst them. It just gives a poor/sloppy impression.
    • I'm not familiar enough with the original game's lighting to notice the changes, but I thought the game looked pretty nice.
    • Metal Sonic races are a good incentive towards learning the levels and I found them challenging. I would have liked more of them.
    Technical problems:
    • I haven't seen it mentioned online but I think the scoring/points system is busted. I keep getting points for actions I'm not doing, such as "Checkpoint bonus" or "Grind bonus" when I'm using a wisp. It's not consistent either.
    • Game constantly stutters when running on base PS4 which is my biggest issue.
    • Loading times are excessive.
    • Pop-in can be bad.
    • There is a certain act in Starlight Carnival where Sonic seems to run a bit slow on an automatic path and his animation quickly freaks out at a certain point consistently.
    • Sound effects are too high.
    • Constant layering issues on certain effects (such as lasers on that robot chasing you through Aquarium Park).
    • The wisp icon in the bottom left occasionally disappears when the wisp is active.
    • Sometimes landing on loops/slopes (when they're upside down) after rainbow rings/springs does not work properly, but I'm not sure if this happens in the original.
    • I had a moment in Planet Wisp where a spring would not propel me to the proper place, and after trying again and again to use it, I fell through the level into a black pit.
    • Only 1 crash on the aforementioned Egg Shuttle run.
    Overall, playing has generally improved my impression of Sonic Colors as a game but it is mostly the result of the increased resolution, higher frame-rate, and using a better controller. In its current state, the remaster does not make its case over playing the original with Dolphin improvements, but if the technical issues are ironed out, the remaster would be my preferred option.

    Quick edit: Adding support for quickstep/drift using shoulder buttons would have been a huge improvement in my eyes. I despise using the quickstep in Colors because it requires you to move the stick away from your intended direction and can slow you down. As for the drift, when you're not currently or immediately post-boosting, the drift is hardly necessary. I spend most drift sections jumping so I can air boost instead. Sega/Sonic Team seems hesitant to allow remasters to alter core parts of the game, but this was a sorely needed improvement.
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  9. Ashura96


    Damn this is one hell of a punishment for breaking the street date. Hopefully the "day 1" patch fixes all this shit.
  10. synchronizer


    Do day 1 patches ever fix even 20% of issues?
  11. Mana


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    All I have to say is that the fact that Sonic fans took the people who developed a lot of the modding tools we use today people calling Colors unmoddable as a challenge rather than defeat is why I love this Fandom more than any other despite its flaws.
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    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 had a day one patch that was bigger than the game itself, and I think(?) it had most of the content. Either way it was an atrocious situation for preservationists or those without decent internet connections.

    (p.s. wiki wiki wiki)
  13. MontiP


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    Yeah, I was also gonna mention THPS5, but for the most part it still wasn't enough to fix the game at it's core, as far as I'm concerned.

    But that's old news, since that game is literally dead, so anyways.
  14. Beamer the Meep

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    I was literally just coming to show this off lol. I'm really excited to play the game in its originally designed form.

    Honestly, a large part of the reason I posted that particular tweet, aside from it being very widespread and retweeted, was because I've noticed that discussing it on Retro can bring awareness to and change within the fandom. I honestly hoped it wouldn't be the case that this game would be mod-less and I figured that the members and lurkers here might take it as a challenge since that's the type of community we are. Whether it was because of my post or not, I'm glad it's happening.

    Funnily enough, the same person who made the tweet is actually working on tools for SCU, so maybe his stance has changed? You can find the VOD where he's working on it here.
  15. Dario FF

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    I thought Rad did speak prematurely concerning the modding part, yeah.

    But that might've honestly been triggered by the fact that Blind Squirrel wasn't addressing the licensing issue they seemed to be hiding before Friday. It was quite distressing to see that behavior before release.

    Luckily it's been addressed now, so while it may have been an odd move that sadly required public pressure, at least it's not a problem anymore.

    I think there's a lot of interesting things that can be done considering a big part of it is Godot. The hybrid nature of the port does make it very annoying to make gameplay mods, but I think people will have a fun time with the stuff you can do to the UI and Graphics by just opening it in the Godot editor and inserting it into the game.
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  16. Aerosol


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    What licensing issue were they hiding?
  17. Kyuu


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    My understanding is that while Godot's license allows you to modify and re-use it for your own projects, even commercially, credit for the engine has to be provided. There's no mention of Godot in the current version of SCU, but Blind Squirrel has a whole splash screen for their own engine when starting up the game. When it was pointed out on Twitter, they claimed it was "overlooked" during reviews of the credits.

    That's my understanding, at least; someone with more knowledge of the license details would have to clarify.
  18. Dario FF

    Dario FF

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    The game as it is released right now is in direct violation of the MIT License used by Godot, as Blind Squirrel did not credit it despite heavily using it for a big part of the port.

    Blind Squirrel has addressed this and has promised to rectify it in the next patch:
    While there's no hard proof that they acted in bad faith and it could've been a legitimate mistake, there is some evidence that this might have been a deliberate move (and even some more curious details are starting to surface as the game is being data mined).

    But I don't see any more reason to dig more into it. I don't think they'll be pulling another stunt like that anytime soon.
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  19. MBeca


    I've seen nobody mention this: In the files of the PC version, there's a folder called "text" (Sonic6.pck/Sonic2010/text) that contains all the game's hints, text and achievements. There's a lot of mentions about a cut online mode called "Ghost Racer", text talking about a Metal Sonic skin (That requires Super Sonic to be unlocked), a cut really easy difficulty setting, cut options, mentions of needing park tokens to play Sonic Simulator and Challenge mode, alongside lots of unused lines for Tails and scrapped achievements. It seems the avatar icons (only used for Rival Rush in the final game) were meant to be for the online components such as leaderboards. Ghost Racer is even mentioned in the Xbox storepage. Seems like a lot was cut from this game, and looks like it's been rushed
    upload_2021-9-6_22-35-44.png upload_2021-9-6_22-39-5.png upload_2021-9-6_22-40-18.png upload_2021-9-6_22-40-36.png upload_2021-9-6_22-42-46.png
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  20. Metalwario64


    Oh man. If Origins ends up being super rushed and messy, that's going to reaaaaally suck. That will really lower my faith in Sega.