Sonic Colo(u)rs Ultimate released for Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store

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    I wonder if the translation is different in Japan? Junichi sounds great as always.
  2. From I can listen to, its not.
  3. _Sidle


    Hard to choose a favorite scene for this first part...
    • Jade using her ghost abilities on Cubot (causing the capsules to fall through his hands and shatter) was a fun way to use that power!
    • The clothed wisp team doing "get outta there!" motions, with Jade doing a cute "helloooo" wave, before turning face-to-face with Metal.
    Also, if I'm not mistaken, this is the first time we've seen a hyper-go-on extracting thing be activated, and not just perpetually on like in game.
  4. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    The first episode was okay. The animation was absolutely wonderful, the best we've seen yet. But in terms of the plot and the dialogue... Nah. It's not really my thing. I don't mean to say that it was bad or anything, because it most certainly was not bad at all. But I found it quite dull compared to SMA, TSRO and CIS. That's probably because the entire scenario was written in the style of Colours, and I'm not really a fan of that angle. Plus the whole thing was very light on action, whilst the previous shorts were full of comedic action throughout.

    It's still great to see this and obviously I'm all on board for seeing more like it in the future. But this one just doesn't do it for me, personally.
  5. Boxer Hockey

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    The translation is basically 1:1.
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    I mean, on the other hand, Sonic is wisecracking at Chaos 0 after said monster terrorizes a bunch of cops in a city he ostensibly lives in at the time. He only really gets earnest and serious during Last Story (or at least, that's what stuck with me when I first saw it), especially when telling Tikal that if he doesn't do something now, Chaos will be in anguish forever.

    Unrelated to SA1, I've certainly been in my fair share of "accidentally callous" that some people would interpret that Sonic here as, but...the Jade Wisp goes with it to throw him a bone, which is 100% more understanding than I got in real life when I was like that growing up :laugh: He's impatient, not a jerk. He wants to know which bullies to hunt and where, not really having the attention span for all those details - it seems a lot like Sonic as written in early Japanese materials no? Even OVA-like.
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    Speaking of OVA, that literally had Tails crying for help and Sonic being like "nah stfu mate"[​IMG]

    can you imagine if that was in a modern game voiced by Roger? I feel like fans would tear that characterisation apart for days (though to be fair, even I'm not the biggest fan of Sonic being that much of an asshole lol)
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  8. Overlord


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    For what it's worth, Colours always had some gravitas, it was just hidden under a layer of Saturday morning cartoon. Those who don't like that tone tend to ignore the whole "alien genocide" thing that's going on.
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    Art...always art...

    Official Twitter account has uploaded some concept art from the short. Between Cubot not being featured alongside Orbot, and his only lines in at least part 1 being recycled announcer clips, I’m wondering if Wally Wingert either wasn’t available for this short or is no longer doing voice work for the series, perhaps causing Cubot’s… economical role in the short.
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  10. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    Ah, good ol' Junichi. I feel like it's been a while since I last heard his Sonic.
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    This scene is actually comical to me. Tails went out to swim on the board, he splashed Sonic with water - suddenly he starts bothering him, boom - it turns out that the problem is the jet chasing the fox on the water.

    Anyway, OVA Sonic was a rude version of character, he even showed the finger to Robotnik :V
  12. You know what's ironic; they actually did address that here and its Sonic who's not having any of it lmao.

    Can agree if that if Roger were to say those lines, "the discourss" would never end. If only because its Roger and people have decided that he sucks.
  13. Xiao Hayes

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    I liked the wisps as characters here, the wisp resistance was cute and cool at the same time. I think I would have liked this short more if it was just the wisp part without the Sonic and Tails part.

    Which leads me to think that wisp resistance is the reason why these shorts are called "Rise of the wisps".
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  15. SuperSnoopy


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    Uh, sucks for the people wanting to play it on release day.
    It's the first time I've ever heard of something like this happening, it's quite curious.
  16. That announcement came from SEGA Europe so unfortunately Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are affected by this. I really feel bad for the people in those areas and here’s hoping the same delay doesn’t occur for the US release.
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  17. Wait, so US isn't included in this?

    Feel awful for those missing out... D:
  18. Overlord


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    I would assume it's a COVID-related shipping delay. Sucks, but I'll survive.
  19. Sid Starkiller

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    Even if US is included, I'd rather wait than take up my precious hard drive space.
  20. Dark Sonic

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    I was planning on getting the PC digital version as its my most modern device and so I could play it on the 4th, also I'm hoping mods at some point. Sucks about the physical delay though.