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Sonic Colo(u)rs Ultimate released for Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MH MD, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. Plorpus


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    To be fair it’s fully possible that SEGA no longer has the original cutscene data. I’m sure it’s fully possible to recreate everything with the updated graphics, but that’s a lot of work.
  2. >New tails voice clips
    >Sonic's world is still there
    >The lighting direction was... completely flipped? Why?
    >Maybe just me, but I swear there's extra platforms in the final 2d segment

    Awrighty, what's next?
  3. BadBehavior


    Yikes. Give Forces credit, at least they let you choose between two flavors of insultingly easy. Without lives, whats even the point of the interactive end screens with the breakable score tallies and such?
  4. Dark Sonic

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    Now you're awarded those medals that we don't know what they do yet.
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  5. Forte


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    The new lightning direction is plain ugly in my opinion. Too bright. At first, I've mistaken the Wii Screenshoots for the remaster...

    Other than that, it seems that they are putting effort into this remaster. Metal Sonic, new collectibles, remastered tracks - that's nice. I still hope for a bonus Super Sonic Fight with Mother Wisp or some Mecha Madness Wispon Metal Sonic - that could be fun too, and a nice throwback to Sonic Heroes.
  6. Yash


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    Didn't realize there was another Twin Cities person here! I didn't have a strong feeling either way about the lighting in Tropical Resort (between the Wii original and the new version), but when put it like this, I do like how evocative that is. I agree, love the Mall at night, it's a cool aesthetic.
  7. Antheraea


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    granted, the last 3D game I played at length was Heroes, but SA2:B punished you hard score-wise for dying. You could not get an A rank having taken any deaths, period (can't recall if it was a simple "you died so no A" or if it was that the ring and score loss made it all-but-impossible in practice). And, when I was at that point where I was trying to A-rank everything in that game, the lives system was pointless anyway because I had a count in the 90s, so the penalty for death was essentially having to start the stage all over.
  8. raphael_fc


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    The life system in recent games has always been pointless. Game Over simply gives you five new lives and makes you replay the level where you died.
  9. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    At least you were pushed back to the last checkpoint. The Tails Save system allows you to continue from where you died.
  10. What game overs mean to me is (for lack of better phrasing) a "haha, look at you, you're so bad at this game, you suck lololololol" kinda thing :p

    When I get a game over in modern games, I'm not upset that I have to start the game again, or that I lost all my progress, I'm more upset with myself than anything. If I'm getting game overs, it's cause I'm playing recklessly. Getting that game over screen now is more like being reminded that I need to play better. Therefore, I have incentive to actually play better.

    But idk, maybe that's just me.

    P.S. Just beat banana blitz hd 100% in 6 hours last night. I would've had it done in 3 without a lives system. Lives aren't an outdated game mechanic, people just don't know how to utilize them anymore. I honestly can't imagine a monkey ball without lives or game overs. Again, it's incentive to play better next time. I actually have a reason to, as they say, "git guud".
  11. Antheraea


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    which itself probably will take way more time than not dying, thus ruining your run...
  12. shilz


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    I absolutely love that interview and that is my favorite Aaron at SEGA.

    The data could be left inside the source code and excised from the final build. There's some leftovers from the cutscenes within the final game, at least.
  13. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood


    We have footage of Sweet Mountain Acts 2 and 3, each with new music that sounds like crap. Visuals are a bit naff too, looking washed out and too bright. Plus Tails intrude with me unnecessary commentary throughout. The music though... That's the biggest stinker. I can't believe that they decided it was a good idea to totally replace the one thing in the game that was already perfect and didn't need be touched.

    I'm agreeing with everyone calling this game Sonic Colours DX Directors Cut. It's looking to be rubbish, with additions that nobody wanted and "enhancements" that smear shit over the original.
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  14. Crasher


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    That's how I feel so far. The Tails system is nice, but also feels weird in a game that was notably easier than others in the series. The Metal Sonic races are a nice touch as well but I'd like to have more information on them (will it be a glorified time trial mode, or will it have more to it?). Having more remixes of the songs, especially if they replace the shared music acts, is a nice touch (albeit, not really necessary). The HUD hiding itself during set-pieces is appreciated because some of them do look nice. The homing attack change is nice - I think that's a good change to the gameplay and should be included in future games. I'd like to know if they have online multiplayer for the Sonic World mode - that's something that I think that they should include for a modern Colours port - but I don't think it's even been mentioned.

    But the most important aspect of remaking Colours - the visuals and how Sonic plays - seem to be undercooked. I suppose we can't say for certain until we play it, but Sonic still looks somewhat stiff and janky - just like how he was in Colours. We don't know if his full moveset is available at all times like Unleashed/Generations/Forces, which worries me because his context-specific moveset was due to controller limitations. Some, imo, important visual effects are just upscaled versions of their Wii counterpart. I don't even think the base boost effect is bad, it just needs to have the bottom morph with the level geometry and have an air variant which rounds off the edge. The rail sparks should vary based off your speed, with the original/current version being the max - and less being made as you go slower. Hell, I'd even change it so that the entire model doesn't rotate with Sonic, and have it be separated in phases which have their own rotation. I'm not going to speak about some of the redesigned assets and lighting, because others have done that plenty.

    Little touches like that aren't what you put on the back of a box, but it'll help sell people on the idea that it's worth buying over the Wii version. As it is right now, it looks like an upscaled Wii port with some fancy new textures, debateable lighting, and some admittedly neat new features. I guess it's fair - considering it's a $40 title - but it feels a bit lazy for what is likely going to be the "definitive" edition of Colours.
  15. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Honestly? I never cared much for the original music, so I'm indifferent about the remixes. The new Sweet Mountain music sounds like a mess, but so did the original to me; I've never seen what people loved so much about it.

    As for the new Sweet Mountain visuals, they look ok. Nowhere near as good as they could be on modern hardware, but the lighting seem to be less mangled than Tropical Resort's at least.
  16. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    I liked the Sweet Mountain music because it sounded like Space Channel 5 music.
  17. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    I think that Sweet Mountain was always supposed to sound like a bit of a cacophony, especially act 3. It thought it was a bit odd at first, but I quickly got "sugar rush" vibes from it and it grew on me very quickly. The new version just doesn't get the same crazy and hyperactive energy across.
  18. brandonj


    Dear lord they really butchered Sweet Mountain's music, like that literally sounds like a joke lmao. At least they did a better job with the visuals here than in some of the others, although i still wouldn't call it a huge improvement over the original stage.

    Not gonna lie my excitement for Ultimate is really starting to fade a bit, i wasn't necessarily expecting it to be 100% accurate considering it's supposedly on a completely different engine from the original but it's absurd how many completely unforced errors there are like the screwed up music and sound design that really didn't even need to touched at all. Outside of like Planet Wisp and Sweet Mountain the graphics are a lateral move at best and outright bad at worst (Tropical Resort). And part of the reason the graphics are off is because they straight up didn't even port essential stuff like lightfields from the original game so it's incredibly unlikely they're going to be fixed beyond minor stuff with only a couple months until release. Just...bleh, i don't get why every time SEGA tries to do something that should be good it ends up being screwed in ways that nobody even expected. It's just...disappointing
  19. Iggy for Short

    Iggy for Short

    I've said in the past that if SEGA would give us an Unleashed PC port, they could do whatever they want with Sonic and I would be content. After seeing how Colors Ultimate is turning out... I'm worried they wouldn't even do that right. :flunked:
  20. Josh


    Interestingly, there was actually a design change in that Sweet Mountain footage. It's that part where Sonic hits the switch (and Tails newly notes what's happening). In the new footage, the Eggman's Robots fall quickly. In the original version, they floated down slowly. You had to wait a bit for them, BUT with good timing you could use them as springboards and get to the spring early.

    I think I prefer the new version, nonetheless. It was always awkward to hit the switch and then just stand there for a minute.
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