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Sonic Classic Heroes

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by flamewing, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Drex


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    This may be a stretch, but instead of simply climbing like two or three other characters can already do, how about when the plunger sticks to the wall it behaves like one of those springy flippers from sonic advance. You know, those poles that stick out of the wall and spring you upwards.
  2. flamewing


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    Sonic Classic Heroes; Sonic 2 Special Stage Editor; Sonic 3&K Heroes (on hold)
    That is how they work in Quackshot: he can bounce from them, and can "climb" by planting one on the wall, bouncing off of it, sticking another higher up, and land on the new one.

    He can also make them stick to the roof and hang from them, but that is less useful: I don't think you can move by jumping off of one, firing another to the roof, and grab it in one motion (but I don't think anyone tried it...).

    In any case, make him fire 8-way on air, 5-way on land, and forward when ducking. I am sure I can make something useful with that.
  3. E-122-Psi


    Ah, well that's a whole different matter. :P

    Surprised no one's requested Team Hooligan (Fang, Bark and Bean), though I don't think there's any complete sprite sheets of them anyway.

    On a minor note, you should probably edit Cheese's Classic Amy form to have her spine style instead of Modern Amy's.

    I just noticed Froggy on your sheet though. What's your plans for him? :P
  4. rata


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    While not possible on Quackshot, we could have a faster cadence to allow that. There's no useful place to hang on the roof on S1 and S2, but well...

    Unless... S3&K Heroes confirmed!
  5. flamewing


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    Sonic Classic Heroes; Sonic 2 Special Stage Editor; Sonic 3&K Heroes (on hold)
    I was thinking of Froggy being at the end of a level, and Big picking him up for his end-of-act pose. That, and maybe Froggy in S1&2 as a joke :v:
  6. Brainulator


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    16-(rib)bit Froggy.

    Frogs have tongues, maybe we can exploit that :v:
  7. Glaber


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    I just found this hack on steam workshop. No one on the team uploaded this yet, have they?
  8. flamewing


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    Sonic Classic Heroes; Sonic 2 Special Stage Editor; Sonic 3&K Heroes (on hold)
    That is correct: I didn't upload it.
  9. REPO Man

    REPO Man

    I'm pretty sure damn near every single ROM hack up there was uploaded by some random third-party.

    Also, the only hack I could try is the hack of Golden Axe (it and Gunstar Heroes are the only two Genesis games I own on Steam) that fixes the colors, and I got a red screen when it started up.
  10. Brainulator


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    I think the Kindle app store has an image of the Super Sonic in Sonic 3D hack, but I haven't checked it out.
  11. GHNeko


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    It begins.

    I wonder how we're supposed to go about dealing with this type of stuff.
  12. flamewing


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    Sonic Classic Heroes; Sonic 2 Special Stage Editor; Sonic 3&K Heroes (on hold)
  13. MathUser


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    You should add some pics of it, showing off sonic 1 and 2.
  14. redhotsonic


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    Now I'm not sure if this bug has been pointed out already, but to be frank, I can't be arsed to read 124 pages and find out =P

    Anyway, at 11:25 of my recent video where I quickly showcased your game on the Steam, I found a bug where Tails entered the special stage. And when Tails was collecting the rings, Knuckles' ring counter was going up.
  15. Sith


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    I noticed this too before. What you can do is disable the Special Stage AI in the options menu.

    Anyways, this hack is a great idea. Having all 3 heroes on screen is an unique feature. If all teams of the Sonic Heroes game can be implemented, that would be awesome.
  16. DustinVG


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    I've been away from the Sonic rom hack scene for quite a while now due to legal concerns, but what with Sega giving the green light on this stuff, I decided to give this one a shot. Some friends and I have been playing through Sonic 2 as Team Sonic with Chaotix band mode enabled and man is it chaotic. Loads of fun, though!

    Also, I find the idea of "Team Mickey" strangely cool, if not a bit random. Either way, looking forward to future updates!
  17. Since it's very likely any character can get in now, what about adding Heavy and Bomb to complete the Chaotix character roster? They would require another character to play as since they're pretty useless and wouldn't be able to finish most levels on their own. Would be a fun challenge to play with them.
  18. flamewing


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    Sonic Classic Heroes; Sonic 2 Special Stage Editor; Sonic 3&K Heroes (on hold)
    If we can get good enough sprite sheets, I am fine with them being in.

    @redhotsonic: Yeah, I need tto get a new release in; this one has been fixed for ages, but only on my PC.
  19. Ralbalboa


    E-122-Psi, I don't know much about sprites but I've found these in the spriters resource, from Damien...





    These from Sonic.wikia:

    E-123 Omega

    Also found the hack of that Espio's Sonic 3 style sprites (don't know who made it).

    This sprites sheet too by Cylent Nite and Akhuma the hedgehog:


    Rotor or Antoine for Team SatAM with Sally and Bunnie would be great!!! Also another vote for Manic! And maybe Sonic could be in more than one team? So he could complete Team Underground with Manic and Sonia and Team SEGASONIC with Mighty And Ray. I was so excited with the news of all the characters but I don't know how you will assemble the teams so I wrote them all down as I imagine them:

    Team Sonic (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles)
    Team Chaotix (Vector, Espio, Charmy)
    Team Rose (Big, Amy, Cream)
    Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, ...)
    Team Metal (Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, Tails Doll)
    Team Underground (Sonic, Sonia, ...)
    Team SEGASONIC (Sonic, Mighty, Ray)
    Team Nintendo (Mario, Link, Kirby)
    Team Disney (Mickey, Donald, Goofy)

    Team SatAM or Team E-122-Psi :) (Sally, Bunnie, ...)

    I don't know where to put Silver, Blaze, Tikal and Ristar. If Manic like MarkeyJester's Brother Trouble is possible, Team Underground complete... Robotnik would be playable (Team Dark)? We are missing Omega, Silver could be in Teams Undergorund or Dark too, or if we have Marine the racoon then Team Sol (like in Sonic World) with Silver, Blaze and Marine. Also... Chaos? If we have Team Nintendo we need Team Sega (Sonic, Ristar, ...Billy Hatcher?).

    I went too far, sorry, just ideas. Everything you do is awesome so anything would be great. Thanks flamewing and everyone involved for doing this great hack-game and making the child in me (and adult) so happy.
  20. SpaceyBat


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    I reckon flamewing has a good idea of who he wants to add next, and of course it's up to him. In any case, here's my two cents on which characters would be the most realistic and interesting to see in the midst of these suggestions:

    - Amy and Cream. They already have fully fledged sprite sets and moves courtesy of E-122-Psi's hacks. Unlike many of the other proposed characters who are essentially clones of existing characters, they have something new to bring to the gameplay and consequentially would expand the depth of team customization. It feels like their addition should be a high priority.
    - Ray, Mighty, Rouge, Tikal, and Shadow. They're "semi-clones" in the sense that while they have identical movesets to other characters in the hack, but they're all official characters with their own animations and would add more cosmetic variety to the roster. Many of them have complete or near-complete sprite sheets. Due to their nature, they would be easier to program into the game than someone with unique moves.
    - Sally and Bunny. Same reasons as Amy and Cream but I put them lower since they're comic characters and the extent of their abilities might make them more difficult to implement without unintended side effects.
    - Team Mickey, by virtue of Drex actively developing them.
    - Big, Blaze, Sonia, Silver and Team Metal. Same as the semi-clones, except they will need someone willing to create their missing animations. I put Sonia and Silver here since I'm unsure if their S Factor sprites would fit with the mostly Sonic 3-styled cast.
    - Other third party characters last.