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Sonic Colo(u)rs Ultimate released for Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Epic Games Store

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by MH MD, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. Myles_Zadok


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    I know Colors is probably pretty easy to do a simple remaster of, but I kind of wonder if they aren't re-releasing it (after they re-printed 360 Unleashed under the "can be played on Xbox One" branding) because the next mainline 3D game is also a boost game? If they were done with the boost gameplay and the next game uses the Adventure or Parkour or Utopia-ish formula, it would be a bit weird for them to re-release Colors. Just speculation, I know, but it's definitely something I thought when I saw this leak.
  2. Beamer the Meep

    Beamer the Meep

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    That's doubtful. Also, considering how Sega tends to "remaster" past games, this is more likely a port with updated graphics and maybe new features. Considering how much they've been trying to hype up the 30th anniversary, there's no way this is all we're getting.

    This was something I was thinking about as well. It could be this is just an ideal time to release the port and it's serving as a supplement to whatever the next game is, or it's their way of reminding people why the Boost formula is still viable after Forces (which honestly, they should've rereleased Unleashed for). If they are going back to boost style gameplay, it would be interesting to see what lessons, if any, they've learned from Forces.
  3. Not for nothing, but Zippo also alleged a new 2D game and a new 3D game that we have yet to see.

    Not I don't believe a Colors remaster is in the works, but Zippo's lost a bit of credibility after that imo.
  4. Dek Rollins

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    We already know that "multiple games" will release for the 30th anniversary, so whether Zippo's leaks are correct or not, I'm certain the Colors remaster will not be the end of it once they start announcing stuff.
  5. Jason


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    If this turns out to be true, it feels like they sidestepped fan demand for Unleashed. Almost as if they took a look at the metacritic rating for Unleashed, compared it to Colors, and decided "Nah, let's do this one. Critics liked it."

    I'm not sure if I'd buy Colors again. It would have to be at least on par with Dolphin with the 60fps hack for me to consider it.
  6. Metalwario64


    Apparently, Zippo leaked that there were SA1 and 2 remakes in the works in 2015 that were canceled after the failure of Rise of Lyric. Surprised I haven't seen any discussion of that on this site yet.
  7. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    We discussed it in the Supreme Topic of Other Knowledge.

    Most people (myself included) are convinced it's nonsense, but given that he apparently knew about this, I dunno. Still won't believe it until I see it.
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  8. Josh


    I mean, yeah. Unleashed would stand to gain a ton just from having a stable 60fps framerate, let alone a 4k remaster. And with a few optional tweaks and upgrades, I think it could really shine. I jotted down some ideas earlier...

    These would JUST be options, I'd want the original experience to be available as well:
    • Remove the medal progression system, or reduce the medals needed to unlock stages.
    • Start the game with a fully-maxed Sonic. Removing the RPG elements would make the Werehog in particular more enjoyable to play from the start.
    • Implement a "Classic Mode" similar to Freedom Planet that cuts out the hubs and story sequences, and just lets you play through the stages and bosses in order. I'm still flummoxed as to why Sonic Colors is the only game that offers something like that. I'm picturing a simple campaign select screen for Sonic, the Werehog, or both.
    Do any one of those, and I think "Unleashed Ultimate" would probably pull ahead of Colors again on my list of favorite Sonic games, haha.

    But at the end of the day, Unleashed would still be Unleashed, and critics would have to critique it based on that. There's no avoiding the fact that you spend at least 70% of the game playing a functional-but-dull beat-em-up that was already behind the times 13 years ago. Like, I don't think it'd get raked over the coals AS bad as it did in 2008 now that the series' reputation isn't in the toilet, but still.

    Sega's not likely to put the R&D into remastering games that are probably doomed to review poorly.
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  9. FollOw


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    Lol this is what sonic team has been working on since Sonic Forces:V.
  10. Jason


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    Sega changing any code in a game outside of the bare minimum seems out of the question. They usually let us do the tweaking. The only reason there's a German dub is because games Generations onward have had more than EN/JP audio.
  11. Metalwario64


    Ah, I see, I just ran a Google search for Zippo and came up with no results. Guess I should have known that Google would let me down as usual. Probably should have just used the forum search, but eh, I was feeling lazy. :P
  12. Wildcat


    Nobody can legitimately think this is all Sega has been working on for the 30th anniversary...1 port? No. People just like being critical.

    I was surprised at first. It seemed like a random choice but I guess it makes sense being Wii exclusive.

    Depending what they add I’ll probably get it again. I have not played it since it released so I can’t think of any significant flaws off the top of my head. I would have liked a Super Sonic fight (in Forces too). It’d be cool if they work that in with an alternate “true” ending.
  13. Nintendo switch. That's it.

    If I can take sonic colors anywhere at any time, I can die happy.

    Yes, I'm still an adventure simp.
  14. BadBehavior


    Amother thing this "ultimate" rereleaee could fix is not forcing the player to play all the post act 2 micro levels that were pretty much entirely snooze fest block platforming.

    To give Forces credit, they didnt force you to play every single solitary level to progress, that wouldve been absolutely unbearable.
  15. Gestalt


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    The German voice of Sonic, Marc Stachel:
    • Website is broken or down or something
    • The description of a dubious-sounding video says he quit voice acting
    Sonic Colors has no German audio, but Sonic Colors Ultimate has? My thrilling conclusion: new voice actorS (?) have to sound like RCS

    A new hint for Rogers successor? :tinfoil:
  16. Laura


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    I don't think there's any reason to assume that this is all SEGA's working on. They've always re-released games while still working on new titles.
  17. MH MD

    MH MD

    I think the opposite will happen, and all the issues are things that basically just the fans are thinking about hard for the past 10 years, the general mainstream audience however? not so much, it even has a chance to review slightly better imo
  18. LucasMadword


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    Whilst I wouldn't mind a Sonic Colours (or Sonic Generations, I'd prefer that tbh) port to modern systems (especially Switch), the fact they have refused to tell us anything about the mainline game just breeds resentment. I am definitely sick of them rehashing content, so a rumour that they're re-releaing games when we still know nothing about the mainline game doesn't fill people with confidence.

    This is only going to be worse if their new game also reuses any of the level themes from older games (imagine if they did a double pack of Colours/Generations and reused Green Hill/Chemical Plant/Planet Wisp), as then we'd have a remaster and then a glorified map pack as a mainline game, and imo I think people would be angry at the blatant lack of creativity from the franchise.
  19. Forte


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    TBH, I'm indifferent to Sonic Colours HD.
    If it comes out, it's fine.
    If not? The Wii Version is out there and You can play it on Dolphin.

    What I would love to see is an Unleashed port and I still hold hope for Sonic Heroes HD remaster.
  20. Starduster


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    @LucasMadword Bear in mind they’ve not even told us anything about this, assuming it’s real. This just happens to have been leaked, which would make sense - a remaster of an 11 year old game would likely not have as much red tape surrounding it.

    Anyway, on the topic of the game itself, I’d love to see the Unleashed/Colours/Generations artstyle with the affordances of the Hedeghog Engine 2. If this is how that happens, then that and the ability to play on the go are enough for me, though of course there’s more they could do (I’d start with 1080p, 60FPS).

    Otherwise I’m interested to see if the game holds up to how I felt about it when I was as old as the game is now. While the Wisps get a lot of flak nowadays for showing up in every game (something I don’t disagree with), I do think they’re the best gimmick this series has had in a long time. They’ve got solid implementation and I think they’re very in tune with the game’s story and environments. I do echo the sentiments that it’d be nice to be able to use the Wisps and Super Sonic in tandem. Super Sonic should be a bonus and augmentation to the gameplay, not something that compromises the level designs.